How To Make A Tent In Don’T Starve Together


“Restores sanity, but costs time and hunger.”
Crafting × 6× 4× 3
Durability 6 uses
Perk Restores health and sanity at the expense of hunger.
DebugSpawn “tent”
“Restores sanity, costs time and hunger.”
Crafting × 6× 4× 3
Durability 6 uses
Perk Restores health and sanity, reduces wetness and raises body temperature, at the expense of hunger.
DebugSpawn “tent”

“When I don’t get enough sleep, I go insane.” Wilson is an example of a person who has a strong personality. “I completed all of my Girl Scout requirements.” Willow is a fictional character created by author William Shakespeare in the 18th century. “Sleep is nothing more than a prelude to death.” Wendy is an example of a person who has a good sense of humor. “I’m going to be able to re-boot in there.” WX-78 is a weather forecast. “I’m used to sleeping in far worse places than this.” – Woodie et al.

“Sleep this night, and get ready for fight ön the mörröw,” says the narrator.

When used, it will restore 50Sanity and 60Health at the expense of 75Hunger, and it will raise the player’s body temperature to its maximum.

While in the tent, the player is likewise resistant to all types of harm, with the exception of fire.

Upon destroying one with a Hammer, the amount of resources recovered is inversely proportionate to the number of times the user has utilized the Tent (the more times the Tent is used, the fewer resources it will drop when demolished).

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The behavior changes in theReign of GiantsandShipwreckedDLCs, such that if the sleeper’s temperature falls below 35 degrees, the temperature will be set to 35 degrees. It may be more beneficial in the winter, when freezing is a significant hazard and the hours between twilight and night are significantly longer. Sleeping also helps to lessen wetness by 30 percent.

Don’t Starve Together

Sleeping in a Tent has a longer lasting effect on stats in Don’t Starve Together than it does in other games. Use of the Tent recovers 1/second and 2/second while costing 1/second. It also has the additional effect of decreasingWetness and increasingBody Temperature by 1/second (up to 40). Before sleeping in a Tent, you must be at least 26 pounds undernourished. While sleeping, the Tent can provide protection from the elements (e.g., rain, freezing temperatures).


  • Because of her sleeplessness, Wickerbottom is unable to use the Tent. Unpacking any goods that lose durability while being worn (e.g., winter hats, miners hats) before sleeping might help to extend the life of those things. Players should wait until their Hunger is as low as feasible, such as 26 or below, in order to maximize their hunger point efficiency. You will hear your character complain that he or she is too hungry to sleep if the level is too low. Because he gets more sanity than he loses over the night, it is not recommended that the player sleep as Maxwell unless the player has an abundance of food resources or need the health. Using this item in conjunction with the Siesta Lean-to (in a RoG-enabled game) will allow the player to skip a day and restock his or her supplies of sanity. However, be cautioned that this is only feasible for those who have enough food. When utilizing the Tent, meatballs are the most environmentally friendly meal item to prepare. When you wake up in the morning, eat this to restore the majority of your hunger meter
  • A burning Tent can’t be extinguished with the player’s bare hands, no matter how hard they try. Instead, it will result in the player falling asleep and maybe starting a fire
  • Wearing a Slurper, a Belt of Hunger, and Hibearnation are all examples of this. Even though VestorFuncapor is dressed as Wolfgangor Wes, the Hungercost of sleeping in a Tent remains the same. When sleeping in a Tent in WX-78, the “SYSTEM OVERLOAD” or characters wearing a Slurper will emit light, indicating that they are awake. Don’t let us all starve to death together. As a bonus, sleeping in a tent may actually help you conserve food, which is especially useful for characters that deplete their hunger more quickly, like Wolfgang, because you can sleep with as low as 26 hunger and skip large periods of time.


  • The Tent’s initial purpose was to let the player to switch between characters
  • However, this was later changed.


  • A 100 percent torch worn before sleeping will occasionally have a 20 percent durability after being used by the character for a short period of time, and it will not lose durability while the character is asleep. The problem will be fixed by unequipping and re-equipping the flashlight. Taking a nap while suffering damage from Freezing may result in the corners of the screen becoming permanently crimson. This will continue until the game is restarted or until the character begins to take freezing damage again and warms back up
  • Whichever comes first. A tent may be used as many as seven times before it is no longer usable.


  • Three tents constructed while playing the role of Wickerbottom
  • A Tent from theReign of GiantsDLC that has been set ablaze.
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Question: Who Can Buid A Tent Dont Starve Together

It takes 6 Silk, 4 Twigs, 3 Rope, and an Alchemy Engine to construct, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. While in the tent, the player is likewise resistant to all types of harm, with the exception of fire. It is possible that Fandom will get an affiliate commission on sales made via links on this page. Tents may only be used a total of six times before they are destroyed.

What can you build in don’t starve together?

10 Points to Keep in Mind When Building a Strong Base in Don’t let us starve to death together. Farms should be created. 4 Organize your camp into distinct sections. 5 Make use of little signs. 6 Be Aware of Your Worm Hole.

7 Keep your distance from the road. 8 Take into consideration the food sources. 9 Don’t Make Yourself Comfy Right Away. 10 Make an informed decision about your survivor. Before you may begin constructing your base, you’ll need to choose a survivor from among the survivors.

How do you make a net dont starve?

