How To Make A Camping Shower Tent

17 DIY Camp Shower Enclosure – Guide & Reviews 2020

Camping is a great idea since it allows you to spend quality time with your family and friends. For job purposes, you may require a campground from time to time. One of the benefits of camping is the opportunity to spend time outdoors. It’s one of the less pleasant aspects of spending time outside that you and your stuff become filthy and soiled. Having a camp shower can be a huge advantage in a variety of ways, from cleansing your body (which feels great after a hike or climb, and getting that bug spray off!

The majority of us, especially on lengthy excursions, require a shower at least once in a while, and not every camping site provides a shower house.

Privacy, on the other hand, might be an issue, particularly on shared sites.

You had recently purchased a Camp Shower and wanted to be able to use it, but you didn’t want to spend any money or bring anything else with you.

These excellent camping showers may prove to be useful in such instances as these.

As a result, we’re asking you to browse through this list of the finest camping showers to locate the one you’re looking for.

17 DIY Camp Shower Enclosure

9- Shower at the vehicle base camp

10- Stand Camp Shower: easy to install

These hygienic camping showers are available for your use. You looked at some of the most incredible camp showers. Additionally, they were evaluated for their water capacity, convenience of use, water flow rate, hose and nozzle attachments, and other factors—these camp shower selections were the best. No matter how primitive your camping outings are, any one of these facilities will allow campers to shower and keep clean. It is possible to clean your personal possessions, such as cutlery and clothing.

You have the option of selecting one of these.

DIY Camp Shower Enclosure

One of the most enjoyable aspects about camping is the opportunity to spend time outdoors. While being outside has many advantages, one of the disadvantages is how filthy you (and your stuff) become. A camp shower can be a tremendous benefit in a variety of ways, from cleansing your body (which feels great, especially after a trek and after getting that bug spray off!) to providing a simple way to acquire water for brushing your teeth or rinsing your dishes when camping. Privacy, on the other hand, might be an issue, particularly on shared sites.

I had recently purchased a Seattle Sports Solar Camp Shower for a low price from REI Outlet, and I wanted to be able to use it, but I didn’t want to spend any money or bring anything else huge with me.

I looked online, but came up empty-handed. So I came up with this early concept before I left, then I polished it while I was on the job site. In the end, it was a huge success!

Step 1: Materials

You will require the following items: – A camp shower (purchased or DIY). Mine was roughly $5.00 because it was on sale. – A piece of paracord to hang the shower. – Plastic pipe that is bendable but not completely flexible, such as that used to construct hula hoops. What can I say? I’m not a plumber, so excuse me. I purchased mine at Home Depot in the plumbing aisle for around $13, for a total length of 100′ with a 1/2″ diameter. – A knife or shears to cut the pipe to length The pipe connection costs $0.33.

Hangers for shower curtains were left over from a previous renter, and I used them.

Step 2: Make the Hoop

The first step is to construct the hoop itself. It was via my arms that I was able to forecast a diameter that would be comfortable but not too difficult to maintain in the automobile. As it was, I built it a touch too big with a 48-inch circumference “Also, it was a little too large for the shower curtains to fit properly around the bathtub. I would reduce it a little bit next time, perhaps to 40 “. You get to decide what is most comfortable for you. One end of the connector should be completely inserted, but the other end should be left disconnected.

Leaving one side unconnected allows you to fold it over on itself and put it into the trunk of your car, as well as to wrap it around a tree for decoration purposes (next step).

Step 3: Setup

Locate a tree with easily accessible branches where you can hang your entire collection. After you’ve finished wrapping the hoop around the tree, you may shut it up. Hang the hoop from the ceiling with bungee cords. This can be a little difficult. It took numerous tries for me to get it correctly the first time. I was able to restrict the hoop from swinging about by hanging one bungee hook on the connector and the other on the connector. Ensure that the shower curtain hangers are evenly spaced.

  1. The curtains should be hung.
  2. This also meant that I had additional hangers to use for the remaining pieces.
  3. Place a few clips on the opposite side of the shower so that the person who will be using it can access them from the inside and close the door after he or she is through bathing.
  4. You may also use the hoop to hang laundry and towels on the wall (or on branches).
  5. Comments on the process: For my first try, I only had one shower curtain liner, so I covered the other side with something similar to a tarp.
  6. It may be necessary to construct a second hoop of the same size as the first and devise a method of attaching it to the bottom of your liners.
  7. This will make the experience much more enjoyable.
  8. Everything, with the exception of the clothespins, one of which blew off.
  9. Tips for heating water include the following: Because we didn’t get much sun, the sun barely warmed my water to tepid temperature.
  10. You will, however, need to replenish it in some way, and I had to do so at a manual pump, which I did outside on a picnic table in the sun.

Later, when I was ready to shower, I returned to my car and placed the towel on the hood of my vehicle to allow it to warm up even more. This was beneficial. Another option is to heat some water on the stovetop and then mix it in with the shower water, but be cautious not to make it too hot.

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(Photo courtesy of BOOJOO from; camping image by BOOJOO) Numerous folks look forward to the beauty and serenity that come with a lengthy camping excursion. Even the most hardy hikers and hunters, after a few days on the trail, begin to yearn for the comfort of a hot shower. Fortunately, it is possible to construct a camping shower that can be used to relieve the discomfort of even the most prolonged outdoor excursions.

