How To Glamp Your Tent

How To Make A Dreamy DIY Glamping Tent

Summary of the post: Glamping at my campsite? Please accept my invitation! How to make a glamping tent at home or on a campsite using just household items. Glamping, as it’s more widely known, is something I really like and would recommend to everyone. Yes, I am more than capable of roughing it, but the novelty of setting up a luxurious outdoor setup somewhere breathtakingly gorgeous is something I enjoy doing. We had planned a delightful two-night kid-free weekend to go luxury camping, but when that didn’t work out, we came up with the idea of building our own DIY glamping tent in our garden instead.

Because we enjoy a good challenge and a good design (have you seen our 1979 camper remodel?) we decided to explore what type of glamping setup we could come up with for less than a hundred dollars.

If you don’t have access to those two items, it will almost certainly cost you more than $100.

You may use your glamping supplies over and over again once you have made your first investment, allowing you to glamp anywhere you want whenever you want.

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  • For the ultimate camping experience, stay at a luxurious campsite. Learn how to glamp in the comfort of your own home. Ideas and inspiration for glamping in a tent

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See how we created our own glamping setup and what we were able to accomplish in the video below. All of our gear needed to be able to go light with us so that we could set up in the same manner whether we were vehicle camping in Arches National Park or at a local campground.


Let’s go through everything that goes into creating a glamping setup that can compete with the likes of a luxury glamping experience in order to understand what it takes.


The first thing you’ll need is a tent that is both roomy and comfortable to sleep in. Typical glamping tents are made of canvas bell tents, like seen above. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive, making them an unnecessary purchase if you do not intend to set it up and use it on a regular basis. On the off chance that you’re still interested, you might check out this highly rated one on Amazon. However, if you have a lot of money to spend, they are the perfect dreamlike complement to your backyard glamping experience.

It’s a large camping tent with enough room to accommodate up to eight people.

Its tallest point is 6’10” so you can stand up (crouching around inside your tent is NOT glamping), it features room separators (which are ideal for families), and, my personal favorite, it has a stiff door that can swing open.

Those types of modest elements are what lift you from a camping experience to a glamping one.

I also enjoy that you can zip down portions to create windows if you want your tent to have an open, breezy feel, or you can zip them all the way up if you want more seclusion. Other excellent tents for glamping include:

  1. Among the options are the Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent, the Ozark Trail Cabin Tent, and the Coleman Tent with Screen Room.

Consider the real-world uses of your tent while purchasing a new one when you’re shopping for one. We selected a tent that would allow us to still go camping with it. You could purchase a large tent, such as this four-room tent, but keep in mind that campsites can be small and may not be able to accommodate a large tent. However, if you’re planning on using it in your backyard, it won’t work in a National Park. Find a nice medium between the two extremes.


Making a comfortable bed is essential when transitioning from camping to glamping. The majority of people recommend an air mattress as an upgrade from a sleeping bag. I have strong feelings about air mattresses, and to be blunt, I despise them. I don’t know why, but I do. You will never be able to persuade me that an air mattress is pleasant! Even though the product promises to have a high concentration of pillow top – gel foam-down feather-organic cotton, the truth is that it does not. Not to add that air mattresses do not provide any insulation, so you will wind up cold in your luxurious glamping tent, no matter how luxurious it is.

  • Air mattresses have been subjected to three distinct tests in order to bolster my anti-air mattress stance.
  • Never, ever again!
  • We really adore them!
  • How do I find out?
  • They were warm and comfortable, and we woke up with no body pains in the morning!
  • To make your mattress more cozier (although, honestly, you don’t have to because Therma A Rest mattresses are that fantastic), you can layer down mattress topper on top of your pad set.
  • You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag, however there is no law stating that camping requires the use of a sleeping bag as a requirement.
  • Due to the fact that we already had sleeping bags, we used our Kelty Galactic Down Sleeping Bags for our glamping setup.
  • For couples who want to take their glamping experience on the road, the Kelty Doublewide sleeping bag is a great option to consider.
  • Regardless of the type of sheets you choose, you’ll want to add a lovely blanket to the top of your bed to make it more comfortable.
  • Although the blanket we use is no longer available for purchase, you may browse through the other wonderful Pendleton blankets available.

