How To Make A Cat Tent

DIY Cat Tent

I kept seeing photographs of cat tents on Pinterest and being shared on Facebook, but none of them came with clear directions, which was frustrating. I decided to create a cat tent for Luna and chronicle the process so that you guys may learn how to make one as well.:D This cat tent is quite simple to construct; all you need is a t-shirt, a few wire hangers, and a piece of cardboard to complete it. As an added plus, it just takes five minutes, so even if your cat ignores it, you haven’t put in too much work.;)

Step 1: What You’ll Need:

  • You’ll need the following items: a cat
  • A medium t-shirt
  • A 15 by 15 inch piece of cardboard (my was 13 x 15 and a bit wonky)
  • Two wire hangers (like these)
  • Tape
  • Safety pins
  • Something to cut the hangers with and something to assist bend them (I used huge set of pliers.:)

Step 2: Cut the Hangers

Remove both of the squiggly ends. Initially, I untwisted mine and then sliced it, although this isn’t really essential. (Although it was a lot of fun!)

Step 3: Shape the Hangers + Reinforce the Cardboard If Needed

Make the hangers look like the ones seen above – attempt to make them smooth and somewhat consistent in appearance. You’ll need two beautiful curves that will go from corner to corner of your piece of cardboard to complete your design project. (This was done really well by Lu.) I also used this opportunity to glue a few of supports to the cardboard and to tape all around the edges of the cardboard to give it a bit more support. Only if you’re using cardboard that has been folded will you need to do this step in the first place.

Step 4: Poke a Hole in Each Corner

To accomplish this, you should be able to use the hanger’s other end. It should be at least half an inch in from each edge and should not be too large to be seen.

Step 5: Tape the Two Hangers Together

Cross the two hangers in the center and make sure that all of the ends of the hangers are in contact with the surface you’re working with. Make sure they’re securely taped together so they don’t move. Insert the ends of the ties into the holes you just created in the corners of the ties.

Step 6: Bend the Ends and Tape Them Down

Each hanger’s bottom should be bent by at least an inch so that it rests on the bottom of the cardboard box. Prepare your ends by taping them to the cardboard – make sure you glue them down carefully so they are smooth and won’t catch on your shirt when you pull it over!

Step 7: Check and Make Sure Everything’s Lined Up

The wire can be bent at this point to make it more attractive – fiddle around with it and use the pliers if necessary to straighten it out a bit.:)

Step 8: Create the Tent!

The shirt should be pulled over the tent frame and positioned so that the neck hole is in the middle of the shirt’s front and the bottom of the shirt is trailing behind the frame. Reposition everything so that the bottom is facing you and the hole is pointing upwards. The bottom of the shirt should be folded up and tightened up so that the neck hole is taut. The bottom should be secured with safety pins to keep it in place. Once you’ve done that, pull the sleeves tight and safety pin them in place as well.

Continue tucking and safety pinning until it is finished!

Step 9: Give It to Your Cat!

Because it’s been really hot here and a blanket would be far too warm, I used a paper bag as a floor instead.

As an added treat, I tucked some catnip into the bag. As you can see, she was quite pleased with herself.:D

130 People Made This Project!

Because they provide shelter from the weather, they are simple to erect, and the triangular forms used in their construction provide some structural strength, tents and teepees have long been a popular form of temporary lodging. Cat teepees and tents may be purchased at pet stores and online, but they are typically overpriced for something that can be made at home with a few simple tools and a little creativity using a glue gun, wire coat hangers, or wooden dowels, among other things. Listed here are 11DIY cattent and teepee ideas that you can use as a starting point, or you can adapt one of the designs to create something totally unique that is suitable for your beloved cats.

1. TV Tray Cat House

When you watch television, a TV tray is a small, upside-down A-frame that rests over your lap and holds your dinner plate, drink, remote control, and other essentials. This tent is the same design as the last one, except it is flipped upside down. In order to prevent the tent from flattening because most TV trays are adjustable or folding, you must secure the legs so that they do not move. This is especially important if your cat is prone to accidents. This design not only provides a beautiful tend design in which your cat can live, but it also includes an aide rope scratch post on one of the sides.

