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Written by Fred Decker Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Jonathan Fong’s article, “Home Sweet Home” Let’s CelebrateByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByFred DeckerLet’s CelebrateByStephanie Trovato Jonathan Fong’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Get CraftyByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeBySpencer Hall Home Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeBy ByEric Mohrman, author of Get Crafty.

ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down Food by Kathryn WalshHome Sweet Home by Spencer HallChow Down by Kathryn Walsh By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down Spencer Hall’s CraftyBySpencer Hall ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down By Fred Decker, author of Chow Down By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down Chow DownByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByEric Mohrman By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Get Crafty.

BySam Benitz, author of Chow Down Get CraftyByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByBeth HuntingtonHome Sweet HomeByBeth Huntington Home Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByKirsten NunezHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByK By Beth Huntington, author of “Home Sweet Home.” Kathryn Walsh writes about her home, “Home Sweet Home.” Let’s Have a Party, by Spencer Hall Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down Let’s Have a Party, by Spencer Hall Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) ByStephanie Trovato, author of Chow Down ByStephanie Trovato, author of Chow Down Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByStephanie Trovato, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Jonathan Fong’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Let’s Have a Party!

By Ashley Tyler Let’s Have a Party!

  • BySam Benitz, author of Chow Down Let’s get together and celebrate by Karen Belz Ashley Tyler’s recipe for Chow Down Let’s Have a Party!
  • By Kathryn Walsh Let’s Have a Party!
  • By Kirsten Nunez The Time Has Come to CelebrateByBeth Huntington Let’s Have a Party!
  • Let’s Have a Party!

Frame & Fabric Products – Tents, Awnings, Canopies

In the event of an emergency, we are open and ready to assist you. In an effort to assist with the increase of tents that will be required during this ever-changing period, we have converted our manufacture to frame tents for readiness in order to better serve our customers. Our semi-permanent tents and structures may be used for a variety of purposes, including drive-through testing centers, storage facilities, screening rooms, temporary living facilities, offices, grocery pickup, and emergency shelters, among others.

We are prepared to complete any amount relief requests in a timely way in order to meet your requirements.

Medical TentsStructures for Testing, Screening, Isolation Care, and Storage

A century frame measuring 20 by 20 feet, Fiesta 20′ expandables (10′ MIDS), Navi Trac 40′ expandables (20′ MIDS), and Nav Trac Lite 20′ expandables (10′ MIDS) are all available options. Navi Trac Lite 30′ Expandables (15′ MIDS) F3 20′ Expandables (10′ MIDS) F3 30′ Expandables (15′ MIDS) Sidewalls 6’10” x 22′ LapSnap Construction – Solid White (Sidewalls are 6’10” x 22″ Solid White) The sidewalls are 7’10” x 22′ LapSnap Construction and are painted solid white. The sidewalls are 6’10” x 32′ LapSnap Construction and are solid white.

Anchor Industries is Here to Support Your Community

Anchor Industries, which was established in 1892, is one of the most prominent makers of frame and fabric goods in the United States. Events tents, awnings, canopies, clear span structures, and pool coverings are just some of the products we create to help you improve your business or home environment. Customers in the commercial, residential, and government markets who live, work, and play outside will benefit from our frame and fabric products because they will have a more comfortable, pleasurable, and productive experience as a result of our products’ improved quality of life.

Anchor products are designed and built by experienced artisans who work in collaboration with our great sales and service experts to provide value in the sectors we serve.

Our goods include the following:

Event Tents

As one of the industry’s leading tent manufacturers, we provide a diverse assortment of event and commercial tents for a variety of occasions such as weddings, picnics, street fairs, festivals, and other gatherings.

In addition to frame tents that are built for adaptability and ease of installation, we offer tension tents that provide a gorgeous scene for any day or night event, as well as pole tents that tenants can put up themselves.

Clear span structures

Our clear span constructions at Anchor Industries are designed in partnership with RöderAG, ensuring that you receive the finest possible product in the market. We offer structures that are intended for both short- and long-term use, with options ranging from little sidewalk covers to large double-decker constructions, among others. Our transparent span constructions may be used for a variety of applications ranging from sheltering a catering booth at a major event to hosting large-scale expos and events.

Pool covers

It is recommended that you use pool covers to protect your pool from debris, minimize evaporation, and safeguard your children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. We provide both solid safety pool covers and mesh safety pool covers, both of which are intended to bear weight, prevent the spread of germs and algae, and keep leaves and debris out of your swimming pool. We can create bespoke pool covers to accommodate a variety of pool shapes and sizes, allowing you to better preserve your investment in your pool.