10 Points to Keep in Mind When Creating a Strong Base Do not let yourselves go hungry together. Farms should be built. 4-Distribute your camp into different sections. Using Mini Signs is a great idea. Sixth, know where your wormholes are located. Maintain a safe distance from the highway. 8 Consider the sources of your food. 9 Don’t Make Yourself Comfy Right Away; Keep Moving. Make an informed decision about your survivor. You will need to choose your survivor before you can begin construction on your base.

How do you move a structure in don’t starve?

This item gives players the ability to move constructions across the field. It is possible to start packing up a structure by dragging an empty Moving Box over it. Once the box is packed, you may transport it to its final destination. You have the freedom to unpack and set it down anywhere you like.

How can I regain sanity?

6 Ways to Restore Your Sense of Well-Being to Your Day Avoid the feeling of “hanger” by taking a proper lunch break. Move to a different location. Bring yourself back to the present. Make plans for a weekend break as soon as possible. Take a power snooze to recharge your batteries. Create a morning routine that is rock-solid.

How do I increase my Wendy’s sanity?

Wendy suffers nearly no sanity drain at night while she has a Garland and a Pretty Parasol equipped in the Reign of Giants (RoG) DLC, which means that acquiring 18 Petals can keep her sanity up during both the night and day during the early days when other sanity-restoring options are unavailable.

What does sanity mean?

: the attribute or state of being sane, particularly when it comes to mental soundness or health

How do you increase sanity in the forest?

What can you do to improve your sanity? Music should be played (Cassette Player). Each second spent in this activity results in a 0.01-point gain in Sanity. Taking a seat on a bench, chair, or couch Each second spent in this activity results in a 0.15-point rise in Sanity. Sleeping in one’s own bed. Each hour of sleep results in a 0.75-point rise in Sanity. Eating freshly slaughtered non-human flesh.

Who has the lowest sanity in DST?

Characters such as Webber from Reign of Giants and Wilba from Hamlet are examples of those who have the least level of mental stability. Wilba additionally suffers a 1.5x increase in sanity when she is alone in the dark. Wilba, on the other hand, will retain her sanity during her time as the Werepig.

What is the best character in Don’t starve together?

Website from Reign of Giants and Wilba from Hamlet are two characters that have the least degree of sanity in their lives. Furthermore, if Wilba is in the dark, she has 1.5x greater sanity loss. As the Werepig, Wilba, on the other hand, will retain all of her faculties.

What should I build first DST?

First and foremost, let us consider First, gather some flint, saplings, and grass to use as building materials. If you can gather three bits of flint and three sticks, you can construct a pickaxe and an axe. Gather the necessary materials, which include flint, logs, pebbles, saplings, and grass. If you come across any gold, carrots, or berries along the journey, collect them all until you have 5 carrots and berries in total.

How do you heal your brain in don’t starve?

According to general consensus, being in close proximity to monsters, darkened rooms or rain, eating stale or raw food, or employing various magical items reduces sanity; whereas wearing specific clothing, eating Jerky and Crock Pot food and being in close proximity to friendly Pigs, and sleeping increases sanity.

Can you make a house in Don’t starve together?

The player may also create their own Town Houses by utilizing the Key to the City and the City Planning crafting tab on the Key to the City crafting screen, which requires four Boards, three Cut Stone, and four Pig Skin to complete. When the house is finished, it will have a random look from a variety of possible appearances.

Can Wickerbottom use siesta?

The Siesta Lean-to is a craftable Structure that can be found in the Reign of Giants DLC (Digital Deluxe Edition). To make it, you’ll need 2 Silk, 4 Boards, and 3 Rope, as well as an Alchemy Engine to prototype it. Wickerbottom is unable to make advantage of the Siesta Lean-to due to her inability to sleep.

What does the pig King want in don’t starve?

If you’re in one of the major Pig Settlements on the globe map you’re currently on, you’ll be able to find the Pig King. You cannot attack or be attacked by the Pig King; however, you can trade it different meats (except Monster Meat) in return for a Gold Nugget, or you can dig up numerous random objects from graves in exchange for a large number of Gold Nuggets.

What is the goal of dont starve?

Depending on the world map you’re looking at, you’ll be able to find the Pig King in one of the major Pig Settlements. In exchange for a Gold Nugget, you can give the Pig King a variety of meats (except Monster Meat) in exchange for a Gold Nugget, or you can dig up other random objects from graves in order to receive several Gold Nuggets.

How do you sleep in dont starve?

Mobs that have a place to call home (such as Spiders or Pigs) will seek to return home when it is time to sleep. If they are left without shelter, they will fall asleep on the spot at the time they are used to sleeping. It is possible to put Mobs to sleep with the use of a Pan Flute or a Sleep Dart, or by consuming a Mandrake.

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What does Haunting do in dont starve?

In order to sleep, mobs that have a place to call home (such as Spiders or Pigs) will seek to return home. They will fall asleep on the spot at the time they are used to sleeping if they are left homeless for an extended period of time. A Pan Flute, a Sleep Dart, or the consumption of a Mandrake can all be used to put Mobs to sleep.

How do I increase my Wickerbottom sanity?

Because of her incapacity to sleep, the players must rely on worn objects or meals to restore their sanity levels to high levels. Early on in Don’t Starve Together, Totally Normal Trees will prove to be a beneficial discovery, as their Living Logs can be used to construct Mushroom Planters, which are a health-friendly method of increasing sanity through the ingestion of Mushrooms.

How To Make A Tent In Don’t Starve Together

It takes 6 Silk, 4 Twigs, 3 Rope, and an Alchemy Engine to construct, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. While in the tent, the player is likewise resistant to all types of harm, with the exception of fire.