2. Wire Hanger Cat Tent

Wire hangers are, in our opinion, a craft item that is underutilized far too often. It is surprisingly simple to twist and deform them into the desired shape despite the fact that they are robust and durable. This design makes use of wire cutters to reduce the size of the hangers, and it makes use of an old t-shirt as the tent canvas. Because it already has the entry and exit holes cut out, wearing a t-shirt is a wonderful option because you can be sure the cloth is safe for your cats.

3. Snug Cat Tent

Craft hangers are an item that, in our opinion, is significantly underutilized. It is surprisingly simple to twist and deform them into the desired shape despite the fact that they are tough and durable. In this design, the hangers are trimmed to size with wire cutters, and the tent fabric is made from an old t-shirt. Because it already has the entry and exit holes cut out, wearing a t-shirt is an excellent option because you know that the cloth will not harm your cats.

4. DIY Cat Teepee Tutorial

Instead of using metal hangers, this design of teepeeuses uses wooden dowels. Unlike the design shown above, where the hangers are concealed by the use of a cotton t-shirt, this is not necessary when using dowels. The dowels may not be particularly appealing on their own, but when paired with the elegant canvas covering, which can be made from any rug or throw, the dowels contribute to the overall appearance of your cat’s teepee. In addition to the blanket, you’ll need 5 lengths of dowel, some twine, and a few safety pins to complete this project.

5. DIY T-Shirt Cat House

With an additional layer of padding on the bottom of the bed to ensure that your cat is completely comfortable while sitting in its new bed, this t-shirt cat house is yet another design that benefits from the combination of square cardboard pieces, metal hangers, and a used t-shirt.

6. No-Sew Cat Tent

Yet another design created from wire hangers and cardboard, this one varies from the others in that, instead of a flat cardboard foundation, the designer has erected short cardboard walls that provide your cat an even better sense of security than the other designs. Because there is no stitching involved in the construction of this tent, it is both quick and simple to erect.

7. No-Sew Pet Teepee Bed

Sewing can significantly increase the amount of effort and the amount of time required to complete a cat bed or other pet project. However, if you do not like to sew any cloth and do not wish to have a tent made from old washing, you may still enjoy an appealing and well-designed pet teepee such as this one without having to spend any money. This design is a little larger in scale than the majority of the other designs on this page. The teepee is constructed out of a wooden dowel, with a canvas fabric covering it for protection.

8. Repurpose An Empty Cardboard Box

Honestly, this design couldn’t be much easier to put together. For this project, you will need an old cardboard box and a jumper, but we suspect that a t-shirt would work just as well: anything with a hole in the neck that will serve as an entrance and exit point for the cat would do the trick. Simplest method is to make sure that the box is structurally strong but open at one end, and then stretch the jumper over it while making sure that the sleeves are tucked in and hidden. It’s straightforward, but it’s effective, and your kitties will appreciate it.

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9. Wood Cat Tent

It is composed of plywood sheets, which makes it a good choice if you want something that will last. Their design and construction are such that they require minimum attaching, and, like the TV tray mentioned at the beginning of this article, it incorporates a scratch layer on the outside of the tent’s construction.

10. DIY Cat Teepee

Teepee construction involves four equal-length sticks or poles, some twine, and detailed instructions that you may follow along with to assist certain that you’re doing it correctly. This DIY cat teepeeprovides precisely that, allowing you to provide your cat with a fresh and exciting place to sleep and unwind.

11. Snowy Mountain Peak Pet Tent

A small dog can fit comfortably within the Snowy Mountain Peak Pet Tent but it can even accommodate a cat if necessary. While the design is adorable, with a snowy peak outside, it is also functional, as the tent will easily accommodate a small cushion in the bottom to ensure that your cat is comfortable while he is inside.

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  • 10 Best Cat Houses in 2021

Cat Teepees And Tents

Cat products can be extremely expensive, especially when you consider that the majority of us already have the equipment and tools necessary to make our own at home. Making a DIY cat teepee also provides the satisfaction of seeing your cat fall asleep inside something you created, and if it does break, you can always make another one to replace it. Credit for the featured image goes to kimberrywood via Shutterstock.