Shade structures

Our shade structures are ideal for giving additional sun protection on pool decks, in parks, and in playgrounds, to name a few applications. Among the many products we provide are permanent retractable umbrellas, permanent non-retractable umbrellas, stretched shade canopies, awnings, and other similar products. Protecting your property from the sun’s damaging UV rays is easy with our shade structures, which may be customized to match the design and decor of your home.


Incorporating awnings into your home or business is a great way to increase the value and functionality of your property while also increasing the curb appeal of your property and providing additional outdoor space. Anchor Industries awnings are the right answer for adding sun and rain protection to your outside patio, drawing in visitors with creative brand designs on your awnings, or installing a covered pathway to keep visiting clients safe from the weather when they arrive.

Military shelters

Our military shelters from Anchor Industries are built to be portable, easy to carry, and simple to set up and take down. This type of construction may be utilized for a variety of purposes such as war circumstances, disaster relief, or military equipment storage. It will withstand the test of time and will provide shelter when you need it.

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Fire shelters

Fire shelters have been manufactured by Anchor Industries for more than 30 years, and they are certified by the government. Heat protection from radiant and convective heat is provided by our fire shelters, tents, and other structures.

Contact us todayto place your order!

“Females honoring ladies” is the theme of the evening. Anyone who is a devoted fan of Parks and Recreationwill understand the significance of Galentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 13th. Included in this is my own personal experience! According to the wise words of Leslie Knope, “it’s just the greatest day of the year,” so leave your romantic partners at home and kick it with your nearest and dearest besties over breakfast. To add a little sparkle to your celebration, bring some pastries or cupcakes along with your sparkly DIY food picks or dessert toppers created from gold party foil.

Apart from the fact that they are simple to produce, we are also giving the FREE designs for you to download and cut yourself! It’s a great last-minute craft that you can complete in less than 10 minutes, and your girlfriends will appreciate the considerate gesture much. SUPPLIES:

  • Graphic cut files of the ” heart outline ” and ” Gal Pals ” are provided for free. Electronic cutting machine (such as a Cricut)
  • 1212 StrongGrip cutting mat
  • Toothpicks
  • Mini glue dots
  • Brayer (optional)
  • Gold party foil

Maker’s Note

Party foil is a highly slippery material, and throughout several of my project prototypes, my “Gal Pals” were slipping off the cutting mat while I was cutting them. It’s important to massage the foil into your StrongGrip mat thoroughly. When cutting “Gal Pals,” you can use your hands or a prayer cloth, but keep an eye on your creation as it is being cut with your machine in case it need a little rubbing. This material will also display fingerprints, but you may remove them by rubbing them away with your fingertips or an anti-static towel.

Not finding the color of party foil you’re looking for?

Cardboard, sticky foilon cardstock, and thick shimmery paper are just a few examples of what you may use.


Open Cricut Design Space (or the software that comes with your digital cutting machine) and create a New Project. Upload our heart and Gal Pals images to your computer. Change the size of the cupcakes to suit your needs or preferences. Ours were 2.5 inches in width.


Place the amount of party foil you require on your StrongGrip cutting surface and then sit back and let your machine handle the rest. Make careful to press the foil down onto the cutting mat with your fingers or a brayer to ensure that it does not rise during the cutting process. Remove the toppers from the mat with care once your words have been cut out of them.


Place one toothpick on each of the adhesive spots that you have created after cutting your toppers. Carefully wrap the toothpick over the glue dot, creating a small toothpick burrito effect, and then stick the toothpick with the glue dot covered to the rear bottom of the party foil cut-out!

Maker’s Note

Double-sided tape and a hot glue gun were unsuccessful in adhering them on the toothpick, however party foil worked well! All of the adhesives I tested were either useless or extremely messy! To make things even more tidy, glue dots are exceptionally adhesive. If you haven’t tried it yet, believe me when I say that it will become your new favorite creative adhesive! Glue dots should be used on everything!


Make sure to gently press the toppers into your desserts and have a wonderful Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends! Keep those extra hearts from being squandered! Decorate your table with party scatter made from the inside heart cutouts for a wonderfully lovely centerpiece around your snacks! You may share your finished product on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #somethingturquoisediy, and we will re-post our favorites. For us to view your profile, it must be made public; otherwise, you may always DM us with the link.


