How To Make A Paper Tent

Camping Themed Paper Tent Kid Craft Idea For Summer Camp Plans

To celebrate the arrival of summer, we’re sharing another Paper Tentkid craft idea, this time themed around camping! That is a mouthful to pronounce, but I assure you that while the name is lengthy, the craft itself is not unduly complex! Simple paper DIY that can be customised with your child’s image as the focal point will just take a few minutes to do, and it will only cost you a few dollars. Furthermore, we have included a free tent form template to assist you in getting started quickly and easily with your project.

Start this year’s round of summer crafts with our easy-to-follow tutorial, which you can find below.

Happy creating, my dear friends, and don’t forget to share images of your finished products with the rest of the group!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

  • A 46′′ Printed Body or Facial Picture, as well as optional embellishments such as gold star stickers, glitter glue, and craft jewels
  • White Cardstock Paper, Color Printer, Black Construction Paper, Various Colored Paper Scraps, Colorful Scrapbook Paper, Pencil or Pencil and Paper Craft Scissors, Tape Runner Adhesive, and a Basic Triangle Tent Shape Printable are all required.

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  • First and foremost, please print our FREE “tent form” printable from the link provided above. The printable will serve as your “stencil,” allowing you to build the tent form as many times as you’d like using only one sheet of paper. You will be able to reuse this item over and over again, so make a copy of it when you are finished constructing. Take use of the printable by trimming away the triangular form and also cutting following the lines that have been drawn in it. Excess paper should be discarded. Then, on the reverse of the scrapbook paper, place the triangle form that you just created. Using a pen or pencil, trace along the edge of the paper shape After you have removed the paper stencil, cut out the triangle pattern with your scissors, being sure to chop up the center of the triangle design, just like you would have done with the original tent form. Set it away for a while. Take a black sheet of paper and a photograph of yourself
  • If necessary, trim the photo to fit the black paper and glue it to the bottom/center of the black paper to secure it. You can place the tent piece on top of the paper to have a better sense of where it should go
  • Now take your scrapbook paper piece and fold up the flaps of the “tent” a little to allow your photo to peep through a little
  • Glue the paper tent on top of the black paper using a strong adhesive. Finally, the most exciting part! You’ll use star stickers, hand-cut trees, a paper campfire, and whatever else comes to mind to help create the scene for your crafting heart. Make use of our images as inspiration
  • When you’re finished, just put it on display for everyone to see! Keep in mind to write your name and date on the reverse of the piece so that you can remember when you made it
  • PAIR YOUR FINISHED PIECE WITH OUR —Handprint Campfire Keepsake On Paper – Summer Kid Craft— TO COMPLETE THE SET

Don’t have access to a printer? There’s nothing to worry about! In spite of the fact that we’ve provided a free printable in this article, it is not absolutely required to be able to finish the project. Always remember that you may freestyle your triangle form while still following the instructions outlined above to create a fantastic camping-themed artwork! Also, I recently came across this set of OUTDOOR SCRAPBOOK STICKERS on Amazon that would be perfect to incorporate into this project! PAIR YOUR TENT CRAFT WITH OUR —Do It Yourself Stained Glass Camping Lantern—

AtGlued To My Crafts, we LOVE sharing paper craft ideas with our readers! So before you leave, if you loved today’s paper tent craft tutorial, please check out our newly postedChalk Art PeacockandSandpaper Starfish Cardtutorials! Both of which are super easy to recreate AND have free printables as well!

Using sticks and paper, create a mini camping set for your small toys and take them on a camping adventure. Beginner-friendly summer projects that are perfect for pretend play include this DIY Mini Camping Set Craft with Sticks and Paper that is simple to make but looks complex when finished. These miniature craft items, which are made simply from pattern paper and a few other ingredients, are a fantastic summer boredom buster idea! With the help of some little toys, you can bring the campground to life at home and believe you’re camping in a national park.

Supplies for the Camping Set Craft:

  • Craft supplies: Glue gun, popsicle sticks, patterned paper, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, etc.

