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It simply seems to be getting better and better, and quicker and faster all the time.

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Hiking boots for men that are among the best on the market. Top 10 Best Women’s Hiking Boots for the Money. Men’s Rain Jackets for Hiking: The Best Picks Women’s Rain Jackets for Hiking are the best on the market. How to Select the Most Appropriate Hiking Insoles.

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Meindl Vakuum GTX Hiking Boots Review | What Hiking Boots Should You Buy? Meindl’s Vakuum GTX Hiking Boots were a recent purchase of mine, and I was eager to put them through their paces. Their construction is three-season (although they will also operate well in four-season conditions. Review of the Lowa Renegade GTX Hiking Boots Today I decided to have a look at a best-seller from Lowa, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality hiking boots with a solid reputation. In particular, the Lowa men’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are made of.

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Hiking Strength Training Programs. Hikers tend to grow better at hiking by doing it more often; they just become more acclimated to it over time. Anyone who has ever struggled to complete a hike, on the other hand. The most effective sleeping bag liner for warmth. Sleeping bag liners are sometimes overlooked, despite the fact that they are quite helpful and may help maintain your pricey sleeping bag in good condition. The most accurate compass for the money. Knowing how to read a compass is becoming an increasingly rare talent as a result of the advancement of contemporary technologies.

List of equipment for fastpacking.

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Sailrite: Your DIY Resource

Every sewing endeavor starts with a good foundation.

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Expedition Portal

Unlike most Range Rovers and, dare I say, even the new Defender, the Mercedes G55 has excellent all-terrain capabilities, although it will almost certainly never venture off the pavement in its normal use. This is too pricey. Note from the editor: This piece was first published in the Summer 2021 issue of Overland Journal. Xero shoes are inspired by the natural movement school of thought, which is often known as minimalist thinking. The concept is that you do not have to put. Richard Giordano’s photography was used in this piece.

  1. Andrew Shelley is a man who has a strong desire to travel, experience all-terrain adventure, backpack, and explore the world.
  2. Note from the editor: This piece was first published in the Summer 2021 issue of Overland Journal.
  3. Even after decades of disguised attempts, I am still horrible at it, which finally results in my being brought.
  4. Despite the fact that one of their friends was murdered in an aviation crash, the other two friends persisted.
  5. I know this because I.
  6. Elias National Park, which is home to the park’s visitors center.
  7. However, there are individuals who reside here.
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Canadians Bristol Foster and Robert Bateman went 60,000 kilometers in 1957 in their Land Rover Series I, which they called The Grizzly Torque, across 19 countries and four continents in their Land Rover Series I.

Outdoor Retailer, widely regarded as the leading outdoor industry trade exhibition in North America, brings together manufacturers, store owners, athletes, public relations professionals, and members of the media—pretty much everybody who has anything to do with outdoor recreation.

Note from the editor: This piece was first published in the Summer 2021 issue of Overland Journal.

In a day when everything has already been done, there is still one major overland task left to face.

A new company, Nimbl Campers, was formed from the ashes of XP Campers, which was sold at auction in August of this year.

Note from the editor: This piece was first published in the Summer 2021 issue of Overland Journal.

Now is the time to embrace the electric car revolution.

Primus has announced the reintroduction of the Service For a Reason campaign, which will give free repair parts for select Primus backpacking stoves for the second year in a row.

While reading a message on the Women ADV Riders Facebook page, I came upon this information.

However, after reading her narrative, I was.

Since 2017, the firm has increased its output from 12 to 48 campers every year.

Expedition Overland is returning to Alaska with two newly-built Toyota Tacomas, a fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner, and an excited seven-man team, according to the company.

Taking a leisurely stroll through Marlee Calabro’s @troopygirl Instagram account is like rubbing a calming salve into one’s nervous system.

The voyage from Reine, Lofoten, to Senja, a lesser-known but lovely island off the coast of northern Norway, took me ten hours and took place in early 2019. With a surface area of 612.5 square miles, it is the second-largest island in Norway and the location of.