15 Super Fun DIY Cat Tent Ideas To Pursue

Disclaimer | This post may include affiliate links, which means that we may get a small compensation if you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links at no additional cost to you. Furry companions in our immediate vicinity are no strangers to goodies; from special food to unusual toys, we go to great lengths to keep them happy and to thank them for being always cheerful, always lively, and always ready to brighten the mood. Next up on this remarkable interaction between ourselves and our furry friends, the following post contains very easy and imaginative diy cat tent ideas, which may simply be adapted to serve as DIY dog tent ideas if the case calls for it.

  • Take a look at it!
  • Another option is to use leftover cloth to create something remarkable, bright, and uplifting by sewing it together with other scraps of material.
  • Although crocheting a cat tent is not a simple process, your cat will undoubtedly like it.
  • Make a rustic tent for your child and fill it with personal belongings to make it seem like home.
  • viadentelleetfleurs.comTake advantage of the stripes to your advantage.
  • Flowers around an incredibly graphic and comfy tent, which is reinforced with felt.
  • The crisscross stitching and simple graphics are wonderful finishing touches, and the soft rug should not be neglected.
  • Simple, quick, and visual.
  • A wonderfully inspired cat tee pee that is airy, faultless, and has an exceptional stunning design.

What are your thoughts on them? Choose your favorite and make it to give to your child as a gift; we would love to see the finished product!

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3 Steps To Make A Cat Tent From An Old T-Shirt

If you have a cat, it’s likely that they’re your best buddy as well. And what do best buddies do while they’re together? Take a camping trip with your friends! (Of course, this is done inside.) Make this cozy T-shirt tent for your cat using three simple steps borrowed from Instructables. Instructables/jessyratfink Two wire hangers, four safety pins, a square piece of cardboard, and a T-shirt are all you’ll need to construct the tent.


Set your hooks in a straight line so that you have two long strands of wire. Make a hole in each corner of your cardboard base with the ends of your craft stick. Instructables/jessyratfinkInstructables/jessyratfink


Form the hangers into an arch, tape the centre of the arch together, and insert one end of each hanger through each hole. Use tape to keep it in place. Instructables/jessyratfink Instructables/jessyratfink


The T-shirt should be slipped over the tent frame such that the neck opening is at the front. Pin the sleeves and bottom of the garment together to prevent holes from forming. Instructables/jessyratfink Voila! Your cat is going to really like crawling around inside. Instructables/jennyratfink Additionally, on HuffPost: The value of Mapi:false is amp:false is a boolean value VideoEntry:false, indicates that The item has the following ID: 56c371d1e4b0c3c55052cf54, and the entry type is false. The following keywords are included in the list: hplifestyle, cat, cat DIY, cat crafts,diy cat tent Instructables, cat tshirt tent Instructables, cat tent Instructables, how to create a cat tent, @health ibs, @health depression, @health models, section.

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Purrfect Gifts For Cat Lovers

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How To Make A DIY Cat Tent DIY Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s for Home Decor with Videos

Want to learn how to make your very own DIY cat tent? Look no further. If you want to provide your furry friend with a home of his or her own, then this do-it-yourself pet project is perfect for you. IN CONNECTION WITH: 11 Ingenious Cat DIY Home Projects For Cat Lovers

DIY Cat Tent | DIY Pet Projects

As you may be aware, we do not have a cat in our household. However, once one of my friends came to visit with one, my daughter couldn’t stop pestering me to acquire one for the family. As a result, being the wonderful mother that I am, we adopted one. Snowball is the name we chose for her since she is a lovely white ball of fur. In light of the fact that we have a new member of the family, I decided to make her a welcome gift.

I thought a mini tent for cats would be fantastic! There’s nothing better than completing an upcycling project that your pet will enjoy doing with you. Learn how to make a cat tent in just a few simple steps by watching this video.