For the Campsite

  • Artificial stones
  • Twigs
  • Patterned blue paper for the lake
  • Artificial flowers
  • The grass is made out of a green felt sheet
  • A red pipe cleaner

To make the Camping Tent Craft –

Cut a rectangle out of your patterned paper or cardstock that is 12 inches by 6 inches. We utilized a 1212 paper that had been sliced in half. You might also make it smaller by decreasing the size of the paper to the same ratio, for example, 94.5 or a 63.3 Make a mark on the paper at 3.9 inches with a ruler. Make a tent shape out of the rectangle by folding it three times at exactly 3.9 inches apart and pasting the extra space over the other end to make a triangle as shown in the illustration below.

  1. Attach four popsicle sticks, two at each end, with a low-temperature hot melt glue gun.
  2. Place the blue cardstock at the bottom of the Campsite to serve as the foundation.
  3. Create a wavy form to simulate a real grassland close to a lake by cutting it out.
  4. Finally, a red chenille stick that simulates fire is used.
  5. We’re going to construct a DIY tent that’s simple enough for kids of all ages to put up, and it’ll be simple enough for YOU to put together in minutes!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today! There are a plethora of choices with this one. There will be no more waiting! Let’s get those resources together and start working on your own uniqueDIY Mini Camping Set Craftpiece with your youngster now.

Check out our other Nature inspired crafts:

  • • 1 gluing tool (new or used)
  • • 1 greeting card (new or used)
  • 1 sheet of colorful construction paper (about 9×12 inches)
  • 1 pair of child-safety scissors (optional). 3/16-inch core foam board
  • 1 bottle white craft glue (optional)
  • 1 sheet of foam board Colored pencils or markers

By constructing a miniature campground, you may bring the “Great Outdoors” into your home. Make use of this art project to assist children through lessons on campground safety, animals, ecology, and the importance of protecting the environment. A camper’s first order of business after arriving at a new campsite is to set up his or her camper’s tent. It is simple to construct a model paper tent. You’ll need a few basic art supplies, most of which you’ll probably already have around the house, as well as a large work space.

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Step 1

Using a glue stick, apply glue on the exterior surfaces of the greeting card and let dry. Place the card in the center of a sheet of construction paper, such that the exterior sides of the card are completely covered with paper (see illustration). You should be looking at the inside surfaces of the card, which is the area where the preprinted message is most typically visible. If you do not see this, it is likely that you have attached the card on the construction paper from the wrong side. Firmly press the card on the table.

Step 2

Using scissors, trim away any excess construction paper from the card’s perimeter. Fold the card in half and push along the fold to seal it. By laying the closed card on the table and firmly swiping your palm across the card, you may smooth out any paper creases.

Step 3

To decorate the card, open it up and set it flat on the table. Make the outside of the “tent” unique by decorating it with crayons, markers, and other art items.

Step 4

Turn the “tent” over and hold it like you would a greeting card that has been opened. To finish the card, gently squeeze a line of glue down the two vertical sides of the card, starting at the bottom and working up. It is OK if part of the glue runs down the edges of the container. Once the greeting card is fastened to the foam board, the interior of this “tent” will be difficult to see through to the outside.

Step 5

Place the “tent” on the foam board once it has been turned over once more. Upon completion of this step, the card will be standing on its side and its binding will be facing upward. It will have the appearance of an inverted “V.” If necessary, apply additional white craft glue around the edges of the card and on the foam board. Your “tent” is up and ready for use. Allow time for drying.


Allowing youngsters to utilize their imaginations while constructing this paper campground is highly recommended. Encourage the children to remember that the majority of tents are only available in one or two colors, and that they are only decorating the tents “for fun.” On the side of the “tent,” perhaps they will want to draw a window to let in more light. Place dirt and rocks on the foam board and have them plant “trees” (small sticks or flower stalks) around it. They may also make a fire pit out of stones and red and yellow construction paper flames to burn.

How To Make A Paper Tent Craft

Make a basic tent by tying a string between two solid points and stretching it.

A sheet draped over it in an a-frame form may be used to construct a basic, quick-to-assemble tent. Add some pillows to the bottom of the bed and you’re set to go. Another alternative is to thread a dowel beneath the cloth and then connect strings to the end of the dowel to hang it from the ceiling.

How do you make a circus at home?

Prepare the stage. Decorate your living room or yard with brightly colored streamers and tablecloths to celebrate the holiday season. Dress up in costume. Dress dressed as your favorite circus act for a night of fun. Allow the children to put on a performance for you. As an audience, place a few chairs on the floor and fill them with dolls and stuffed animals. Prepare for the games.