Winter flounder are a cold-water species that makes frequent appearances in western Long Island Sound, and some saltwater fishermen on the East Coast are braving the frigid winds of March in search of these tasty fish. Miscellaneous When changing the water in your fish tank, you should avoid using distilled water. Fish and plants both make use of minerals found in water, where people may obtain all they want. Miscellaneous Tap water is the greatest type of water to use in your tank, as long as it has been conditioned properly.

  1. PurifiedMiscellaneous should be avoided at all costs.
  2. Colder water might cause the betta to die since the betta’s immune system will be slowed, making them more prone to infection.
  3. It is only advised as a temporary solution when attempting to keep a fish tank warm without the use of a heater or heaters.
  4. The use of cold water to thaw fish is a rapid and well-known method of defrosting fish.
  5. Keeping a fish tank at a comfortable temperature Keep your aquarium away from bright windows and in a cool section of the room to avoid overheating it.
  6. What is the best way to identify fish in water?
  7. Chemical dechlorinators are the most straightforward and cost-effective method of removing chlorine and chloramines from your drinking water.
  8. Miscellaneous Using a pitcher or cup to aerate the water in your aquarium is one of the most straightforward methods of doing so without the need of a pump.

Specialty Outdoors – Technical Gear Specialist

Greetings to everyone. I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything new. Here’s a tutorial from the past that you might find useful. When it comes to inserting zippers into knits or baselayers, there is no better method than the one described here. The following techniques will be demonstrated: an enclosed inner finish, even and matching seams, and a very neat zipper insertion: The technique for inserting the zipper is courtesy of Jalie Patterns, which we appreciate very much. The grey outfit shown is the Vuokatti baselayer design, which is available for free at Shelby Kaava Outfitters.

Zipper Insertion

(CF stands for Center Front, WS for Wrong Side, and RS for Right Side.) As is customary, make any necessary adjustments, plan, and cut your design. Calculate how long you want the front zipper to be and mark the CF with a pencil. Keep in mind that the width of the collar will be extended to the front panel to accommodate the length of the zipper. Mark CF with dots and a 2′′ slash in the center of CF. Sew the sleeves, back, and collar into place. Side seams should not be sewn since you want to work “flat.” Check the length of the zipper against the place where the collar folds and your markings.

This is the ultimate measurement for the collar’s width.

Turn the zipper RS down and in the opposite direction of the way it should be traveling on the RS front.

Make sure the zipper is securely fastened. Use a couple of strips of transparent tape on the WS where you’ve marked the bottom of the zipper with a pin to secure it. When you stitch the bottom of the zipper together, this will function as a stabilizer for the zipper.

Part 2, sewing

After that, stitch across the bottom of the zipper, RS of shirt up, zipper is RS down and facing the opposite direction, sewing very carefully all over the bottom. Take only a few stitches and backstitch them together. Even as depicted, I took a couple more than I should have. You just need to fasten the end of the zipper, not the entire length of it. After that, you will gently cut down the CF of your shirt from the slash at the top CF, forming a ” ” at the end of the zipper’s pull cord. To make sure your stitching is perfectly aligned with the edge of the clip, make sure the legs of the ” ” are longer rather than shorter.

  1. It is machine washable and prevents knits from being distorted during this process.
  2. Turn the long cut edge over and push to fix it, being careful not to deform the shape.
  3. Make use of the zipper foot to get as near to the coil as possible.
  4. This is done on purpose in order to keep the aperture small and free of distortion.
  5. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should have a neat, even, little aperture like the one seen below.
  6. Before you start stitching, double-check your work.
  7. This will also aid in the therapy of the collar if necessary.
  8. The rest will be washed away.

Collar Finish

If you’ve followed the instructions to the letter, you should have a collar affixed to your top. The zipper should be about half-way up the collar, with the top of the zipper at the selected collar height at the time of purchase. In some patterns, you may wish to reduce the size of the collar. Re-serge the cut edge if necessary. Once the collar has been cut, fold the top of the zipper over twice more to complete the look. You may use a pin to hold the folds, and then fold the collar facing over the zipper tape, RS facing to RS collar, to complete the look.