How do you make an umbrella in don’t starve?

An umbrella is a Survival item that, when utilized, can prevent the loss of sanity caused by rain while on the go. WX-78 may utilize the Umbrella to protect himself from rain damage and lightning strikes while on the battlefield. It takes 6 Twigs, 1 Pig Skin, and 2 Silk to make the item, and a Science Machine to create the prototype version.

How do you make a birdcage in don’t starve?

The Birdcage is a craftable Structure that allows for the domestication of birds.

It is found in the Animal Kingdom (Redbirds, Crows, Snowbirds, Canaries, Parrots, Pirate Parrots, Toucans, Kingfishers, Pigeons, et cetera). It takes 6 Gold Nuggets, 2 Papyrus, and 2 Seeds to make, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype, in addition to an Alchemy Engine.

How do you use ice in Flingomatic?

The Ice Flingomatic can be used and deactivated by the player at any time. When activated, the Ice Flingomatic will automatically throw snowballs to extinguish any smoldering items or fires that come into contact with them while within range. Campfires, fire pits, night lights, and endothermic flames are all included in this category.

How do you make nightmare fuel?

If you want to get Nightmare Fuel in a safer and more straightforward manner, trap Bees with a Bug Net and then release them at an Evil Flower patch, which can be found near where the Things and Maxwell’s Door are located. This will ultimately result in the spawning of more Evil Flowers, and the petals of these flowers may be used to produce Nightmare Fuel.

How do you make a rain hat in DST?

The Rain Hat is a dress item that may be crafted as part of the Reign of Giants DLC. The crafting of this item takes 2 Moleworms, 1 Straw Hat, and 1 Bone Shard, while the prototyping of this item requires an Alchemy Engine. The Sewing Kit restores 50% of the durability of the product.

Can you hatch eggs in don’t starve?

A Hatching Tallbird Egg is a Tallbird Egg that has begun to hatch after being put within 10 feet of a Campfire or Fire Pit for at least a minute. It takes around 3 days for the egg to hatch and develop into a Smallbird. A Hatching Tallbird Egg can be eaten to restore 3 health and 25 hunger once it has hatched and grown.

How do you make rope in don’t starve?

Rope is a Refined Item that can be created with 3 Cut Grass to make it more durable. The formula can only be unlocked with the help of a Science Machine. Rope may be used to make numerous Tools, Survival items, and Weapons. It may also be used to refill a Fire Pit for 90 seconds, and a Campfire for 45 seconds, depending on the situation.

Where do lightning conductors go DST?

The Lightning Conductor may be deployed on a mast or on a winged sail, depending on the situation. When fitted with a Lightning Rod, the mast works as a lightning deflector, redirecting lightning within the same protection radius and generating light when charged with electricity.

How do you farm Maxwell nightmare fuel?

On a mast or on a winged sail, the Lightning Conductor can be set up. When fitted with a Lightning Rod, the mast serves as a deflector for lightning with the same protective radius and, when charged, emits light.

Is Webber good don’t starve?

I say this because spider dens are the most reliable source of food, sanity, and good health that I have ever encountered. The other players don’t even have to worry about getting food, keeping their sanity, or maintaining their health, because they can just eat and sleep in a tent, or cure themselves using glands. 5th of July, 2015

How do you stay dry in DST?

A container, such as a chest, piggyback, or Krampus Sack, can be used to keep an object dry while it is being transported. All containers, including the Backpack, will keep objects dry, even if they are not completely waterproof themselves. Items can also be dried more quickly if they are placed near a fireplace.

Do Mandrakes Respawn DST?

A container, such as a chest, piggyback, or Krampus Sack, can keep an object dry while it is being transported.

Regardless of whether or not a container is waterproof, such as the Backpack, all goods will remain dry in them. A fire can help speed up the drying process if items are placed near the flames.

How do you get struck by lightning DST?

Ensure that you are not in the vicinity of a Lightning Rod or wearing the Eyebrella if you are attempting to get hit by lightning as WX-78. Both of these items will absorb the Lightning Strike. Whenever there is no Lightning Rod present in a base and WX-78 is there, WX-78 will take up the role of the Lightning Rod, absorbing the vast majority of Lightning Strikes.

How do you stop raining DST?

There are several approaches to preventing moisture. Wearing a Straw Hat, putting on a Pretty Parasol, and standing beneath a tree will provide you with 100 percent moisture resistance at the lowest cost possible. Other craftable goods, such as the Snakeskin Hat, the Umbrella, the Eyebrella, and the Rain Coat, can also help to keep you dry in the rain.

Can you kill the pig king in don’t starve?

He is normally seen laying on Wooden Flooring, surrounded by Obelisks, and, if you are playing in Adventure Mode, he may be guarded by Guardian Pigs. He is impervious to all forms of injury and cannot be assaulted.

How do you fill a watering can don’t starve together?

On Wooden Flooring, surrounded by Obelisks, and maybe guarded by Guardian Pigs, if you are playing Adventure Mode, is the most common location for him to be found. The damage he receives is little, and he cannot be assaulted.

What do lightning rods do in don’t starve?

If a Lightning Rod is strategically placed, it directs lightning to the rod, which prevents igniting of adjacent combustible things such as berry bushes, saplings, tufts of grass, and trees. It will give protection against lightning strikes that originate 40 units away from the location of the lightning rod.

How do you make friends with pigs in don’t starve?