How do you make a tent out of bed with blankets?

Make the fort more comfy by laying down blankets and cushions on the floor of the fort. Fold a comforter in half and put it down, or pile a couple blankets on top of one another to provide additional padding for the base of the fort. In the following step, arrange many cushions or pillows around the perimeter of the fort.

Can you build your own tent?

For those seeking for a camping vacation that is both lightweight and ecologically friendly, making your own tent is a great alternative for your next camping excursion. Also, if you don’t want to stay in a campsite, they’re a terrific alternative to consider.

What is needed to build a tent?

Making a quick and simple homemade tent doesn’t take much time or effort, but you will need a few supplies. Obtain a long length of heavy-duty rope, two tarps, and four posts or huge boulders from your surroundings to use as a makeshift shelter.

What fabric is used for tents?

The great majority of tents are constructed of man-made textiles, which are mostly composed of polyester or nylon. Polyester is the most often used material for family tents. Nylon is a lightweight material that is commonly used in camping tents.

How do you make a warm tent?


What household items can you make a fort out of?

You may build your fort out of ordinary home objects such as blankets, sheets, chairs, and curtain rods, amongst other things. Begin by constructing a frame, which you can then cover with sheets to create a barrier. Add a few pillows, sofa cushions, and blankets, as well as some lighting, to make the space more inviting.

How do you make a good den at home?

Tips for Constructing an Indoor Den Bunk Beds on the Fast Track. With a bunk bed or a cabin bed, you already have a den structure that is just waiting to be turned into a cozy hiding place. Seats are transformed into walls. Do you have a couple of dining room chairs or two sofas? Table tops are a good example of this. Roof made of broom. Roof made of rope. It’s time to light it up. Make yourself comfortable. Toss in a little levity.

Can I use air dry clay to make an incense holder?

These air drying clay incense holders, which are designed like the moon and stars, will ensure that your incense sticks remain safely in place while the peaceful smells permeate your house.

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How do you make a ceramic incense burner?

For this project, you will need a ball of waste clay, a blade, and an incense burner rod to complete it.

Make use of the rod to flatten bits of cane and cover a ball of waste clay with a thin layer of clay. Once the ball has been melded, use your hand to flatten the ball as much as possible. Finish the craft by making a hole in it with a needle or a stick of incense to allow the clay to breathe.

What are some circus tricks?

Bullwhip. Manipulation of a cigar box. Contact juggling is a type of contact sport. Diabolo. Manipulation of the hat. Twirling. Baton. Hoop. Plate. Performance on the level of a fire. Fire breathing is a term used to describe the act of breathing fire. Cooking over an open fire. Firewalking. Juggling is thrown.

How do you hang sheets from the ceiling for the fort?

The 3M hooks that I used to hold up the sheets for my SPLURGE fort worked perfectly. There are no markings on the ceiling. Make sure you use large hooks that can support 3-5 lbs. of weight. If you use little hooks, they will be unable to support the weight and will cause a rip in your ceiling.

How do you make a sleepover den?

A fantastic blanket fort will help you to step up your sleepover game! Chairs may be used to construct the walls. Alternatively, you may use any other furniture you have around the house! Sheets should be held in place using clothes pegs or clips. Make it more comfortable by putting a blanket on the floor. Decorate with fairy lights or bunting to make it more appealing. Set it up in close proximity to your television to create a movie den.

What can you do at a 13 year old sleepover?

30 Exciting Things to Do at a Sleepover to Keep Them occupied Throughout the Night Pizza made at home. Mike Garten is the author of this article. Camping in an enclosed space. Antonio Diaz Images courtesy of Getty Images. The Paper Plane Challenge is a fun activity for kids. Studio D is a collaboration between Philip Friedman and Studio D. Experiment with a different type of braid. Create Blacklight Bubbles with your hands. Decorating cupcakes is a fun activity. Watch a scary movie with your friends.

How do you make a pillow fort on a bed?

Start at your bed and build a row of pillows in a line outward until you have a wall that is as long as you want your fort to be by the time you finish. After that, add another row of pillows on top of the previous one, and continue to create the wall until it is the height you desire. Don’t get too far up, though, or the fort may come crashing down.