Step 1

Locate a tree with a robust limb that is reasonably low to the ground. The branch should be taller than you, but not so tall that you are unable to reach it comfortably. It is critical that the branch be strong enough to support a little amount of weight.

Step 2

Make a frame for a shower curtain to give you a little more privacy. Form a circle out of your wire by bending it in half. Allow approximately 2 inches of overlap between the two ends. Cut a piece of duct tape in half and wrap it around the ends of the ducts. If you want the circle to stay in place, it should be substantial enough.

Step 3

To secure the tarp or plastic painter’s drop cloth to the frame, use string, twine, or zip ties to fasten it in place. The majority of tarps already have holes in them. Cut a 6-inch length of twine and attach one end to one of the holes in the tarp and the other end to the frame of the tarpaulin tent. It is necessary to repeat this process until you have wrapped the tarp completely around the circular frame. If you’re using a plastic painter’s drop cloth, poke a few holes in it with your finger or a knife before laying it down.

Step 4

Make the camping shower a reality. Turn your 5-gallon bucket upside down and use your drill to make puncture holes in the middle of the bucket’s walls. A hammer and nail, or even a sharp knife, may be used to accomplish this task. Caution is advised since if you use too much power and don’t take your time, the plastic bucket may shatter. Maintain a minimal number of holes so that the water you pour into the top will drain slowly and you will have enough time to clean up.

Step 5

Turn the bucket over and tie it to the strong branch with the thick, robust rope that has been tied to it. Attach it at a height that allows you to fit below it. In the same manner, attach the curtain to the branch. Fill the bucket halfway with lukewarm water, or reheat the water in a saucepan over a campfire if you have one. As long as you cut the holes small enough, you should enjoy several minutes of warm streaming water that will assist you in cleaning yourself up and unwinding after a long day of trekking or hunting in the wilderness.

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How to Make a Homemade Camping Shower

  • Four 6′ lengths of 12″ PVC pipe
  • Eight 3′ sections of 12″ PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Eight 1’2″ PVC corner pieces
  • Two 6’x8′ vinyl tarps
  • Cable zip ties
  • Bricks or sand bags
  • For a standalone shower, the following materials are required: For the hanging shower, you’ll need the following materials: four 3′ lengths of 1/2″ PVC pipe
  • Four 12″ PVC elbow pieces
  • Eye-hook screws
  • String
  • Metal washer
  • Two 6’x8′ vinyl tarps
  • Cable zip ties
  • And a shower curtain rod.

The fact that you are camping may suggest that you are getting back to nature, but it does not imply that you want to be naked in front of your fellow campers. The solitude provided by this portable camp shower barrier is much appreciated while you’re out in the woods. It takes only a few minutes to set up and may either be free standing or hung from a tree limb, depending on your shower configuration. It can also be utilized as a dressing room for changing clothing. This provides you with some privacy.

How to Make a Freestanding Camp Shower

Cut the PVC pipe to the lengths that you wish. Given that PVC pipe is often sold in 10-foot lengths, you will need to cut them down to size with a PVC pipe cutter so that you have four 6-foot pieces and eight 3-foot sections.

Step 2

Begin by removing the shower enclosure’s base panel. Four 3′ pipe lengths are joined together using four PVC corner pieces. Corners with 90-degree side outlet elbows are another name for these corners.

Step 3

Glue the vertical pipes together. Attach the four 6′ PVC pipe lengths to the corner pieces by screwing them together vertically.

Step 4

Make a tall cube by attaching PVC corner pieces to the top of 6′ PVC pipes and connecting the 3′ PVC pipes to them in order to form a tall pyramid.

Step 5

A 6-foot-tall shower enclosure surrounds you. Transform a 6’x8′ vinyl tarp on its side so that it measures 6 feet in height as well. Using cable zip ties, secure the tarp to the PVC pipes using the grommets that have already been drilled. Attach the tarp to the PVC pipe that is vertical as well. To ensure the greatest amount of seclusion, overlap the two pieces of tarp so that there are no holes.

Step 6

Bricks are used to support the PVC construction. Decide which side of the shower enclosure will have the entrance for the shower. On this side, do not attach the side grommets to the vertical post, allowing the tarp to be opened and closed as needed. Placing bricks or sand bags on the PVC pipes at the base of the construction will assist to keep it from blowing away in the wind.

How to make a hanging camp shower enclosure

PVC elbows are used to join four 3′ pieces of PVC pipe together to form a hanging shower enclosure. As previously stated, they do not have to be corner pieces because you will not be joining vertical components.

Step 2

Attach a string to the eye-hook screws. Attach eye-hook screws to each of the four elbow pieces, then tie string to the eye-hook screws in a diagonal fashion from corner to corner, starting at one end of the elbow piece. The string might come loose from the elbows if the eye-hook screws are not present.

Step 3

An attachment point for the metal washer should be at the junction of the two strings. Hang the washer from a tree limb by wrapping a piece of wire around the top of the washer.

Step 4

The tarp should be hung from the PVC pipe.