Pigs are also clever creatures that you can get along with if you try hard enough. It is just necessary to feed any type of meat to one in order for this to occur. The more food it consumes, the longer it will be able to keep you company (2,5 days, at most).

How do you get gold nuggets in don’t starve?

Gold Nuggets can be discovered by mining Boulders (which have gold veins running through them) or Stalagmites (which have gold veins running through them) (found only in Caves). These creatures may be discovered laying in graveyards or in Rocky biomes, and they can also be seen falling through cave walls during Earthquakes. The Pig King will also accept Gold Nuggets in exchange for specific things.

How do you heal your brain in don’t starve?

According to general consensus, being in close proximity to monsters, darkened rooms or rain, eating stale or raw food, or employing various magical items reduces sanity; whereas wearing specific clothing, eating Jerky and Crock Pot food and being in close proximity to friendly Pigs, and sleeping increases sanity.

What does the pig King want in don’t starve?

If you’re in one of the major Pig Settlements on the globe map you’re currently on, you’ll be able to find the Pig King. You cannot attack or be attacked by the Pig King; however, you can trade it different meats (except Monster Meat) in return for a Gold Nugget, or you can dig up numerous random objects from graves in exchange for a large number of Gold Nuggets.

How do you kill nightmare creatures in don’t starve?

When battling any of these Shadow Creatures, the most effective technique is to kite them, which involves waiting for them to attack, evading the assault, and then attacking them.

It is impossible to attack them more than once since they teleport away when they are harmed.

How to Survive in Don’t Starve

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Don’t Starve is a fun wilderness survival game with selectable characters that each have their own personality and set of talents that they may utilize to their advantage. In the first episode, Wilson is introduced as a gentleman scientist who has been captured by the demon Maxwell and brought into the bleak wilderness. Searching for food, battling the deadly creatures, and figuring out a means to get back home are all part of your job to stay alive.