What You’ll Need for Your Cat Tent:

  • 2 wire hangers
  • A little t-shirt
  • Tape
  • Pliers
  • A 15′′ × 15′′ piece of cardboard
  • Four safety pins

Step 1: Make U-Shape from Hook

Make a U-shape out of the hook on the wire hangers by cutting it with your pliers.

Step 2: Poke a Hole on Cardboard

Take your cardboard and, using one end of the hanger, poke a hole through one corner of the piece of paper. At the very least, you should have an inch of wire hanging out.

Step 3: Bend End of Wire

Making use of your pliers, bend the end of the wire at an angle of 90 degrees and fix it with some tape.

Step 4: Poke Other End of Hanger on Opposite Corner

Now grab the other end of your hanger and poke it into the opposite corner of your cardboard to complete your project. Step 3 should be repeated, and the same procedure should be followed with the other hanger. CONNECTED: 23 Inspiring DIY Pet Projects to Keep Your Furry Friends Content

Step 5: Secure Top with Tape

To guarantee that the hangers do not move, fix the top with some masking tape to prevent them from moving.

Step 6: Put Frame in T-Shirt

Place your completed frame inside the tee-shirt now that it has been done.

Step 7: Secure Sleeves with Safety Pins

You’ll have the sleeves and bottom half of the dress flopping around, so use your safety pins to keep everything in place!

Step 8: Place Soft Bedding

Turn it upside down and fill it with plush bedding to make your cat tent lovely and comfortable. If you’d like to see how this DIY cat tent was created, check out this video guide from Purina Friskies: How to Build a Cat Tent. That’s all there is to it! This should serve as an excellent starting point as you consider other DIY projects for your cat. Place it in front of your furball to attempt to make him or her feel more at home in their new home. What a simple upcycling project for your pet that you completed.

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What are your thoughts on this homemade cat tent?


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  • Easy DIY No Sew Dog Jacket
  • 15 DIY Pet Projects and Recipes
  • A collection of 15 homemade dog treats, each with its own recipe and instructions

Please note that this piece was first published on February 4, 2016, and has been revised for quality and relevance to reflect the most recent information.

11 Cool Cat Tent DIYs

Cat tents made from scratch provide a warm and comfortable indoor home for your cat without burning a hole in your wallet. They can be made out of T-shirts, which will keep your kitty warm during the chilly months of winter. Making them can be accomplished in a variety of ways, as demonstrated in the tutorials listed below. DIY Cat Tent Illustrations 1.How to Construct a Cat Tent This adorable cat tent can be made with only a few simple materials that are readily available at home. A piece of cardboard, two wire coat hangers, and an old T-shirt are all that is required.

  • Pliers are used to shape the wire, and tape and safety pins are used to keep everything in place while you work.
  • Make Your Own Cat Tent 3.How to Make a Cat Tent Without Hangers The materials used in this DIY are different from those used in most of the other tutorials.
  • Aside from these, you’ll need regular cardboard to complete the project.
  • You can include children in the construction process to allow them to share in the enjoyment.
  • Set up a nice handcrafted cat tent for your cat to give him the solitude he needs and deserves.
  • Idea for a Creative Cat Tent 6.Cat Tent Constructed From a T-Shirt It is not necessary to discard an old litter box.
  • Start by cutting the front of the empty litter box box off with a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Simply right-click on the page and choose “Translate to English” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Construct a Cat Tent 9.T-shirt Tent for Cats is a great idea.
  • Making a Tent for Your Cat is Number Ten on the list.

They make it possible for you to recycle, and how! We are confident that your kitten will enjoy playing in the tents that you have constructed. Once he has his own home, he may as well spend the rest of his time there, luxuriating in its comfort.

10 Steps to Make an Easy DIY Cat Tent – Project Pawsitivity

Cats are drawn to small, warm, and dark spaces. But why spend the money on a mini carpeted cat hole when you can make a cat tent out of items you already have in your home? What you’ll need is the following:

  • Cutters and pliers for cutting wires
  • 2 wire hangers
  • 1 piece of cardboard (recommended size 15″ by 15″)
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Medium T-shirt

The first step is to use the wire cutters to remove the hooks from the hangers. Make careful to cut all the way down to the base of the hook before proceeding. Step TwoConstruct arches out of the hangers. If it’s too difficult to complete with your hands, a pair of pliers can be used to assist you. You may use tape to fix the corners of cardboard that has been bent. This will make your cardboard more solid. As illustrated in the illustration, step three involves crossing the hangers over each other diagonally.