  1. Then, using the zipper foot, gently stitch around the collar facing to fasten it.
  2. Zipped closed, inspect the collar seams and top corners/top stops from the right side to ensure that they are equal and parallel to one another.
  3. Now comes the exciting part.
  4. Fold the outside of the facing inward.
  5. In addition, you might wish to create some markings on the collar facing where it meets the shoulder seam (as seen in the figure).
  6. Repeat for the other side of the collar facing.
  7. The zipper tape as well as the front of the shirt will be tucked inside the “burrito.” The following is an example of what you should have: On the left-hand side of the shot, you can see that the zipper has been folded down under my fingers.
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Keep checking to ensure that the shirt front and zipper are not becoming entangled with anything.

Begin at the chalk markings near the zipper, and sew the two seam allowances together to form a triangle.

At the very least, go up to the shoulder seams, if not beyond.

Almost all materials allow you to reach at least to the point where the shoulder seam meets the collar, and on lighter fabrics, you may go much farther.

Undo the burrito slowly and carefully, trying to make sure you haven’t formed any creases.

If you have completed the task correctly, you will have a pleasing final facing. To finish the collar facing edge on top of the collar seam edge and stitch in the ditch to lock it in place after you have burritoed both sides, just lap the collar facing edge on top of the collar seam edge.

Universal Zipper Slider Replacement

  • The quickest and most convenient method of replacing broken or missing zippers. Find Out More

Saves time. No tools or sewing required.

  • FixnZip® is a zipper slider replacement kit that repairs broken or missing zipper sliders. This product is used to repair damaged zippers that have separated or come undone. It is compatible with a variety of zipper sizes. The teeth can be made out of nylon coils, as well as plastic and metal. It is possible to use it on both open and closed end zippers.

Whether you spend your time in the backcountry or in your own backyard, FixnZip® will ensure that you are prepared for any zipper repair emergency that may arise. It is possible to use this zipper slider replacement for jackets, tents, boots, backpacks, luggage and a variety of other items. If you have any queries regarding our product, please go to our How to Use or FAQ’s pages for more information.

Use The Fixnzip® Anywhere!

The Fixnzip® zipper pull tab replacement was designed to be the quickest and most effective zipper pull tab repair available on the market. Its durable design, which includes nickel plating, ensures that the Fixnzip® will withstand the test of time, no matter what the scenario. These simple replacement zippers may be used to fix everything from your Jeep’s canvas soft top to your soft camping sleeping bag, and they are extremely straightforward to install. The Fixnzip® zipper replacement slider is also compatible with both metal and plastic zippers, making it the one and only zipper replacement slider you’ll ever need!

Read on to find out more

Our Products

Our zipper pull tab replacements are nickel plated and constructed to provide long-lasting resilience under all conditions. Tents and sleeping bags are ideal for camping gear, while luggage and duffel bags, jackets and coats, golf bags and handbags are also suitable for a variety of purposes. Results 1–4 of 10 are shown.

How to Videos, Articles & More – Discover the expert in you.

Written by Fred Decker Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Jonathan Fong’s article, “Home Sweet Home” Let’s CelebrateByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByFred DeckerLet’s CelebrateByStephanie Trovato Jonathan Fong’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Get CraftyByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeBySpencer Hall Home Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeByStephanie TrovatoHome Sweet HomeBy ByEric Mohrman, author of Get Crafty.

ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down Food by Kathryn WalshHome Sweet Home by Spencer HallChow Down by Kathryn Walsh By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down Spencer Hall’s CraftyBySpencer Hall ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down By Fred Decker, author of Chow Down By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down Chow DownByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByKathryn WalshHome Sweet HomeByEric Mohrman By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Get Crafty.