As a last note, avoid the use of small camping pillows that are intended for travelers. Please bring your own cushions from home with you! I’ve been using acontour memory foam cooling pillow for years and haven’t looked back.


Lighting is essential for creating a DIY glamping tent that looks and feels high-end while being low-cost. On the side of our bed, we have an LED camping lamp, and we also have LED flickering candles for added atmosphere. Real candles may be more aromatic and realistic, but they pose a severe fire threat in a tent, therefore I recommend using worry-free battery-operated candles rather than real candles. You’d be amazed at how realistic they appear at night time. Furthermore, if you have children, it’s a no-brainer.

This camping lamp with a vintage appearance that also serves as a power bank is one of my favorites.

In addition, we installed solar-powered cafe lights in the outside seating area.

Finally, you may decorate the interior of your tent with battery-operated fairy lights to create a romantic atmosphere.


When you go glamping on your own, you’ll want to establish comfortable locations for sitting, reading, relaxing, and dining both inside and outside the tent. It was necessary to position two side tables from iClimb in order to provide a frame for the bed. Not to mention the practicality of having side tables in the room! Ours are designed exclusively for camping and fold up into a small, lightweight bag, making them ideal for transport. Although we like the natural wood tables, they are also available in a range of different colors.

  • We created a layered, boho aesthetic by layering rugs that we already possessed.
  • Turkish towels are my favorite since they can be used in a variety of ways, including as a towel, a picnic blanket, a throw, or a shawl.
  • They’re the ideal multi-purpose item for a glamping getaway.
  • For our purposes, we placed our sitting arrangement directly outside the tent.
  • The finishing touch is a hammock or swing chair, which may be hung between two trees for added comfort.
  • Individual sizes and children’s sizes are also available.


This is where you can truly make your DIY glamping tent stand out by including some rich details. It was important to us that our decor be lightweight and portable so that it could be taken to a camping. Rugs, wildflowers, macrame plant holders, and a homemade chandelier served as the basis for our interior design. We purchased a 1000-piece bag of natural wooden beads as well as a spool of blue jute rope in order to create our DIY chandelier. We made a spherical center out of an old wire hanger and strung the beads together with blue yarn to finish it off.

  • Considering that we already had macrame and plants from our camper, we decided to use them for our backyard glamping.
  • Our copper camping cups from United by Blue were the perfect way to add even more life to the tent, so we collected some wildflowers from our yard and placed them in them.
  • Having said that, it is unlawful to gather flowers in any National Park and it is not advisable to take flowers from public grounds.
  • We have a whole page dedicated to the glamping basics that you may use to complete your DIY glamping tent setup.

Check it out! Things like warm slippers and a solar power charger are the proverbial icing on the cake when it comes to a luxurious glamping trip. Check out our piece on the best glamping accessories to add to your luxury camping experience for more information.


If you are going to put in the effort to create your own glamping setup at home or in a camp, then eating properly should be a top concern. When we go camping, we use a Coleman camping stove, which is quite reliable and does an excellent job. It’s an excellent first stove for anyone who is new to camping. Nevertheless, to be quite honest, it is not a glamping stove in the traditional sense. Do you have any idea what it is? TheCamp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is a great addition to any camping trip.

  1. All I could think about was how they were going to win.
  2. It’s impossible to beat having an oven for baking chocolate chip cookies and a burner for frying omelets.
  3. It’s great and ideal for anyone who wants to go backyard glamping but doesn’t have access to a fire pit.
  4. Finally, put up a sophisticated lunch charcuterie dish with anOpinel picnic knife, a herringbone cutting board, and stemless silicone sleeve wine glasses for a special occasion.
  5. Yes.


The following is a breakdown of how much money we spent. As I previously stated, we hoped to obtain everything from what we already have on hand. The items listed below are what we purchased to complete our glamping setup.

  1. $21 for 2x Solar Power Cafe Lights
  2. $14 for 2x Faux Sheepskin Rugs
  3. $12 for wooden beads
  4. $7 for jute twine. 2x Side Tables: $46
  5. Solar Power Cafe Lights: $21



Here’s a brief rundown of everything we did to create our own DIY glamping tent.