Zip cable ties should be used to secure the tarp to the PVC pipe, just as they were for the free-standing shower enclosure. Two tarps should be overlapped to give additional privacy.


When the ground in the shower area becomes wet, it might become slippery; thus, a shower mat should be placed in the enclosure. To shut the tarp from the interior of the shower enclosure, use a big binder clip to secure it.

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DIY Outdoor Shower Enclosure?

Basically, I agree with John on this one – there are several benefits to taking an outdoor shower (particularly in the West where grey water is allowed to be “dispursed” on open ground in many places). Even if I leave my cooler in the back of my vehicle while I’m fishing all day (or on a picnic table that is exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day) it will be too hot to take a shower when I return to camp (great excuse to sit down, reflect on the day and have a beer or glass of wine). The shower tent is something I use on a regular basis, but I have avoided purchasing the more costly models for the same reason John mentions – when it becomes too dirty after a few years, I just pitch and change it.

  • It is possible to utilize a shower tent for “other things” by including a simple portable toilet into the design.
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, these bags can be thrown away with the ordinary garbage.
  • Once again, the use of them reduces the amount of room available in the black tank.
  • My shower tent is of the single room style, and it fits well in this space.

7 Best Camping Shower Tents to Avoid Awkward Stares

Are you getting set to hit the road and concerned about how you’ll manage to keep sanitary? Not all recreational vehicles or camper vans are equipped with built-in restrooms. Allowing yourself to be discouraged will only prevent you from pursuing your ambitions. There are a variety of camping shower tents available to allow you to take a private bath right at your campground! In this post, we’ll explain what a shower tent is, how to use one, and which are the seven greatest shower tents available on the market today.

What Is a Shower Tent and Why Do You Want One?

A camping shower tent is a small, lightweight tent that is meant to be used upright when bathing or changing clothes while camping. There are a plethora of designs available at a variety of pricing points. Some shower tents are just large enough to accommodate an average-sized adult, whilst others have a separate changing area, storage compartments, and outdoor clotheslines, among other features. Shower tents are an excellent option for van dwellers, tent campers, and anybody else who is traveling in a vehicle without access to a standard restroom.

You’ve heard the expression, “Don’t crap where you eat.” Our Portable Shower for Camping is comprised of the following components: For Less Than $40, You Can Have Hot H20 Solution

How Do You Use a Pop-Up Camping Shower Tent?

The type of pop-up camping shower tent you select will have a significant impact on how you will utilize it. As previously said, each tent is unique in terms of its facilities and construction. Some tents are able to be set up in seconds, while others require more time to set up like a typical tent. Regardless, there are several characteristics shared by all shower tents. In order to make your tent useable, you’ll need to unpack it from its compact condition and put it up (this process will vary depending on the tent).

Those that choose a more simple approach merely have a flap through which you can draw a shower head, while others have hooks to keep a portable shower inside the tent.

It’s all set and waiting for you to utilize it.

Pop-up showers are convenient for when you’re on the road.

The 7 Best Camping Shower Tents

Here are some of the greatest camping shower tents that you can buy right now on the market today. They are designed for a single purpose: to help you get clean in the quiet of your own home. Each, on the other hand, has its own set of features, conveniences, and pricing ranges. Let’s get started! Is there no RV shower? It’s not an issue! You’re covered with a portable shower tent!

1. Wolfwise Pop-Up Shower Tent

TheWolfwise Pop-up Shower Tent is one of the most straightforward styles available in our collection. Despite this, it does have certain advantages over other options. In addition, it is only $39.96 on Amazon, which is significantly less expensive than some of the other possibilities. Not only that, but the Wolfwise tent can be set up in a matter of seconds with no additional tools. Along with being extremely simple to assemble, it can be folded down and carried in a compact, circular carrying bag that can be worn on your back.

The best features are as follows: The Wolfwise Pop-up Shower Tent is constructed of anti-tear 190T polyester materials and a galvanized steel frame, which makes it both robust and lightweight while remaining affordable.

Sale Green WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent from WolfWise.

  • The tent measures 47.2″ L x 47.2″ W x 74.8″ H, which provides ample space for
  • The polyester fibric with taped seams provides excellent ventilation and UPF 30 protection. The shower tent may be used for a variety of purposes. It provides a private room for showering.

Setup and Folding Instructions for the WolfWise Pop Up Shower Tent

2. NEMO Heliopolis

The Nemo Heliopolis Privacy Shelter, which costs $250, is one of the most expensive camping shower tents on our list. Having said that, it appears as though the designers of this tent took every consideration into consideration while creating it. This structure has a 7-foot height and is constructed of a robust metal frame, thick polyester/mesh, and thick polyester/mesh. The floor is also mildew-resistant, and there are lots of drainage holes all around the perimeter of the room. The best features are as follows: It comes with a pass-through nozzle adapter that is compatible with the NEMO Heliopolis portable shower.

Another excellent feature is the overhead towel rack, which is a mesh box at the top of the tent that may be used to store dry towels.