  1. 1 Gather twigs and cut grass for your project. You must collect Twigs from the very beginning of the game in order to be able to chop down trees. Saplings may be found all over the planet, and you can collect some. Remember to pick up Cut Grass whenever you get the opportunity
  • Creating an Axe and crafting Torches both need the use of Twigs, which are found in plenty. Twigs can also be used as a source of firewood. Cut Grass is needed at later stages of the game for the construction of traps, torches, campfires, and rudimentary armor.
  • 2 Collect flint, rock, and wood to make a fire. As you go across the planet, look for Flint and Stones that have fallen to the ground along the route. It’s also possible to mine them from boulders later on if you have the right gear.
  • You may now construct an Axe by combining 1 Twig and 1 Flint
  • This is a new ability. By right-clicking on the Axe from the belt, you can start chopping down trees
  • You can also right-click-hold a tree to start cutting it down. It is possible to harvest Pinecones (which may be planted to produce new tree seedlings) and Wood for fuel from a cut tree. When compared to other materials, the flame produced by wood lasts far longer. When an axe is employed as a weapon, it has 100 durability and can deal 27.2 damage to the opponent. You may also create a Pickaxe out of 2 Twigs and 2 Flints, which will allow you to begin mining right away.
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  • s3 Food should be gathered. Food is really crucial in this game because your character is intended to be able to survive on little sleep. Berries, carrots, rabbits, and frogs are among the foods you may harvest fast in the early stages of the game
  • However, in the latter stages, you will need to rely on other sources of sustenance.
  • On Day One, collect 5–10 Berries to ensure your survival for the day. Eat only after your Hunger has decreased to 80% of its previous level. Make a trap consisting of 6 cut Grass and 2 twigs and place it in the water. Place the trap over a rabbit hole to catch Rabbits, or beside a pond to catch Frogs, if you want to catch them. Simply leave the Trap and continue gathering supplies, but make sure to check to see whether you’ve captured anything before leaving. If there is something captured in the Trap, it will shake, and you can simply pick it up to collect both the Trap and the animal trapped inside
  • Drag the Rabbit or Frog emblem in your belt to the ground in order to obtain the meat. When the animal remains still for a few seconds, as though it is afraid, kill it with your Axe in order to obtain its flesh. Remember that food degrades quickly, so only acquire food if you’re running low on supplies. Tallbird Eggs, Mandrakes, Deerclops Eyeballs, and Guardian’s Horn are the only foods that do not spoil
  • The others are perishable. Any food may be consumed raw, however prepared food is more nutritious and better at satisfying your appetite than raw food. Ideally, only consume Berries that have been cooked, as doing so raises hunger to 12.5 from 9.25 points. The majority of other early game dishes provide the same amount of hunger whether they are cooked or not. Raw meat, on the other hand, will reduce one’s rationality.
  • 4 Make a campfire in your backyard. A campfire is essential for basic survival in every part of the world. It gives light and heat, as well as the ability to prepare food. As soon as it begins to become dark, start a campfire and keep within its perimeter. As soon as the sun goes down, it becomes extremely perilous to walk without a torch or Willow’s lighter in hand. This is due to the fact that there is a creature lurking in the shadows that does very high damage and decreases sanity
  • To build a campfire, you’ll need two pieces of wood and three pieces of cut grass. Please avoid placing it too close to combustible materials such as grass, trees, and shrubs. Unless more fuel is provided, a campfire will only burn for 2 minutes and 15 seconds at the most. Please use caution when doing so, since excessive fuel may cause neighboring trees, grass, saplings and other combustible things to catch fire, escalating the situation to the point where a forest fire is engulfed. Use a Fire Pit to be safer, even if it necessitates the purchase of more resources than a Campfire
  • It is possible to use a torch for illumination, but it only lasts a few minutes until it goes out, leaving you in utter darkness and rendering your character susceptible to enemies.
  • 5Gather Gold is a form of currency. Continue your collecting of food and supplies the following morning when you wake up. Gold can be found in rocks or on the grounds of a cemetery, depending on the location. Because of the cemetery’s spooky ambiance and the fog that surrounds it, it is difficult to overlook. 6 Make a Backpack out of cardboard. A Backpack is a survival item that allows you to extend your inventory by giving you an additional eight inventory spaces. It’s especially useful for players who haven’t yet found the ideal location for their base.
  • With the Science Machine with 4 cut Grass and 4 Twigs for the Backpack, you can quickly and simply create a Backpack. To construct a Science Machine, you’ll need one gold piece, four pieces of wood, and four rocks.
  1. 1 Locate a Wormhole and enter it. Wounds in the ground create living tunnels that connect two spots on the planet. As approached, they may seem as lips on the ground that open when you get close to them. When you enter the Wormhole, your character will be spit out the opposite side of the tunnel once you have completed the journey. They will also suffer a minor loss of sanity as a result of this.
  • Most of the time, Wormholes will be sandwiched between two completely different environments with entirely different resources, such as a Forest and a Savanna. Establishing a base near a Wormhole is a wise decision because of the quick travel and easy escape it provides in the event that MacTusk or a large pack of Hounds and Deerclops attack your camp. When you’re ready, go back to your camp and kill them to retrieve your possessions. Having a camp at both ends of the tunnel will work to your advantage
  • But, using the Wormhole will reduce your sanity significantly. Pick up Flowers or let your character to have a good night’s sleep throughout the night
  • A sick Wormhole can only be utilized to go one way. Once these Wormholes have been exploited, they will shrivel up and perish in the process. Sick Wormholes have lips that are more strongly pigmented in yellow or green than healthy Wormholes
  • They are similar in appearance to healthy Wormholes.
  • 2 Build a Fire Pit.A Fire Pit is a totally safe source of light and warmth for your foundation because it does not burn down combustible things nearby
  • It is also inexpensive.
  • You may also use it to prepare food, and a Fire Pit can make fuel last twice as long as a Campfire when compared to the latter. To build a fire pit, you’ll need two logs and twelve rocks.
  • 3 Make a Spear out of anything you have on hand. The Spear is an efficient and simple-to-use weapon for players who are just getting started in the game. It deals 34 damage and has a total of 150 uses. It may be used to track down enemies such as spiders, who drop Silk that can be utilized for crafting purposes.
  • 3) Construct a Spear with your hands and draw it. The Spear is an efficient and simple-to-use weapon for players who are just getting started in the game. It deals 34 damage and has 150 uses. Hunt down enemies such as spiders, which drop Silk, which may be utilized for crafting purposes.
  • 4Construct a Log Suit out of logs. Now that you have a weapon, you’ll need some basic armor to keep you safe during the lengthy battle. The Log Suit is the second most straightforward armor to make, requiring only 8 Logs and 2 Ropes and the use of the Science Machine. The simplest takes only 10 Grass and 2 Twigs, but it does not provide as much protection as a Log Suit
  • The most difficult requires 20 Grass and 2 Twigs. 5 Create a Chest of Drawers. Considering the variety of items currently in your possession, it is quite perilous to carry them about on explorations. If you die, the goods in your belt will be removed from your possession. Create a Chest for storing your possessions once you have a foundation in place.
  • Using the Science Machine, construct a chest using three boards. Using the Science Machine, create boards out of four different types of wood. Additionally, you may build several Chests. It is possible to store food in the Chest, however doing so will not prevent food from rotting.
  • 6 Make a shelter out of tarps. In addition, you may construct a Tent for your character, which will save you time and save you from losing your mind while waiting for the sunrise every night. It costs 75 Hunger to use a Tent, but doing so recovers 50 Sanity and 60 Health. Additionally, using a Tent increases the player’s body temperature to its maximum. Before it vanishes, a Tent may only be utilized six times in total.
  • Using the Alchemy Engine, construct a tent out of six silks, four twigs, and three ropes. If you don’t have access to an Alchemy Engine at this time, you can substitute a Straw Roll. The Straw Roll is a one-time survival item that, like a Tent, may be used to avoid the onset of nightfall and darkness. The Science Machine may be used to create your Straw Roll, which will consist of 6 cut grasses and 1 rope. Using the Straw Roll recovers 33 Sanity but consumes 75 Hunger
  • Nonetheless, it is not recommended.
  1. 1 Cook your meal in a Crock Pot for optimal results. As you go through the game, living gets increasingly difficult, and consuming Cooked Morsel, Frog Legs, and Berries will no longer suffice. Food that you have acquired is likewise readily deteriorated, and it has little beneficial influence on your health. You’ll need a Crock Pot if you want to eat healthier meals for your health regeneration.
  • An electric crock pot is a gadget that allows you to blend and cook four different ingredients in one meal. It may be made with three cut stones, six charcoal, and six twigs, all of which can be found in the Alchemy Engine. The Science Machine may be used to create cut stones from three rocks. Charcoal may be obtained from the ashes of burned trees. If there are no burned trees in the immediate vicinity, search for a small patch of trees (ideally away from the dense forest) and flame them down
  • When cooking in the Crock Pot, twigs can be used as a filler for some dishes. There are a variety of dishes that can be prepared in your Crock Pot, and it is not required to use four different ingredients to prepare a dinner. As an example, just Frog Legs and a Mushroom, as well as 2 Twigs, are required for a Froggle Bunwich.
  • 2 Create an Alchemy Engine in your game. An Alchemy Engine is a scientific structure that may be created and used to unlock new crafting recipes that can benefit you in your survival. When you have much more powerful weapons and sturdier armor, you will be able to survive any Hound assault and boost your chances of survival, which is especially important during the cold winter months.
  • To make an Alchemy Engine, you’ll need 6 gold, 4 boards, and 2 cut stones, among other materials. Making use of the Alchemy Engine, you may construct an Ice Box in which you can keep your food, so lowering the rate of spoiling by half
  • An Ice Box requires two gold, one board, and one piece of gear. Gear may be obtained by defeating clockwork creatures.
  • 3 Construct a Farm. In the game, it is possible to own a farmstead. The right resources, which may be found all throughout the world, can be used to quickly and efficiently manufacture weapons, armor, and other useful equipment. A farm, on the other hand, needs patience and the planting of seeds.
  • When it comes to having a particularly nice and speedy harvest, you’ll want to invest in an Improved Farm, which can be made using 10 Cut Grass, 6 Manure, and 4 Rocks by utilizing the Alchemy Machine. When you come across a Beefalo Field, you may explore it and collect the manure that is contained within it. It is possible to find herds of beefalo in the Savanna biome, which will not fight you until provoked
  • Manure may also be used as fertilizer for your plants
  • Farmers have unpredictable outcomes when they plant seeds, with plants producing either vegetables or fruits.
  1. 4Construct, explore, and collect. You should be able to survive the game for several days now that you have the necessities. Simply ensure that you have constructed walls around your base and that you have sufficient food in your Ice Box. Explore the region to uncover its mysteries and acquire the materials you’ll need to craft your next weapon and armor set. Keep in mind that advancing a level will result in you having to start over from the beginning. Advertisement
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  • Question How can I maintain my sanity throughout the early stages of the game? Even if I am able to maintain it, it will fall fast in the future, causing my character to become insane. Finding flowers to select and using 12 petals to make a garland to wear, which will help you stay sane during the day, are both required. Question Early on in the game, I had difficulty surviving. I’m in desperate need of a place to stay. What am I supposed to do? Early on, locate a herd of beefalo cattle and collect their dung. This will assist you in starting a farm. Additionally, berries that have been cooked are a fantastic dietary source. Concentrate on not being hungry and avoiding the night