  • Purchase a spacious tent that allows you to stand entirely upright
  • You may bring along your own linens and blankets from home, as well as comfy sleeping mats that can be stretched to fit a queen-size bed. Lighting and lanterns powered by solar energy may be used to create a dreamlike mood. Create comfortable reading nooks and dining tables where people may relax and unwind
  • Decorate using simple details that make a big statement
  • Consume nutritious foods. Have a good time, laugh, drink, and enjoy yourself

We had a great time building our own Glamping Tent from scratch! We hope you will use our tips on how to glamp your tent to create your own backyard memories and share them with us. Alternatively, you could even take it on the road to a camping! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Save This for Later

9 Ways to Go from Camping to Glamping

When it comes to camping, there are few things we like more than a nice vacation in the great outdoors. However, there are times when you truly want to take your experience to the next level and incorporate a little luxury into your life. Glamping is a type of camping that is becoming increasingly popular. This is a word that, more than likely, you’ve heard before and perhaps even rolled your eyes at it. The outdoors is hardly a location where you would expect to find glitz and elegance. Glamping misconceptions are busted by demonstrating how you may elevate your camping experience to a luxurious level that will leave you persuaded that glamping is the best way to go camping.

How to Turn That Camp into a Glamp

In fact, there are certain resorts that provide glamping experiences that are so extravagant that you can’t really picture what they’re like.

Glamping, on the other hand, does not necessitate this. In fact, a regular tent can be used for glamping. All you have to do now is figure out how to make it a little more glamorous. Here are a couple of approaches you can take to accomplish your goal.

  • Purchase a tent that allows you to stand up comfortably. By doing something as basic as purchasing a tent that allows you to stand up in, you can elevate your camping experience and transform it into glamping. Imagine how much of a difference it makes not having to squat around your tent
  • Double the size of your tent will amaze you! The rule of thumb is to buy a tent for the number of people who will be sleeping in it. There is a difference between that and glamping in that you should acquire a tent that is twice as large for glamping. As a result, if you’re camping with two people, you should get a four-person tent. More space to move about and appreciate your surroundings will result as a result of your decision.
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2. Bring comforts of home with you.

When you go glamping, you have the feeling that you are sleeping in the comfort of your own home, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors right outside your door. Those familiar comforts of home are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Camping involves sleeping in a sleeping bag, maybe with a sleeping pad, for the whole of the night. However, this is not the proper way to glamp. Instead, you’ll want to invest in a portable cot or a soft mattress that can be easily transported.

  • Yes, you do have bedding in your tent.
  • Rug When you step out of your sleeping bag and onto the cold floor of the tent, you are reminded that you are camping for the first time.
  • You are not obligated to do so.
  • In order to truly complete the experience and make it seem like you’re right at home, you can bring a side table to set some candles on and read a book in front of.
  • Art, fresh flowers, a mirror, and anything else that will make you feel a little more upscale while out in the wilderness are all options for those who want to take the décor aspect of their trip seriously.

3. Light it up.

Additionally, bringing some cafe lights or twinkling lights will make your glamping experience feel magical. If you are worried about fire hazards, you may want to use fake candles instead of real ones. Solar-powered lanterns are also an excellent alternative source of illumination. According to our slogan, the more lights, the better. Having the ability to illuminate nature with some high-end lighting will make you feel like you’re walking about in a movie set.

4. Have a proper dinner table.

Even though this appears to be over-the-top, while you’re glamping, nothing is truly out of the ordinary. The presence of a dining table at which you may enjoy your meals is vitally essential to your whole experience. Even if it isn’t something really elaborate, having a table with chairs, a tablecloth, and a formal table setting can ensure that you don’t feel like you’re camping. When you’re glamping, there’s no such thing as dining over a campfire on fold-up chairs. We recommend that you bring actual silverware, real plates, and real napkins if at all feasible.