BySam Benitz, author of Chow Down Get CraftyByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByAshley TylerHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByBeth HuntingtonHome Sweet HomeByBeth Huntington Home Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByJill LaytonHome Sweet HomeByKirsten NunezHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByKelsey PudloskiHome Sweet HomeByK By Beth Huntington, author of “Home Sweet Home.” Kathryn Walsh writes about her home, “Home Sweet Home.” Let’s Have a Party, by Spencer Hall Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down By Beth Huntington, author of Chow Down Let’s Have a Party, by Spencer Hall Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) ByStephanie Trovato, author of Chow Down ByStephanie Trovato, author of Chow Down Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down ByStephanie Trovato, author of Chow Down ByEric Mohrman, author of Chow Down Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Spencer Hall’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Jonathan Fong’s Chow Down (Chow Down) Let’s Have a Party!

  • By Ashley Tyler Let’s Have a Party!
  • BySam Benitz, author of Chow Down Let’s get together and celebrate by Karen Belz Ashley Tyler’s recipe for Chow Down Let’s Have a Party!
  • By Kathryn Walsh Let’s Have a Party!
  • By Kirsten Nunez The Time Has Come to CelebrateByBeth Huntington Let’s Have a Party!
  • Let’s Have a Party!


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The PopupGizmos Solar Bunkend Cover is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind features, durable construction, and exceptional sun-reflecting qualities.

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It shields and protects metal surfaces against corrosion by shielding and protecting them from moisture and other corrosive substances.


WD-40 cleans by penetrating and dissolving grease, filth, dirt, and oil deposits, allowing for a simple wipe-clean finish. It’s also effective in dissolving adhesives, making it easier to remove tape, labels, stickers, and other extra bonding materials without leaving a residue.


The lubricating capabilities of WD-40 are well-known across the world; our secret ingredients are extensively spread upon application, allowing for smooth and simple lubrication of moving parts and processes.

Displaces water

WD-40 rapidly and effectively displaces moisture, making it an excellent choice for drying out electrical systems and preventing moisture-induced short circuits from forming.


A must-have in every home because of its penetrant properties, WD-40 may be used to pierce through rust-to-metal connections and liberate stuck, corroded, or frozen metal components.

Easy to Use

WD-40 has never been more convenient to use, owing to the revolutionary Smart Straw delivery system, which allows you to choose from a variety of broad and narrow application options while also ensuring that you never lose the straw again!

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General Toy Hauler Topics(77 Viewing)Toy Haulers aka Sport Utility Trailers, are the newest RV on the market.

  • The Cherokee, Coachmen, Palomino, Salem/Wildwood, Sandstorm, Shockwave, Stealth, Vengeance, Work & Play, and XLR are some of the names of the characters.
First tripbyAdventureDogsYesterday07:00 PM
Hybrids and Expandables
Expandable and Hybrid RV Discussions(66 Viewing)Expandables or Hybrids are lightweight for towing. Typically the ends of the expandable pull out for roomy sleeping and can sleep up to eight. Forest River Models include:Roo, Salem, Shamrock, Surveyor and Wildwood Threads: 5,536, Posts: 72,688 Sub-Forums: Ram 1500 – 23IKSS towing.byRhumblefishToday06:59 PM
Tent Campers |

Truck Campers

Tent Campers and Pop Ups(52 Viewing)Tent camper topics including repair, maintenance and features.

A-Frame Camper topics including purchase, repair, maintenance and features.

Brands includePalomino, andReal-Lite Threads: 201, Posts: 1,298

Where to find a Truck Camper.byhiazny10Yesterday09:56 PM
Dealer and Product ReviewsPLEASE NOTE: The statements posted in the Dealer and Product Review section of are opinions expressed by website visitors and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints or positions of the Forest River Forums owner or its Administrators/Moderators.

Forest River is not responsible for the factual or legal accuracy of any of the statements posted in the Dealer and Product Review section.

Dealer Reviews(4 Viewing)Post about your personal experience, help other RVer’s find great dealers.

Please note: this area is not intended to resolve disputes.Threads: 438, Posts: 4,691

Neutral:Cricket golf carts – How do.byFrankGToday07:31 PM
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