Are you concerned about your privacy? This shower tent also features a locking mechanism on the inside, which ensures that no one will be able to barge in on you while you’re at your most vulnerable. NEMO | Heliopolis Privacy ShelterShower Tent NEMO | Heliopolis Privacy ShelterShower Tent

3. Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Tent

If you’re looking for the most bang for your money, the Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Tent is a great choice. It costs roughly $159 and has two separate chambers for changing and showering, a solar camp shower, and a slew of additional accessories for your personal belongings and amenities. This camping shower tent weights more than 20 pounds, making it a more substantial choice. The Ozark Trail Shower Tent, on the other hand, is a wonderful shower tent for the money because of its very simple setup and adaptability.

  • All that is required is that you attach it to the hook at the top of the tent and then wash it with sun-heated water to clean it.
  • The Ozark Trail tent, like the Helio shower tent, includes drainage around the bottom of the tent to prevent the floor from being soiled.
  • No problem.
  • Try out these Body Wipes for Camping to see how they work.

4. Core Instant Shower Tent

One other wonderful 2-room shower tent to consider is theCore Instant Shower Tent (shown above). It stands 7 feet tall at its highest point, unfolds into place in a matter of minutes, and is constructed of water-resistant 150D polyester. This camping shower tent is an excellent alternative if you’re seeking for a camping shower tent that has it all at a reasonable price. The best features are as follows: A 5-gallon solar-heated camp shower is included with the Core Instant Shower Tent, just as it is with the Ozark Trail Instant Tent.

The shower curtain also comes with a rain fly, a carrying bag, a towel rack, and mesh pockets to keep your items safe while you shower.

With the Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent, you’ll be prepared for anything.

  • TWO ROOMS: The shower room is divided from the rest of the house by a zippered door panel. The portable construction can be set up in minutes with no tools required. The
  • Wet garments or towels can be hung on the line for storage and ventilation.

Shower Tent with Changing Privacy Room for Instant Camping Use by Core Tents Expert Advice: If you’re fortunate enough to have a shower in your RV, make sure to utilize one of these 5 Best RV Water Softeners for Your Camper. ReviewPro Tip: Pop-up shower tents can be as basic and straightforward to use as they are or as elaborate and distinctive.

5. Green Elephant Shower Tent

Are you over six feet tall and seeking for an excellent lightweight pop-up shower tent? If so, look no further. If this is the case, theGreen Elephant Shower Tentjust just be the perfect fit for you. It’s a straightforward one-room tent that accommodates people who are 6′ 10″ or shorter. The Green Elephant Shower Tent, like the Wolfwise Shower Tent, is simple to set up and collapses into a tiny, lightweight backpack. However, at $79.99, it is slightly more expensive than the Wolfwise. Is it all worth it?

The best features are as follows: In addition to its attractive appearance, the Green Elephant Shower Tent is equipped with various useful functions.

A variety of accessories are included to guarantee your tent is put up straight, including eight pegs for anchoring the tent to the ground and four sandbags to keep it from moving around. Green Elephant Pop-Up Shower Tent for Camping | Pop-Up Shower Tent.

  • QUICK, POP-UP PRIVACY: Just because you’re going into nature doesn’t mean you have to stay there
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR STRONGEST FRIENDS: With a height of 6′ 10.7″ and a length of 3′ 11″, AS STRONGER THAN A ROCK: When it comes to your portable changing tent, you should consider the following:

QUICK, POP-UP PRIVACY: Just because you’re going into nature doesn’t mean you have to stay in it forever. EXCELLENT FOR YOUR STRONGEST FRIENDS With a height of 6′ 10.7″ and a length of 3′ 11,” CONSTANTLY RESISTANT TO DEFEAT: Your pop-up changing tent is a great option if you have a lot of space.

6. Kelty Blockhouse Privacy Shelter

The Kelly Blockhouse Privacy Shelter, which stands at 7’2″, is an excellent shower tent for those who are taller than average. It includes steel frames and a free-standing construction, making it more durable than the single-person pop-up tents that are now available in stores. And, at $99.95, it’s not even the most expensive camping shower tent we’ve reviewed. Here are a few of its distinguishing characteristics. The best features are as follows: The Kelly Blockhouse Privacy shelter is equipped with a steel hook for a shower bag as well as a window for a shower nozzle, providing you with two different portable shower configurations.

As for water accumulating in the bottom, you won’t have to worry about it because the flooring can be unzipped and rolled out of the way.

7. Texsport Instant Camping Shower

You’re looking for a huge camping shower tent with a solar shower that will cost you less than $100. There’s no need to look any further. TheTexsport Instant Camping Shower stands over 7 feet tall and includes a 5-gallon solar shower. It is now available for purchase for $98.79. This shower tent is comprised of a single chamber with a floor area of more than 9 square feet. In contrast to the pop-up choices, it includes a steel exoskeleton that makes for a more durable arrangement. Are you still interested?

The best features are as follows: This solar shower from Texasport is also equipped with a mesh shower caddy, a retractable towel rack, a removable rain flap, and a removable floor mat, in addition to the solar shower itself.

Review of the Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing RoomCamping shower tents are also useful for rapid changing needs when camping.