5. Cook gourmet meals.

The food you consume while glamping is an essential component of the experience. If you’re craving something else than hot dogs and potato chips, try something like smoked salmon or artisanal salads, which will give the impression that you’re eating at an upscale restaurant. A large fridge to keep everything cold, a cast iron pan, and potentially even a stove with numerous burners to allow you to cook many dishes at the same time are all required to pull this off.

For glamping dinners, make sure to check out our selection of recipes, which includes a variety of options for you to choose from.

6. And don’t forget good wine.

You can quickly transition from camping to glamping by simply opening a good bottle of wine during your trip. Alternatively, you may make a tasty cocktail. Get away from the beer and try something more sophisticated like fine wine or a mixed drink in a coozie instead. If you bring matching glassware, you’ll get extra points.

7. Sit pretty.

While camping on fold-up chairs over a campfire is a terrific experience, when it comes to glamping, you’ll want to take things to the next level. You may use a hammock or some inflatable lounge chairs, which are far more comfortable than your average camping chair and will save you money.

8. Bring next-level entertainment.

If you believe that a glass of wine and a good book would make your glamping experience complete, you are correct. However, if you’re searching for something a little more, you should check at elevated entertainment. Consider the setting of an outdoor movie theater, replete with a projector, popcorn, and, of course, your favorite movie theater treats. Whatever you think of it, it doesn’t sound like much fun to begin with.

9. S’mores, but better.

Campfire treats like s’mores are a camping tradition, and we feel they should be included in your glamping experience as well. To elevate the traditional s’more to a more upscale level, use luscious chocolate and gourmet cookies in place of the traditional graham crackers. Warning: once you’ve had these glamping s’mores, you may find it difficult to go back to your regular s’mores. With aKOA Value Kard Rewards, you’ll be able to enjoy your glamping experience even more while saving money. Because of this, you’ll save 10% on every camping trip, plus you’ll also have access to hundreds of dollars in savings on all of your glamping gear thanks to our coupon program.

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  2. Leslie enjoys the adventures of both the body and the mind that her writing takes her on, and she has over ten years of experience composing words.
  3. This is the counsel she carries with her everywhere she goes: “Hold on to your heavenly blush, your intrinsic pink charm, or you will end up brown.” She believes it.
  4. Check out Leslie’s websitehere to find out what she’s been up to in the world of writing.

How to Glamp: 7 essentials for making your tent more luxurious

Camping is wonderful, but not everyone enjoys the experience of hiking to their campground, cooking their food on a stick, and sleeping on rough ground. Glamping is a type of camping. Enjoying the outdoors while maintaining the creature amenities that so many of us desire is possible through glamping (glamorous camping).

These could include things like electricity, a comfy bed, delectable cuisine, and a generally welcoming ambience. How to glamp is covered here, as well as the seven necessities for converting your campground into a more comfortable “glampsite.” But first and foremost.

What is glamping?

The term “glamping” refers to a combination of the words glamorous and camping. While traditional camping involves activities such as hauling your equipment to a campsite, setting up a tent, and searching for firewood, the idea behind this type of camping is to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors without having to do all of the work. It enables everyone to participate in the excitement of camping while remaining in their own comfort zone. Of fact, the term “glamourous” is a matter of personal preference.

Possibly, glamping means spending the night in an eco-friendly canvas tent at Pennsylvania’s Airydale Retreat or high up in a wooded canopy at theSanctuaria Treehouses, depending on your definition of the term.

(Because of this, you may have to transport a few items during the first setup, but it will all be worth it!

The level of luxury is entirely up to you.

The 7 Glamping Essentials

It is essential that you choose the best glamping tent for your campground if you want to elevate the experience. Glamping is defined by the presence of a tent. For a multi-day hiking journey, leave your simple lightweight tents at home and go for a bigger tent with plenty of headroom instead. In order to fit a luxurious bed as well as accent items like accent rugs and end tables, you’ll need the additional room. Popular tent companies, such as Eureka, are known for offering a bigger version of their standard tent designs.