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About This Article

Don’t Starve is a wilderness survival game developed by Don’t Starve. Achieving survival by hunting for food, combating hazardous individuals, and finding a route back to your house is your ultimate aim in this game. On the first day, gather twigs and cut grass, as well as flint, rock, and wood for building materials. You’ll also want to stockpile food and only eat after your hunger has decreased to 80 percent of its previous level. Because the food has a short shelf life, only harvest it when you’re running low on supplies.

The additional resources you’ve obtained may be used to construct axes, traps, and fire, as well as other weapons.

Did you find this overview to be helpful?

Did this article help you?

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Walter is the name of a new kid that has joined the ranks of The Constant! The character of Walter is considered to be a difficult one to play, similar to that of Wes, though Walter is considered to be significantly less challenging to play because, unlike Wes, Walter suffers significantly more penalties in exchange for possessing some of the most interesting weapons and skills in Don’t Starve Together. Even though Walter is a kid of The Constant, like Wendy, Webber, and Willow, he does not share the same stats as them and should be regarded as the “hard-mode” child of the Constant instead.

Please don’t get your hopes up too much for Walter because he is not a playable character in the single-player Don’t Starve (DS, RoG, SW, and HAM) versions of the game.


Hunger:110 Sanity:150 Health:130


Walter spawns into The Constant with his own weapon, the Trusty Slingshot, in the same way as characters such as WigfridorMaxwell do in single-player. In contrast to the characters stated above, the Trusty Slingshot has limitless durability, but as a trade-off, it must be loaded with a variety of various types of ammunition. If players happen to misplace Walter’s Trusty Slingshot for whatever reason, they may re-create it by using the Fight Tab with 2 Mosquito Sacks and 1 Twig to create a new one.

This makes the use of the Trusty Slingshot extremely effective against bosses such as the Bee Queen, Deerclops, moose/goose, or Antlion.


To my surprise, every time a player crafts ammo for the Trusty Slingshot, they will receive 10 pieces of ammo, which they may stack up to a maximum of 60 rounds at a time in their inventory. While varieties of munitions that inflict more damage are theoretically more expensive than types of bullets that give less damage, it appears that the ammo is currently nicely balanced. Varying types of ammunition not only do distinct levels of damage, but they also trigger different status effects on the creatures who are hit, making the Trusty Slingshot that much more effective.

All of the many types of ammunition that players may make and use in Don’t Starve Together are listed here.


It is necessary to have a Science Machine. Using 1 Manure, players may create Poop Pellets for use in their prototypes. Poop Pellets are a highly useful form of ammunition to have in your arsenal. Even though Poop Pellets cause no damage, non-boss mobs who are targeted by Poop Pellets will lose aggroupon being targeted. In order to disengage hostile mobs when they wish their friendly teammates to battle for them or when allied players are unable to pull aggro away from Walter, players must first collect Poop Pellets from the ground.