Other Great Uses for Camping Shower Tents

Despite what you might have imagined, these camping shower tents aren’t exclusively for showering purposes! They may be used for a variety of reasons that are only limited by your creativity. Many people use the shower tents as bathrooms, putting up a portable toilet inside (you’ll notice that some of the tents are equipped with a toilet paper holder, which is convenient). Besides that, they provide for a nice place to stand up and change your clothing, which is especially useful if you’re tent or vehicle camping.

Really, they can be utilized for a variety of tasks in a variety of circumstances! Filling your freshwater tank while boondocking is simple with these tips from Tom.

Enjoy Your Privacy!

Portable camping shower tents are a great solution for a variety of issues since they provide much-needed private area. Do you want to go camping without a bathroom? It’s not an issue. Do you require a public restroom where you may undress? Solved! And with so many applications, you’re unlikely to be disappointed if you purchase one. What is your favorite shower tent, and which one do you recommend? Leave a remark in the section below!

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Best Shower Tent For Camping 2021

It is possible that this content contains affiliate links. More information can be found in our disclaimer. What is the best way to shower when camping in the woods? When it comes to camping in the great outdoors, what is the greatest shower tent? What are your alternatives, and how do you pick the best one for your situation? This time around, the decision is rather straightforward – mostly, it comes down to size and money. If you want to use it frequently, invest in a higher-quality product.

Check out what you can get for your money.

If you plan on utilizing it on a regular basis, several unique features like as a detachable floor and towel bar, among others, will come in useful.

Don’t forget to bring along a camp shower, which you will need to purchase individually.

Best Shower Tent for Camping

Some links in this article may be sponsored. Our disclaimer has further information. While camping in the woods, how do you take a shower? In terms of camping and being outside, what is the greatest shower tent? Is it possible to pick the best solution for your needs and what are the options? When it comes to this particular purchase, it’s really just a matter of preference when it comes to size and pricing. If you plan on using it frequently, invest in a higher-quality product. Several times, perhaps?

Look at the functions and features that come with the shower tent also.

Please refer to the table below to select the most appropriate shower tent for your requirements.

1.Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent (click for more details)

An outdoor shower tent that is simple, lightweight, and simple to erect. Overall, the ideal shower tent for beginners and those who want to be versatile in their outdoor activities. Getting a hot camp shower has just gotten a whole lot simpler. The Green Elephant pop up shower tent is made of high-quality water-repellent polyester and is lightweight and takes up little space in your bathroom. The tent is supported by a flexible steel structure that provides further durability. A shower opening, a clothing hanger, an exterior towel hanging, a toilet paper holder, a storage pouch, and a flashlight hanger are all included in the price of the tent.

There is an extra rain cover that can be placed to the top of the tent for additional protection.

Setting up this tent is a breeze, and it’s just as simple to pack it up into its own carry bag.

It may be used as a shower tent, changing room, or portable toilet tent, among other things. DIMENSIONS: When folded, the dimensions are 24′′ x 24′′ x 2′′ (61 x 5 cm); the central height is 6.89 ft (210 cm) PACKAGING WEIGHT:5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

2.Texsport Instant Portable Camping Shower (click for more details)

A shower tent that is both robust and useful. Overall, we believe this is the ideal shower tent for outdoor enthusiasts, and it is our personal favorite. Shower tents like the Texsport are both roomy and long-lasting. It has heavy-duty, polyurethane-coated taffeta walls, a detachable rip-stop polyethylene floor, and a big, zippered D-style door for easy entry and exit. The tent is secured to the frame by rust-resistant chain-corded steel poles with sturdy speed clips that are easy to remove. A mesh shower rack is located within the tent, while a retractable towel bar is located outside the tent.

For enhanced visibility, there is a removable rain cover with two see-through panels that may be removed.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: The average height is 7.25 feet (221 cm) WEIGHT: around 10 pounds (4.5 kg)

3.Alvantor Shower Tent (click for more details)

A durable and adaptable camping shower tent for every occasion. The Alvantor shower tent is comprised of a 300D Poly-Oxford fabric with a Teflon coating that is water, tear, oil, and dirt resistant. It is also lightweight and portable. The tent’s fabric is protected from the sun by a vinyl coating, which provides UPF 50+ UV protection. The top of the tent has an aperture for the shower head, and the bottom has a detachable PE floor to keep your feet clean when camping. There is a wear-resistant tube protection on the bottom edge to provide additional durability and strength.

  • The Alvantor tent is lightweight and portable.
  • Featuring fiberglass ribs, the shower tent is simple to set up and take down.
  • There will be no more stumbling about with your tent!
  • Shower tents, shelters, changing rooms, and toilet tents are all possibilities.
  • DIMENSIONS: When folded, it measures 20.8′′ x 20.8′′ x 2′′ (53 x 5 cm); the center height measures 7′.

4.KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent (click for more details)

A portable shower tent with two rooms that is both roomy and functional. The KingCamp tent is incredibly simple to put together, thanks to its four steel poles, five fiberglass poles, four guy ropes, ten steel nails, and pole clips that instantly snap over the poles. This two-room tent has a free-standing construction with fiberglass poles and is spacious enough to accommodate two individuals. An easily detachable rain cover (1500 mm water resistance) as well as mesh top and side windows for ventilation are included in the price of the tent.

The floor of the tent is composed of mesh fabric, which allows for improved ventilation and better drainage of rainwater than other materials.