  1. Tape the middle of the hangers to ensure that they stay in place.
  2. If you’re having trouble puncturing through, try cutting through with scissors.
  3. In order to prevent the hangers from poking through your shirt once you’ve put on the shirt, wrap some tape over their ends and tape them to the cardboard bottom.
  4. Pull the shirt all the way through, leaving the bottom of the shirt dangling over the edge of the cardboard box.
  5. Using safety pins to keep your shirt and shirt sleeves in place is recommended in Step Six.
  6. It would be simpler to put on and take off the shirt for cleaning if it were pinned.
  7. Step number seven.
  8. In order to get our wonderful tester, Tuppence, to enter the cat tent, I only had to tap my hand against the tent’s door.
  9. Tuppence continued to crawl in and out of her cat tent throughout the whole night and into the next morning.
  10. I also stuffed another t-shirt inside to make it more comfortable for her.
  11. The result is an attractive cat enclosure made with items that may be found in any household.

This is ideal for do-it-yourselfers or anyone who enjoys recycling and repurposing materials. Tuppence, on the other hand, claims that this results in a very content cat! What do you think of the DIY projects you’ve done for your pets? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

15 Cat Tent DIY Ideas

Cats are drawn to small, warm, and dark spaces. But why spend the money on a little carpeted cat hole when you can create a cat tent out of items you can find around your house for a fraction of the cost? We have put together some simple techniques to create Cat Tents using recycled materials such as t-shirts, hangers, and other items if you are looking for something to do with your cat.

How to Make Cool Cat Tents for IndoorsOutdoors

  • This adorable cat tent will make an excellent new hiding place for your furry friend. It’s a simple and inexpensive project that starts with a cardboard box as the foundation. as well as an outdated T-shirt They’ll be as cozy as a bug and have a great time hiding out here. Construct your own very simple kitty bed out of an old coat hanger and t-shirt with the help of this tutorial! Making a Cat Tent
  • How to Make a Cat Tent

Cozy Cat Tent Bed Ideas

  • This is a wonderful idea for any cat lover. All you need is canvas, cardboard, and fabric to complete this project. You can place a thin cushion at the bottom of the cage to provide your cat with a warm place to sleep. Tents for cats’ beds

Pop-Up Cat Tent

  • Make a cozy and entertaining cat tent out of an old cotton shirt by cutting it up and sewing it together. This tent project will need you to put your basic sewing abilities to use. Flynnside Out Productions received credit for the photograph of the pop-up cat tent.

Easy Cat Tent for Indoors

  • Make your feline companions happy with this handcrafted, adorable cat tent. They will be delighted to crawl in and spend their time relaxing and enjoying themselves. They’ll have a great time hiding in this brightly colored hiding area. Make Your Own Cat Tent

Patterned Mini Cat Tent

  • The following is a simple DIY cat home that can be constructed in about 5 minutes using an old t-shirt and a cardboard box. You’ll find that your cat enjoys spending time in her privacy tent. Cat Tent without Hangers
  • Cat Tent with Hangers

DIY T-Shirt Cat Tent (Portable)

  • Cats are fond of boxes, therefore recycle your old litter box and combine it with shirt and wire coat hangers to create a wonderful tent for your feline companion. You can get the youngsters involved in this entertaining project. T-shirt with a cat tent on it

No-Sew Cat Camping Tent

  • Take a look at this no-sew quick instruction the next time you’re out camping with your pet cat. They will undoubtedly enjoy snuggling up in this warm and cozy cage. Tents for cats

Making a Tent for Your Cat

  • We are confident that your cat would enjoy playing in the tents that you have constructed. You may provide some toys to keep your cats occupied while they are in the tents. Cat Tent Made From Scratch

Tents for Cats to Play In

  • If you have a large cat, you may need to adjust the size of the tent. If you want to accommodate your pet comfortably, you may build a large tent for them. Cat Tent for Indoor Use
  • Cat Tent for Outdoor Use