Chelsea LaVere Barton has been recognized as an enthusiastic creator in the wedding industry since 2009. She is a retired wedding photographer, editor-in-chief of Coastal Virginia’s online wedding publication,Tidewater and Tulle, and co-owner of High OakCo, a wedding signage company based in the United Kingdom. Chelsea worked as a school art teacher before becoming a photographer, and she lives by the phrase “making life more beautiful” in all she does in her professional life. Instead of doing her own home improvements, her favorite pastime is to go on local British adventures with her husband, write about such adventures on It’s a Hard Biscuit Life, and simply unwind at home with their cat Pickles Barrington.

Her Instagram account serves as a virtual chronicle of her life.


Chelsea LaVere Barton’s photography and DIY tutorial may be found here.


The items you’ll need for this project may be found by clicking on the affiliate links provided below. To make this project, you’ll need gold party foil, a Cricut Explore Air 2, a StrongGrip Cutting Mat, toothpicks, and mini glue dots.

Wedding Ideas, Planning & Inspiration

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Product development and improvement.


Are you looking for a wedding website or registry? Locate ItWelcome to your day, which will be spent your way. QUIZ ON WEDDING DRESS STYLE our Wedding Ideas and Inspiration Bringing it to Life Take the Style Quiz to help you establish your wedding vision, and then share your results with recommended providers with a single click! WEDDING WEBSITEA custom wedding website to guide guests through the festivities 150+ templates have been created to incorporate your wedding day information and provide guests with all they need to know.

Create an account to enter contests for products, cash, and experiences—whatever you want, from anywhere you want.

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Getting the Most Out of The Knot Wedding Planning Website

What to look for in a dream wedding planner, where to obtain wedding inspiration you’ll really utilize, and what to do first are all topics covered in this article.

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Thank you to our cameraman and photographer for their work: Photography by Emely Taveras, Heather Bode, David Meredith, and Rebekah J. Murray. Forged in the North by Mustard Seed Photography, Allan Zepeda Photography, Photo Love, and Allan Zepeda Photography.

Affordable Wedding Invitations With Response Cards At Elegant Wedding Invites

Laser cut wedding invitations are available from Elegant Wedding Invites, a leading supplier of laser cut wedding invitations. It was in the year 2005 that we incorporated our one-of-a-kind concept for wedding invitations into our laser cutting paper technology, and the result was an enormously successful endeavor. Over the years, our dedication and tenacity have earned us an amazing international reputation, as well as millions of fans around the world. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and stunning aesthetics.

You may even create your own graphics to print!

You can pick from a variety of printing techniques available to you: The following services are available: Digital Printing, Foil Printing, UV Printing, Letter Press Printing.

We also provide a variety of different wedding stationery cards and inserts, such as, but not limited to, the following: Notice of Reception | Information/Details Cards | Thank You Notes


When it comes to addressing activities, errands, projects, and so on, my impulse is to toss the idea of accomplishing anything at all out the window, rather than doing what is achievable or even simply simple and straightforward. The prospect of not having enough time to thoroughly clean my room may dissuade me from making my bed, which would go a long way toward making the space tidy, and therefore encouraging me to really accomplish the task at hand. In addition, I’ve been attempting to return to a regular exercise routine.

For the past few months, I’ve been putting aside $75 every week.

However, although the value may change, the thinking does not.

The feedback and sentiments expressed in response to my piece have left me feeling very humbled.


Welcome Janelle D2021-06-22T14:56:44-05:00 (Janelle D2021-06-22T14:56:44-05:00) Amanda Douglas Events is a Winnipeg-based event planning firm that specializes in corporate and social events. We specialize in designing weddings and events that are distinctive and unforgettable, and we are equally at ease in unconventional settings as we are in traditional ones. Contact us now to learn more.

Our Mission

We celebrate the fact that we are all in this together. We feel that this experience should be enjoyable — in fact, it should be quite enjoyable! — and that you deserve to be completely there, with your family and visitors, during the entire process. Our superpower is in the finer details. Clear communication is important to us, so we make our approach basic and straightforward, while surrounding you with our experience to prevent any sense of overload. We recognize that weddings and celebrations carry a great deal of weight and responsibility.

We don’t want you to be anxious or stressed at any point during the process.

Your day should be filled with enjoyment to the fullest, and we’ll be there to focus on the hidden details that will help you have an unforgettable experience.

Parties ranging from weddings to dinner parties to galas to socials to graduations to retirement parties to anniversaries to fundraisers and more!