The KingCamp tent may be used for a variety of purposes, such as a changing room, camp restroom, camp shower, or portable toilet. When folded, the dimensions are 22.8′′ x 7/8′′ x 7/8′′ (58 x 20 cm); the central height is 6.9 feet (210 cm) WEIGHT: 16.9 KG (about) (7.7 kg)

5.Sportneer Pop Up Shower Tent (click for more details)

A portable outdoor shower tent that is lightweight and simple to set up. The Sportneer instant popup tent is constructed of high-quality water-resistant polyester and opens in seconds. It’s just as simple to put it back into its own carry bag when you’re finished with it. In addition to a flexible steel frame for added durability, this pop up camping shower is made of a tear-and-waterproof polyester material that also provides UV protection. There are two small zippered windows for ventilation, built-in pockets for personal belongings, a clothesline, and a large zippered door on the tent’s front side.

The lack of a floor allows for greater circulation and water drainage than a floored construction.

DIMENSIONS: When folded, the dimensions are 22.8′′ x 22.8′′ x 1.6′′ (58 x 4 cm); the center height is 74.8′′.

6.G4Free Shower Tent for Camping (click for more details)

A durable portable shower tent for use when camping. The G4Free camping shower tent, which is made of 210T waterproof and anti-light unique silver coated cloth, provides seclusion when camping. With a high density insect resistant permeable screen and an anti-rust coated frame, it is an excellent choice for outdoor use. Besides the built-in clothesline for hanging your clothing or towel, there is a detachable velcro floor that is made of durable PE Velcro floor frame that will not wear out. The tent is equipped with a hook for hanging a torch or a shower bag.

DIMENSIONS: When folded, the dimensions are 21.25 inches by 7.08 inches by 7.08 inches (54 inches by 18 inches by 18 centimeters); the central height is 6.9 feet (210 cm) MY WEIGHT:10.6 POUNDS (4.8 kg)

How to Shower When Camping

How can you make a camp shower simple and quick? First and foremost, you’ll require a shower bag. It might be an unique solar shower bag, or it can be a homemade outdoor shower bag that you make yourself. The nicest part about special shower bags is that they come equipped with a shower head, allowing you to utilize them straight soon after purchasing them. Second, you will require soap and shampoo. The fact that they are biodegradable is the most crucial thing to remember in this situation. In the event that you want to take a shower or wash your hair outside, you should always use natural and environmentally friendly toiletries.

Here you can find the best camping soap, as well as the best biodegradable shampoo for your outdoor adventures.

Bronner’s, to save both space and money.

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How to Choose a Shower Tent?

What is the best way to select the ideal campingoutdoor shower?

Generally speaking, it boils down to three simple considerations: 1.


Shower tents are available in a variety of sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Several of the most excellent shower tents are divided into two rooms: a shower room and a change or toilet room. If you want to use the tent for a single purpose, a smaller tent is preferable for you. If you want a larger tent, a two-room tent is the best option!


You may get shower tents that are inexpensive and straightforward as well as tents that are more expensive and have some fascinating features, such the following:

  • Floor that can be removed
  • Inside compartments
  • Mesh shower rack
  • Removable towel bar
  • Hooks for hanging clothing and towels
  • The top has mesh panels, as do the side windows. Rain cover for the mesh roof that may be removed
  • A camp shower pack is included

The price of the shower tent is determined by the amenities that are included in it. Determine which features are absolutely necessary and make your purchase appropriately. Shower bags are not included with the majority of shower tents! It is not included and must be purchased separately.

Your Budget

Make a decision on your financial resources. Afterwards, select the greatest shower tent that will fit within it. Don’t forget that a greater price usually translates into superior quality and, most importantly, longer durability. In the event that you want to use the camping shower tent more than a few times, it is worthwhile to invest in a higher-quality model. What is your personal experience with camping equipment? Do you travel with a portable shower tent? What is the finest shower tent that you have tried so far and why?

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The 9 Best Shower Tents For Your Next Camping Trip (2022)

We are a reader-supported website, and we may get a compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links. More information may be found here. As any frequent camper is well aware, there aren’t always adequate, well-maintained facilities for taking a genuine shower at most campsites and tent sites. That does not imply, however, that you must take a bath in the lake every time you wish to wash your hands or face. When it comes to portable showers that you can hang up and use as an outdoor version of your house shower, there are a plethora of alternatives available.

We’ve decided that, because we’ll be traveling with friends, we’d want some privacy for bathing and changing on our next vacation, so we’ve been researching the many shower and privacy tents available on the market.

Take a look at the nine greatest pop up shower tents for camping that we discovered throughout our investigation! Pick of the Editor’s The Best BudgetPremium Selection

Best Shower Tents

In the event that you’re in the market for a new shower tent, we offer a variety of solutions for you to consider. Let’s see which ones could be a good fit for you.

1.WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent

Are you the type of camper who only stays in one location for a short period of time and who wanders about a lot from site to site? And if so, you might enjoy this extremely user-friendly design by WolfWise! The pop-up privacy and shower tent, as opposed to the traditional setup with poles and individual components, operates by unfolding itself in one piece and standing upright. It has a zippered door that can be rolled all the way up if necessary, and there are straps on each corner of the tent’s bottom that may be used to secure the tent in place if you plan on being in one location for an extended period of time, such as when camping.