Cute Cat Tent Pattern Instructions

  • Build a lovely home for your beloved cat and watch their faces light up as they discover their new home for their feline buddy. You may tailor your pet friend’s appearance by selecting personalized designs and colors. Cat Tent in Miniature

Cat Litter Tent for Outdoors

  • Small towels or blankets can also be used as a base to keep the tent warm and comfortable during the night. Cat Tent in the Yard

Cat Tent DIY Video

  • This super simple DIY cat tent is a lot of fun to make, and even more fun to watch your cat enjoy it – high fives to everyone who participates! Construct a Cat Tent

Recycled Old Tshirt into Cat Tent

Cats want to have a variety of hiding spots throughout the house. Particularly if anything makes them feel worried or terrified, such as fireworks or new guests, it might assist in making children feel protected and secure. A hiding location may be found inside a closet with the door ajar, on top of a high shelf, or below a bed, among other possibilities. Cats feel more secure when they can survey their surroundings from a high perch. If you have an elderly cat, or if your cat has difficulty climbing stairs, make sure they can readily reach their hiding area by strategically placing stools or boxes on the ground.

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Make your own cat tent – here’s how:

When it comes to hiding places for your cat, a cardboard box is an excellent choice – and you can make it feel even cozier by turning it into a cat tent in minutes! It takes nothing more than a cardboard box, a cushion or cat bedding, and an old t-shirt to complete this project. Cut two holes in the side of the box so that your cat may easily go in and out without feeling imprisoned – if you’re using scissors, get the assistance of an adult to assist you. In order to make the box more comfortable, place a cushion or bedding in the bottom.

  • You can tuck the sleeves in against the box to make the sides of the shirt look neater and more professional.
  • Tracy Wynn captured this image.
  • Find out more about why cats hide and how to assist a shy or scared cat in coming out of their shell in this article.
  • It is packed with news, perspectives, and features for people who share our enthusiasm for all things cat-related — subscribe now!

DIY Cat Tent

The 19th of October, 2020 Developed by EVPL Pets on the job have been a wonderful source of comfort and affection during this difficult period. Whether they’re providing a charming diversion, keeping you entertained during a Zoom call, or simply keeping you company, now is the best moment to express your gratitude to your cat. What better way to show your appreciation than to provide them with something comfortable in return?

Materials Needed

  • To assemble, you will need the following items: cardboard (about 21′′x13.5′′)
  • Wire coat hangers (3)
  • T-shirt
  • Duct tape
  • Pliers
  • Box cutter (or scissors)
  • Needle and thread (or safety pins)
  • Permanent marker (optional)
  • Chopsticks, pencils, or then Dowels (optional).


  1. Make a rectangle out of a cardboard box that is approximately 21′′x13.5′′ in size. Feel free to change the size if you want your cat to have more or less space (this DIY is not finicky about size)
  2. Untwist and straighten the three coat hangers with the help of your pliers. Pulling the two ends of each coat hanger together to make a “U” shape will help you choose the height you want for the tent. Make a permanent line on the cardboard where you want the wire to meet it, and measure and mark the equal height on both ends of each wire
  3. Twist your wires at the point where you’ve marked them with your pliers to create a 90-degree angle. Make sure the ends are pointing in the same direction as one another, producing a “D.” Permanent marker should be used to mark the cardboard approximately 1 cm to 1 in. within each corner. On the long sides of the cardboard, make identical markings midway between the corner marks you made before. Poke holes in your cardboard markings using a pen, pencil, or awl to allow air to escape. Using your fingers, push the ends of each wire through the cardboard so that there is an arch along each of its shorter ends and one in the middle
  4. Duct tape should be used to hold the wire excess below the cardboard in place. Some wrangling may be required in this situation.
  1. Chopsticks, pencils, or thin dowels can be inserted between the arches to provide additional support if necessary. Duct tape should be used to secure the item.
  • Pulling the t-shirt over the entire structure should be done gently. Align any designs or logos with the underside of the cardboard for a more professional appearance. Choose your own journey from the following options:
  1. For a rapid finish, tuck the sleeves and neck hole into the cardboard with a strong grip. Safet pin sleeves and a neck hole are placed under the cardboard to provide a stronger (but still quite rapid) finish. Sew the neck hole close with a loose stitch, then sew the sleeves to the bottom of the tent for a sturdy, flat work.
  1. Tuck and fix the hem of the t-shirt within the tent opening using safety pins or a needle and thread
  2. Take two pieces of fabric (approximately the same size as the cardboard) and sew them together around the perimeter, leaving a small gap in the middle. Turn the pillow inside out and stuff with pillow stuffing or fabric scraps to finish. Close the bag using a needle and thread. Placing it inside the tent to serve as a cushion