Bean Bags Australia

Beanbags are a fun and vibrant way to bring life to your favorite location while also keeping it comfortable. Beanbags provide an unmatched level of comfort and support since they are the only furniture that conforms readily to the body. If you’re looking for a modern style, beanbags are just as versatile as they come, with our clients mixing and combining different colors and materials to create their own unique look. The use of beanbags is an excellent option if you’re searching for a unique method to bring your interior or external area to life.

From adolescent chill zones and gaming rooms to calm toddler seats and adult reading areas, we’re confident that we can provide a solution that is both excellent for your personality and appropriate for your house.

All of our products, from double stitching to overlocked seams, are long-lasting, well tested, and completely safe to use.

Our complete beanbag assortment is protected by a 12-month guarantee, and our shipping procedure assures that orders are delivered quickly and reliably anywhere in the globe.

We ship everywhere!

Trying to come up with a fun and adaptable method to bring some color into your home? Are you ready to inject some individuality into your life? Beanbags are a great way to bring a feeling of originality into your house, and they’re also a feature that allows you to show your own personal sense of fashion. In any setting, whether it’s a quiet reading nook or the focal point of a child’s room, bean bags are an excellent way to add personality while increasing comfort. Are you ready to inject some levity into your life?

There are more beanbags available in our vast online store than you could possible want or need.

We have something for everyone.

Fun in the Sun

Our robust outdoor and pool beanbags, in addition to our broad interior selection, are a specialty of ours. Why waste money on low-quality inflatables when you can sit in a beanbag and be completely comfortable? If you haven’t tried lying down on a pool beanbag on a hot summer day, you won’t believe how calm you’ll feel until you do. For those who wish to spend more quality time in the sun or on the lake, our beanbags are an excellent choice. The outdoor beanbag collection from Boss Bean Bags is built to endure a long time.

Our beanbags are a pleasant and elegant alternative to unsightly plastic and wooden seats in a variety of settings, from commercial resorts to private pools. We use high-quality polyester to construct our outdoor beanbags, which are waterproof and UV 50+ protected, as well as antibacterial coated.

Personalized Relaxation

A sense of relaxation and comfort are vital characteristics in every modern house. Everyone needs a safe haven to go to after a long day at the workplace or a difficult period at school. Everyone needs a place to call their own, a place apart from the harsh realities of contemporary life. There’s nothing better than settling into a beanbag and allowing the tension to wash away with the breeze. Our beanbags, cushions, and ottomans are the perfect way to make your house seem like a home, whether you’re watching your favorite television show or having a discussion with a friend.

We also provide a variety of accessories to complete your relaxation experience.

Discover the Beanbag Lifestyle

Beanbags are quite adaptable and may be used in a variety of situations. While we like bringing our goods into people’s homes all over the world, we equally enjoy assisting companies in discovering the benefits of the beanbag lifestyle. Our products are used in a broad variety of recreational and business settings, ranging from hotels and resorts to conventions and seminars. A great alternative for adding value and creating lasting experiences for your visitors is to include beanbags in their seating arrangements.

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What person doesn’t appreciate a comfortable place to sit in a variety of settings, from preschools to nursing homes and from libraries to festivals?

In addition, we provide a variety of promotional beanbag alternatives on which you may print your company name or logo to gain further visibility for your business.

The Simplicity of Relaxation

Nothing fits your body like a beanbag, which bends perfectly to your shape. While sofas and chairs have their place, there’s nothing quite like sinking into a beanbag and letting gravity do the rest of the heavy lifting for you. Not only does it conform to the contour of your own body, but it will also re-form itself to accommodate different persons and seating positions. The use of beanbags may be used to expand the length of your living room when visitors come, to create a secure zone for your children, or to take a quiet nap in the corner.

We have beanbags made of 100 percent natural cotton, denim, and polyester, among other materials, so you can find one that’s gentle on your skin and suitable for your indoor or outdoor location, depending on your preferences.

All of our items are resistant to fading and staining, and many of them can be machine cleaned for the utmost in long-lasting freshness and appearances.

Durable and easy to clean

Our beanbags are transported all over the world and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. From the East Coast to the West Coast, from the mountains to the sea, you can be confident that you will receive a high-quality product that will stand the test of time no matter where you are. When it comes to our products, we use double stitching, overlocked seams, and durable fabrics to ensure that they will last for years and years to come. We exclusively use high-quality YKK zippers that are child-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about those little fingers and toes getting caught in the zipper.

This allows them to be used season after season while still preserving their color and form.

Last but not least, most of our beanbags and other goods are designed with an inner liner, which allows you to easily remove the cover and wash it by hand or in the washing machine.


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