  • Setup and transportation are both quite simple. Good size, even for people who are taller than average


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

2.G4Free Privacy Shelter

Are you more of a long-term camper who like to stay in one location for an extended period of time while really enjoying your surroundings? Afterwards, we believe you’d want something a little more substantial, such as this privacy tent from G4Free. It is a little more of an investment since it is a little more expensive, but this is to account for how well made and durable it is in terms of its materiality and structural design and construction. Also designed to be wind and weather resistant, it is structured such that the edges do not catch the breeze and that rainwater drains away from the tent without seeping inside the tent itself in the case of heavy rainfall.


  • It is simple to collapse. You have the option of removing the velcro floor.


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

3.Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

Were you 100 percent positive that you were going to use your tent as a shower, so you went out and bought a tent that was particularly designed for that purpose rather than a more generic, multi-use tent? For those that do, we recommend you have a look at this specially made shower tent from Texsport! With a hook in the top for hanging portable camping showers, netted windows in the top for air circulation, and even a gap at the bottom for water to drain out, this tent will keep you dry and prevent you from being soaked in the bottom of the end.

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  • Exceptionally spacious
  • You won’t have to be concerned about the structure because it is strong.


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

4.SONGMICS Portable Pop up Tent

You could be considering how much you enjoyed the pop-up design we showed you earlier, and whether or not you’d like to have it put up in a certain location at specific points on your trip over an extended period of time. If so, we believe you will love the qualities that this tent from Songmics has to offer. Although this design is a quick-built tent that can be taken out of the bag and folded back down in a matter of seconds, it can also be anchored down like the more permanent types you’ve seen in other locations.

Additionally, for a reasonable charge, you’ll receive a mat that will be placed beneath the tent between you and the grass, as well as support lines that will be spiked into the ground in the same manner as a sleeping tent in order to sustain the tent on windy days.


  • The facility is ideal as a changing room, shower room, rest break, and so on
  • There are pockets and a zipper window on this jacket.


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

5.Pop Up Privacy Tent

Did you have a strong attachment to the very first tent we showed you, but you couldn’t help but wish it was a little bit larger, at the very least at the bottom? If that’s the case, we believe this design from Abco Techmay be a better fit for you. It has somewhat more square footage than the other comparable tents on our list, and it has an open bottom for people who want to keep the natural ground beneath their feet rather than covering it with a mat. It is a fully affordable price in comparison to the other similar tents on this list.


  • Zippers aren’t the highest quality, so don’t put too much pressure on them.

Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

6.Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent

Are you very interested in the concept of having a multi-purpose tent that you can use for a variety of purposes, such as a camp shower or something else, such as a changing room, but you’d like a model that’s even larger than any of the possibilities you’ve seen thus far? See what Lightspeed Outdoors has come up with in this design! In addition to having a greater width all around, this change room and shower has a wider door rather than a door that is tapered in certain areas, requiring you to be careful around the edges while getting in and out.

Finally, it has two netted, vent-style windows at the top that allow you to get some fresh air while still being able to view the sky while you’re taking a shower.


  • Excellent for camping and trekking because it is both lightweight and spacious.


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

7.Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter

When camping with a large group, do you consider yourself to be in need of more than one shower or changing room if the only options available to you are the single ones you’ve seen thus far? Consequently, we believe you should choose this larger alternate choice from Ozark! Rather than simply being wider to accommodate a little larger setup, this design provides you with a double-wide space that is completely divided into two different rooms. The partition along the middle allows for two persons to change at the same time, one in each side, or you may reserve one side for the shower and the other for a dry changing room, depending on your needs.


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

8.GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent

Rather from purchasing a whole double-wide setup that you’ll have to set up and take down every time you move locations, are you still tempted by the thought of getting a popup design? If this is the case, we’re confident that GigaTenthas just what you’re searching for! This design is quite similar to the previous pop-up alternatives we showed you, with the exception that it is the largest pop-up option we have shown you so far.

Waterproof so that rain will not get in if you use it as a change room and water will not spray around if you use it as a shower, and this particular version is also rather tall, making it an excellent choice for a changing room.


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • It takes only a few seconds to load


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.

9.WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

Are you genuinely intrigued by the idea of the item you’re considering purchasing serving not just as a prospective camping shower but also as a variety of other purposes, such as a helpful piece for your regular summer vacations to the beach? If that’s the case, we have a sneaky hunch that you’ll love some of the features of this tent from Wolfwise! We were particularly intrigued to this tent because of its ability to withstand ultraviolet rays. There is no matter where or how you use it – whether you have a sunny area on your campground for a shower or intend to use it as an emergency beach shelter – the tent will avoid being overly bright and overheating on the inside, which is a nice feature in hot weather if you are camping.


  • Lightweight and simple to assemble
  • This vehicle includes an easily detachable rain cover, a side window, and a removable bottom mat.


Amazon has a pricing list for this item.


Does anybody else know of a DIY enthusiast who has been considering about investing in a new pop up camping shower of some sort, but who feels like they could use a bit more assistance in the process? Please share this page with them so that they will have a plethora of alternatives and knowledge to work from!