Decorating or personalizing your tent is another entertaining option to consider. Consider adding your pet’s name to the side of the container, hanging strings from the top, or filling the interior with their favorite toys. I decorated mine with a felt “flag” to give it the appearance of a mailbox.

Try to have a good time with it; your cat will appreciate it. Your creations will be greatly appreciated, so please share them with us on Facebook (Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library), Twitter (@EVPLibrary), or Instagram (@evplibrary)!

EVPL Staff

Vanderburgh County Public Library (EVPL) has eight locations to serve you and is eager to learn, explore, and connect WITH you! We invite you to try new things, go back to old favorites, and communicate with us along the way as you explore.

DIY: T-shirt cat tent — Freckle & Fair

Teddy, my tuxedo cat, is a bit of an oddball. His favorite activities include sitting on plastic bags and attempting to chew my bobby pins, to name a couple. He also likes to sleep in unusual locations, such as on the shelf after he has knocked all of my trinkets off, on top of the very highest kitchen cabinet, or on my head when I am in bed. He has done this several times. He’s a little bit of a jerk. In order to ensure that I would not end up as a dick, I thought it was time to establish a dedicated sleeping area that genuinely sounded like it would be comfy to sleep in.

  • Teddy Roosevelt, a conservationist and the founder of the first five national parks, is also the inspiration for my cat’s moniker.
  • Camp!
  • Tents!
  • In-tents!
  • The best part about this tutorial is that you should already have all of the supplies you need at home to complete it.


  • A piece of cardboard approximately 15″x15″ in size
  • Scissors
  • A tee-shirt from the 90s
  • The following items: two wire hangers
  • Tape
  • Pliers, or something to bend and cut wire
  • Safety pins in a variety of sizes


  1. Take the piece of cardboard and, if necessary, cut it to the appropriate size. Place tape over the freshly-cut, rough edges to create a smooth surface
  2. Unwind and stretch the wire hangers to make them longer and more flexible. Puncture the corner of the cardboard with the end of one piece of wire, forcing the wire through the cardboard by one to two inches with the other end of the wire. Bend the wire on the underside of the cardboard to secure it, and then apply a piece of tape over the underside of the cardboard to protect it from damage. Make a similar arrangement with the other end of the same wire, crossing it diagonally over the piece of cardboard, trimming it to size if required, but leaving enough area for it to bend to form a dome shape in the process. Repeat the previous procedure with the other piece of wire, crossing it over the first to complete the circuit. In order to create the dome form, bend both wires in the same direction so they are parallel to each other and bind them together with tape
  3. Take off your tee-shirt and pretend you’re dressing the cardboard wire figure in your room. The hole in the shirt where your head will go will serve as the entrance to the tent, and it should be located near the cardboard bottom. Fold the bottom of the shirt underneath the cardboard and secure with safety pins. I believe that bigger safety pins will function better in this situation since they should pierce the cardboard. Then, using the arm holes of the shirt, fasten them to the bottom of the cardboard, making sure that they remain in place throughout the process. The garment should be pulled taut over the wire frame throughout. You may also use a safety pin to fasten the arm holes to the body of the garment to prevent them from flopping about
  4. You’re finished! Try to entice your cat inside with catnip by putting a blanket or something similar in the bottom of the tent to make it more comfortable. It won’t be difficult

Katie Currid was in charge of the photography and the writing.

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