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Freeze Rounds are one of the most costly forms of ammunition available due to the fact that they require a Prestihatitator to create. They also require 1 Moon Rock and 1 Blue Gem to construct, making them one of the more expensive types of ammunition available. Despite the fact that Freeze Rounds do no damage, each Freeze Round is comparable to two Ice Staff strikes, making Ice Rounds far more potent than an Ice Staff. Freeze Rounds, as opposed to Poop Pellets, may be used on bosses, albeit it should be noted that, unlike the Ice Staff, Freeze Rounds will not de-aggro the aggressive mob that is being targeted (unless aggro is taken by a fellow player or another mob).

Freeze Rounds suffer from diminishing returns in the same way that an Ice Staff would, yet they are nevertheless more effective since the decreasing returns regard Freeze Rounds as two Ice Staff strikes despite the fact that they are less effective.


Even though Walter enters The Constant with 10 Pebbles already in his inventory, he will have the ability to make Pebbles right out of the gate with 1 Rock, without the need for a Science Machine or other crafting station. Pebbles cause 17 damage for every hit they take.

Unfortunately, Pebbles are mostly ineffective beyond the first few days since the damage they inflict is far too low to effectively kill a mob, and they are incapable of even securing a kill against a tiny animal, despite their ability to safely kill Bees (see below).


Slow-Down Rounds, which need a Shadow Manipulator to prototype, also require 1 Moon Rock and 1 Purple Gem to create. Despite the fact that Slow-Down Rounds only deliver 17 damage, they will slow the target’s movement speed by a third for 30 seconds. Slow-Down Rounds are unique in that, similar to Freeze Rounds, they can be employed against bosses and are particularly effective against seasonal giants, which is especially handy in group bouts while people are still getting acquainted to kiting patterns.

Slow-Down Rounds are a bit pricey, and I wouldn’t recommend using them on a daily basis, though I can’t deny how convenient it is to be able to flee from incredibly powerful mobs if the situation demands it.


Gold Rounds need a Science Machine to prototype, and each Gold Nugget is worth 1 Gold Nugget. As a result, Gold Rounds will deliver 34 damage, which is equal to the amount of damage dealt by a normal Spear, making them an average source of damage. However, while it may appear that Gold Rounds are prohibitively costly, players may simply gather Gold Nuggets by taking advantage of the Pig King’s deals in order to frequently reload their Trusty Slingshot. Until players reach the mid-to-late game and begin farming Marble on a regular basis, Gold Rounds are an essential part of Walter’s arsenal since they are by far the most easily obtained type of ammunition.


The Marbles trinket is not to be confused with the Melted Marbles trinket; Marbles require an Alchemy Engine to prototype and 1 Marble to construct. Marbles do a total of 51 damage each hit, which puts them on par with Tentacle Spikes, almost on par with the Ham Bat, and significantly better than Wigfrid’s Battle Spear. Because many players despise Marble Armour and will not see much benefit in using Marble for anything else, players may choose to concentrate their efforts on utilizing all of their Marble to quench Walter’s appetite for wreaking devastation on the world.

As soon as you reach the mid-to-late stages of the game, switch from utilizing Gold Rounds to using Marbles, since you will not be disappointed by the amount of damage you can inflict with them.


Players are unable to prototype Cursed Rounds since they require an Ancient Pseudoscience Station, and they must be positioned adjacent to an Ancient Pseudoscience Machine in order to do so (does not need to be repaired and can be a Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Machine). Cursed Rounds, on the other hand, are extremely expensive to produce, requiring 1 Thulecite Fragment and 1 Nightmare Fuel to create. When used, Cursed Rounds do 51 damage and have a 50 percent chance of summoning Shadow Tentacles, which are similar to Thulecite Clubs, albeit Cursed Rounds inflict far less damage.

What is the reason behind this?

If you want to make the most of Cursed Rounds, I usually recommend training some Pigs, Merms, or Rock Lobsters to guarantee that the Shadow Tentacles can unleash their 34 Damage each hit, since 34 Damage is nothing to joke about!

Because Cursed Rounds provide no meaningful value when players do not have access to allies or teammates, I would advise players to stay with their Marbles if they do not have access to either.


Walter has a few minor advantages that aren’t always the most beneficial; yet, it’s a good idea to keep them in mind just in case they come in handy. For example, Walter can cook over a fire more quickly than others, similar to Willow. He can cook in half the time it takes others, whilst others take a full second. While sleeping, Walter loses half of the quantity of hunger he had before. While none of these benefits is really useful, especially if you’re someone who is adept at managing their Hunger, they do give players with a small amount of extra comfort.


Being the resourceful and athletic camper that Walter has proven to be, Walter now has access to the Tent Roll, a new craftable resource that can be used to make tents. Tent Rolls need the use of a Science Machine to prototype and cost four twigs, two ropes, and one straw roll to construct. Tent Rolls, when placed, will transform into a Camper’s Tent, which will grant players the following benefits: 1 Sanity per second; 1 Health per second; Reduces Wetness by 1 per second Increased body temperature up to a maximum of 40 degrees (ideal for the winter) If the temperature is beyond 40 degrees, the body temperature will remain the same as when it was entered, making it perfect for Summer Player’s Hunger will need to be at least 26 before they may enter a Camper’s Tent since they will lose 1 Hunger every second if they are not Walter, and just 0.5 Hunger per second if they are.

When players are finished with the Camper’s Tent, they can deconstruct it and reassemble it as a Tent Roll, which allows them to move it if necessary.