How To Pick The Best Camp Shower Tent

After a day spent enjoying the great outdoors, a camp shower tent will help you to become clean and comfortable in the privacy of your own home, allowing you to relax and enjoy your evening. In order to assist you in finding the finest shower tent for your needs, the following list covers the qualities you should look for before making your purchase: 1.

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What To Look For When Buying A Shower Tent For Camping

First and foremost, evaluate whether you want a tent that can withstand the weight of a shower bag. Some are well-built, with hooks that can handle bags with a volume of up to 5 gallons. Others are more delicate. Another option is to use a shower opening at the top of the structure, which is particularly useful for more lightweight, pop-up versions that are not sturdy enough for this purpose. If you pick this option, you will need to either raise the shower bag above the opening or purchase a shower bag stand to perform the work for you.

  • The greatest alternative for you would be a pop-up camp shower tent if you want something that you can set up and be ready in minutes rather than minutes and minutes.
  • However, if you are willing to spend a little more time putting together your camp shower tent, you will be able to choose one that is more firmly made and has a higher weight capacity to suit your needs.
  • If you will be physically transporting the tent over a long distance, look for a lightweight type that can be folded down to a compact size.
  • It may seem apparent, but be sure that the height of the camping shower tent you are considering is appropriate for your height.
  • It is also a good idea to opt for the roomiest tent that you can find within your budget, as this will allow you to have a considerably more pleasant camping experience.
  • It is important to determine whether the structure has a mesh roof and/or windows, which will allow for improved air circulation.

The finest shower tent will be equipped with either hooks or some form of rope so that you may hang your towels and clothes while you are showering. It is also convenient to have mesh pockets within the tent, since they may be used to store items such as shampoo and soap when traveling.

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent

This pop-up shower tent is the perfect camping shower tent if you are looking for something quick and simple to put up. It can be ready to use in seconds! The process of putting it down is straightforward after you’ve mastered it (thanks to the helpful training video given). It is about 6 feet 11 inches high, so it will comfortably seat most people. It is incredibly secure, since it is equipped with eight tent pegs and four guy lines, as well as four sandbags for additional support. Many useful tiny elements are included, such as a pocket for storing personal belongings, hangers for a towel, clothing and flashlight as well as a toilet paper holder, among other things.

In addition to having an aperture for a sun shower, this tent’s sturdy material is black enough to prevent it from being as translucent as some other tents are.

Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent

An very durable camp shower tent with a solid construction that can handle a 5-gallon shower bag with ease. It also has a zippered entrance for taking a refreshing outdoor shower. Once it is set up, its dimensions are 55′′ wide by 55′′ deep by 86.5′′ high, which provides plenty of space to shower and change comfortably. The material is strong and long-lasting, composed of opaque 200D Oxford fabric that keeps shadows at bay while maintaining your modesty. Even a little mesh window on one side of the towel rack is beneficial for ventilation and speeds up the drying process significantly.

This portable shower tent for camping is simple to erect, requiring no more than 10 minutes, and it comes with a detachable floor, which is useful for drainage.

Alvantor Shower Tent

This camp shower tent is easy to set up and provides a wide 4’x4’x7′ room for showering and changing in comfort. It takes only seconds to get into shape. A 300D poly-oxford Teflon coated fabric is used to create this product, which is resistant to water as well as rips, dirt, and grease. It also has wear-resistant tube protection on the bottom edge, which means it will readily withstand the rigors of outdoor use without breaking down. It is small and lightweight enough to be carried easily, yet it is equipped with all of the man lines, pegs, and sandbags necessary to ensure stability.

Despite the fact that it is not capable of supporting a shower bag, there is a hole at the top for the hose.

If you want a little more space, this extra-wide camping shower tent, which spans 66 66 85 inches when fully opened and can seat two adults, is the ideal choice.

The two mesh windows and mesh roof allow for maximum air circulation, and there are compartments inside and outside for storing all of your amenities, as well as top and side hooks and a rope for hanging clothing or a towel.

It also comes with an instructional video that walks you through the process step by step. The floor is constructed of long-lasting polyester, and the 150D robust oxford fabric with 1500mm PU silver coating is not only built to last, but it also provides perfect privacy for you and your family.

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

When it comes to tents with showers, look no further than this model from Texsport! While putting it together may be a bit more difficult than with some of the other shower tents in our list, it may well be the strongest shower tent available in terms of overall strength. The heavy-duty pole connection joints are constructed of robust, molded plastic, and the spring clips at the connection points provide a durable structure that can easily sustain the 5-gallon showerhead that comes with the unit (included).

Along with stakes and a storage bag, you’ll also receive a mesh accessory caddy, a removable towel holder that’s conveniently located outside one of the two windows (so it’s always within reach), and a removable floor mat.

Final Thoughts

A portable shower tent for camping may make a significant difference in the overall enjoyment of the trip. While getting muddy on the path might be enjoyable, it is incredibly satisfying to emerge clean and fresh at the end of the day’s activities. Do you require some further camping inspiration? View these simple and quick camping meals, along with instructions on making coffee while camping!

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