What material is best for a tent?

Polyester is perhaps the most widely used tent fabric on the market today, owing to the fact that it is a dependable, long-lasting man-made material that is considerably more difficult to rip than its competitor, nylon. Other advantages include being lighter in weight than cotton, being less susceptible to stretching in the wind, and being less susceptible to fading in the sun.

What material is best for tents?

Cotton or canvas are two of the most frequent types of tent fabrics that you may come across. When you choose a cotton or canvas tent, you may expect to benefit from additional temperature regulation: Cotton is excellent at keeping you warm while also providing excellent ventilation when the temperature rises too high. Cotton is less prone to condensation than other tent fabrics when compared to other tent materials.

What is a good tent material?

In comparison to polyester, nylon has a far greater strength-to-weight ratio, which is one of the primary reasons it is the fabric of choice for tents.

The intrinsic stretchiness of nylon contributes significantly to its strength, which may be both a benefit and a problem.

How do you make a tent out of sheets?

The instructions are as follows: Tie your rope at shoulder level from one tree to another. After that, drape your sheet over the rope so that an equal amount drapes down on both sides of the rope. Make a triangular tent shape by gently pulling out each edge of the folded sheet to form a triangle, then fasten the corners with your heavy boulders or bricks.

Scout Crafts: Origami Tents

  • Sharp scissors and a glue stick are required, as is a photograph of your Scout.

Instructions: To begin, take a solid square piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise. It is important to remind your Scouts to line up the edges and crease their folds as they are working with this activity. Fold the paper in half once more. Then fold it back in half. You’ll now do a few of diagonal folds to bring your middle crease closer together. These will be the flaps for the tent. When folding your tent, make sure to fold it all the way to the edge. This will help it hold up better.

You may now use a photo of your Scout to decorate the interior of the tent.

And that’s only for a single individual!

Another tent idea:

Take a square piece of paper and fold it in half diagonally across the middle. Make another diagonal fold in the opposite direction of the first one. Fold the paper in half once it has been unfolded. Remove the paper from the fold; there should be three creases, one horizontal and the other two pointing toward the corners. Make a depression in the center of the crease where all of the wrinkles meet by pressing your finger against it. The paper should be folded back in half until the horizontal crease end points all come together.

To make this hourglass shape, take the rounded “bases” of the hourglass and press them down toward the middle, where you are holding the horizontal end points together.

Your paper should be shaped like a triangle with four flaps on each side.

Make a flare at the bottom and fold the extra within to finish.

How To Make A 2D Paper Camping Tent

Make a basic tent by tying a string between two solid points and stretching it. A sheet draped over it in an a-frame form may be used to construct a basic, quick-to-assemble tent. Add some pillows to the bottom of the bed and you’re set to go. Another alternative is to thread a dowel beneath the cloth and then connect strings to the end of the dowel to hang it from the ceiling.

How do you make a tent picture?

Light Tent That Is Extremely Simple Step 1: Decide on the materials. The first thing you should do is locate a suitable container. Step 2: Make a cut in the box. 1) Make sure the box is completely flat. Step 3: Put the Skeleton back together.

1) Remove the box from the shelf and shut the bottom of the box. Step 4: Wrap the box with tissue paper. Step 5: Include a Continous Background in your design. Step 6: Turn on the lights and relax. Step 7: Obtaining the desired outcome. There have been 75 comments.

What can you do in a tent with friends?

There are a variety of activities you may participate in while inside the tent, either alone or with your friends and family. Read novels and publications to pass the time. Read the passages aloud to one another. Card games are a popular pastime. Board games are a great way to pass the time. Making something by hand (knitting, sewing, drawing) On-the-go viewing of movies with portable devices Other electrical gadgets can be used to play games (iPods, iPads, Gameboys, etc.)

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How do I turn my room into a camp?

Preparing for a Campout in Your Living Room Create the atmosphere of a camping trip. Prepare by laying out sleeping bags, blankets, and, if feasible, a tent. Prepare Snacks and Drinks for the Camp. Prepare a variety of games for your family to enjoy. The Camp Rules are as follows: Build a fort or a tent within your home. Make a campfire in your living room. Make s’mores over a campfire. Camping-themed family films should be seen.