Walter’s beloved dog, Woby, is one of my favorite bonuses about working with him. Woby will accompany Walter inside The Constant, offering players with nine more inventory spaces in a similar manner as Chester. So why would you utilize Woby when you can just as easily locate and employ Chester? Due to the fact that Woby cannot be killed, and. she is much more than simply a portable inventory, to be precise. Woby may be found in two forms: a little form and a large form, both of which are capable of providing players with portable inventory, however players will most likely want to retain Woby in her large form due to her greater use.

  • She has a maximum Hunger of 50 and can only eat Monster Foods.
  • In the event that Woby’s Hunger is reduced to zero, she will revert to her original little size while maintaining all of the things in her inventory.
  • It is recommended that players feed Woby a piece of Monster Meat or two every night in order to keep her as large as possible; however, if you are low on resources, this may not be an option.
  • It is possible to circumvent the slowing effects produced by Suspicious Marble Pieces and other heavy things by forming a group called Don’t Starve Together, however players can instead utilize Woby to deliver 10 damage to monsters while charging.
  • Honestly, I would treat Woby as a glorified transportation inventory space and disregard the fact that she is capable of doing significant damage on enemies.

Unfortunately, Woby, unlike Chester, cannot be aggroed by foes, but I suppose this is also a gift in disguise because it ensures that you will never have an issue with your things being dropped to the ground again.


It’s a little tough to describe how Walter’s Sanity works because Walter’s Sanity is depleted in proportion to the amount of harm he suffers. If Walter receives 4 points of damage, he will immediately lose twice that amount in Sanity, for a total of 8 points of Sanity lost. Regardless of the amount of damage done, Walter will always lose double the amount of Sanity he has, however players may use Walter’s special equipment, the Pinetree Pioneer Hat, to reduce the amount of Sanity that he loses by half.

  • It should also be mentioned that when Walter’s health is not at 100%, he will experience a constant loss of Sanity, with an average loss of 12 Sanity every minute.
  • Due to the fact that Walter does not suffer any sanity loss as a result of the equipment listed above, players may theoretically employ things such as the Spiderhat to control Spiders indefinitely, provided they have enough Sanity.
  • The easiest way to express it is that Walter is still terrified of shadow magic and is on the verge of losing his mind as a result of his anxiety.
  • Unfortunately, Walter does not benefit from any clothing items (other than his Pinetree Pioneer Hat), due to his disadvantages.


The fact that Walter acquires 6 Sanity every minute when there are more than 5 Trees within a 2.5 tile circle surrounding him may be of particular interest to players owing to the fact that he has several variants on his capacity to earn Sanity. The ability to acquire 6 Sanity passively while sitting at your base is a nice benefit to have, so make sure you’re either based in a Forest or planting trees near your Fire Pit, Campfire, Endothermic Fire or Endothermic Fire Pit to take advantage of this opportunity.

Walter may tell stories when sitting around Campfires and Endothermic Fires by right-clicking on them, granting players 10 Sanity each minute to himself and all allies in exchange for their participation.

Since most people would want to have a permanent building, Walter demonstrates that the usage of Endothermic Fires and Campfires is once again beneficial.


One of Walter’s most amusing drawbacks is that he is allergic to bees and as a result, he will suffer 10 additional damage every hit from any bee, including Bees, Killer Bees, Grumble Bees, and even the Bee Queenherself. Players may consider donning armour to shield themselves from bee stings; however, the only thing that would lower the amount of damage is a Bee Keeper Hat, which will operate in the same manner that it would for another player in the same situation.


Keeping with the theme of the rest of Walter’s life, his favorite snack is Trail Mix, which must contain at least one Roasted Birchnut (a maximum of 2) At least one Berry can be found (a maximum of 3) Players can add 1 Filler (such as ice and twigs) or 1 Fruit to the mix, however my advice for this dish is 1 Roasted Birchnut, 2 Berries, 1 Ice, or 1 Twig (or a combination of the two). Walter will gain 15 additional Hunger points if he consumes Trail Mix.


Walter is a startlingly tough survivor to portray in Don’t Starve Together, mostly owing to the fact that his sanity is highly correlated with the amount of damage he sustains over the game’s course. Walter necessitates the selection of a skillful player, or at the very least, the selection of a player who is familiar with the construction of various weapons and armour. Players who are proficient at maintaining their sanity, on the other hand, may find Walter to be an easy task. Truth be told, there are several advantages to playing Walter, and I can see him becoming one of my primary characters in the future; however, for the time being, I guess I’ll stick with my normal WinonaorWurt.


To be honest, there aren’t any characters that leap out to me as being particularly good matches for Walter, however I would recommend the archetypal Wickerbottom because she would readily supply players with supplies of Sanity meals and items that are beneficial to their recuperation. Otherwise, Walter would just profit from having strong survivors by his side, such as Wolfgang, WX-78, or Wigfrid, who can withstand the brunt of the enemy’s fire while Walter utilizes his Trusty Slingshot to dispatch them with relative ease.

So, what are your thoughts?

Have you given him a chance to prove himself yet?


The Trail Mix should be fed to Walter if gamers are seeking for higher metrics from his diet when it comes to Walter. Trail Mix necessitates the use of:1 roasted birchnut 1 Cup of Cooked Berries 1 Piece of Fruit 1 Filler (optional) They will give Walter with 27.5 Hunger instead of 12.5 Hunger, as originally planned.

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