What are 4 types of tents?

What are the many types of tents available? Tent in the shape of a dome. Eric Bergdoll captured this image. Tent with an A-Frame structure. The A-frame tent, which was formerly highly popular due to its straightforward construction, is shaped like a capital A, as its name indicates. Tent with many rooms. Tent for Backpacking. Temporary geodesic and semi-geodesic structures Tent that pops up. Tent in the shape of a tunnel. Tent that can be inflated.

How do I start an indoor camping party?

Ideas for an indoor camping party Make your tents or fortifications. Make a (fake) fire in the fireplace. Consume a few camp cuisine snacks. Watch some movies at the drive-in theater. Before going to bed, look up at the stars.

How do you make a homemade tent?

15 Different Ways to Make a Tent (DIY tents) So let’s get this party started: Make a canopy bed using an embroidery hoop and cloth using this easy DIY project. Make a no-sew tepee out of bamboo and thread to keep warm in the winter. Make a reading nook in the kids’ room for them. Making an outdoor playhouse for the summer, courtesy of a children’s activities site. Make a play tent out of a clothesline. This toy tent is constructed from dowels.

How can I make camping fun at home?

Twenty-five backyard camping ideas that will make you feel like you’re camping in the great outdoors Set up a tent in your backyard. Build a Fire Pit in Your Backyard. Make Your S’mores Recipe a Little More Special. Make a Scavenger Hunt out of it. Drink your hot chocolate from a vintage thermos. Play a Game in the Backyard. Put a new spin on traditional campfire hot dogs.

How do you make a tent without sticks?

Set up your tent by tying one end of your rope around a tree, far enough away from the trunk so that when it is hanging loose, it reaches the middle of the location you have in mind for your tent. In case the tree is too high to reach or shimmy up to knot one end, toss the rope over the tree and work with the double length instead! 2.

How do you make a paper circus tent?

STEP 1: Download and print the template. Print any of these circus tent templates on A4 or Letter-size cardstock to use as a backdrop for your next event. 2Paint the template in your favorite color.

There is one little triangle on the third page, as well as two large circles. 3Cut the template out of the paper. 4Put glue on the tab at the top of the top. 5Use your fingers to shape the top into a cone. 6Fold the flaps all the way down. 7 Make the stem of the flag.

How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?

Drink a cup of tea before going to bed. Alternatively, another hot beverage. Make some physical activity a priority. Consume a tiny amount of food. Make sure you’re wearing long underwear and fresh socks. Place dry garments inside your sleeping bag to keep you warm. Wear a cap made of knitted yarn. Warm water bottle by your bed as you sleep. Close the sleeping bag all the way.

Can you lock a tent in DayZ?

The most effective technique for acquiring treasure in DayZ has always been to conceal it as much as possible. At the time of my last playthrough in 2014, tents could never be locked, unless you were talking about Epoch or something, which wasn’t an official DayZ mod. In either case, modding allows you to do whatever you want with your game.

How do you make a paper Caravan?

Attach two side panels to the caravan using the included hardware. Cut the contrasting side panels in half and connect them to the caravan with a contrasting color glue. A 15x6cm piece of patterned paper is placed on top of the page, followed by two 2.5x6cm pieces of contrasting paper at either end.

How do you put a tarp on a tent without trees?

The best alternatives if you don’t have any trees to provide height for your tarp are to utilize an adjustable pole or a sturdy branch as a temporary solution (if you can find one). The higher end of your tarp will require at least one pole or branch to keep it up. You will also require man wires or paracord to hold that end of your tarp up.

How do you make a tent out of 4 chairs?

A simple DIY Tent that you can create at home with your children! Determine the location where you would want to put up your tent. Gather all of the items that you will require at the same time. Place four seats on either side of the table, two on each side of the table. Incorporate many different colors into the tent’s backdrop by employing a variety of different textile pieces. Everything is almost finished with the tent, and now it is time to be creative!

How do you make a fort in your bedroom?

Obtain two large pieces of furniture, such as a sofa and a table, and place them next to each other around 2-3 feet apart. To construct the roof, drape a sheet or blanket across the space between the pieces of furniture. Secure the roof by laying something heavy on top of it on either side of it to weigh it down and keep it from falling off the building. Heavy books are excellent for this purpose.

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