  • Tent from Lotus Belle– If you are searching for a luxurious tent that will dazzle your friends and make for stunning photographs, go no further than the tents from Lotus Belle. While these glamping tents are a little on the pricey side, they are extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, White Duck Outdoors provides a smaller variant at a somewhat lower cost. With 7 feet of headroom and the ability to seat 12 people, the Eureka Copper Canyon is a large classic tent. That’s a lot of space for a luxurious glamping experience. TheNEMO Wagontop Tent takes things a step further by including an attached standing-height vestibule, which is great for creating additional living space.

2. Ambient lighting

Lighting is an example of a simple detail that may make a significant effect. Consider the implications of this. Dim lighting may create a dark and romantic atmosphere in a room. A room may be transformed into a dance party with the use of flashing lights. When you add tiki torches, you’ll instantly feel as if you’re on a tropical island getaway. If you choose the right lighting for your campground, you can create a lively, festive atmosphere while also adding design and ambiance, transforming your camping experience into a luxurious glamping holiday.

  • Lantern–The Black Diamond Apollo lantern emits up to 250 lumens of light and is made of durable aluminum. The USB rechargeable lantern is equipped with a power meter that indicates how much battery power is left in the lantern. A dimming switch with variable brightness allows you to illuminate a small tent or the entire campground with a variety of brightness settings. Lighting with string lights– The REVEL GEAR Trail Hound Camping Light delivers 30 feet of long, brilliant, and energy-efficient mood lighting thanks to its 100 LEDs strung together in a single strand. It has six distinct operating modes and is designed to endure the elements. The use of colored lanterns, such as Luci Lights, is a fun way to provide a splash of color to your glampsite. This solar-powered inflatable lantern cycles through eight different colors as it charges from the sun. Not only will theseoutdoor torchesadd a touch of island flair to your setup, but the citronella scented fuel will also help to keep pesky mosquitoes away
  • Tiki Torches Complete Lighting System– For those who care about the environment, BioLite provides a more robust and ecologically friendly configuration. This system consists of four lights: two hanging lights, one motion-activated light, and one light on the control box itself. The control box has an FM radio and an MP3 player, which may be used to provide background music. It also features two USB connections, which make it simple to charge your phone or other electronic devices. The electricity for the 20Wh battery comes from a 6-watt solar panel, which is designed to efficiently harvest energy from the sun rather of relying on limited available resources.

3. Comfortable Bedding

Hotels with 5-star ratings are required to offer soft bedding with high thread counts, and there is a good reason for this. A comfortable bed is a given, but a Tempurpedic mattress accompanied by throw pillows and weighted blankets is an absolute must-have for luxury. If you want to glamp in “comfort” or “luxury,” you’ll need something a little more than a sleeping bag on the floor of a tent. There are several solutions available throughout the comfort spectrum, ranging from low to high in terms of both quality and expense.

Because they are elevated off the ground, cots and futons also create a sense of ease and elegance.

Besides providing a place to rest your head at night, additional accent pillows can instantly transform a campsite into a more comfortable retreat. Try placing some throw pillows on an area rug, some chairs, or even a hammock to add some texture and interest.

  • Pillows– The pillows you use in your bed should be comfy and help you get the most out of your sleep. As an alternative to buying pillows for the bed, consider purchasing a few brightly colored and patterned throw pillows to be strategically placed throughout your house. The Eureka Quickset Cot has a durable powder-coated steel frame that is designed to withstand years of use. It can be set up in seconds because to its quick-deployment mechanism, and its lengthy form accommodates sleepers up to 6.5 feet in height. With the REI Co-op Kingdom Insulated Sleep System, you can add a touch of luxury to your typical camping pad. Inflatable Mattress The bed has a 3.6 R-value, which means it is comfortable down to 40°F. Everything you need is included, including a queen-size air mattress and cover, an insulated blanket, and a topsheet. The disadvantage is that it requires the use of a hand pump. The REI Co-op Camp Dreamer Double Self-Inflating Deluxe Bed, on the other hand, is a self-inflating bed that is self-contained. Self-inflating from its compact packed size to a sumptuous, complete inflation in a short period of time. A 24-inch inflatable mattress from Brookestone is a wonderful option if you have access to an electric hookup. Futons are also an excellent option for glamping due to their adaptability. A fantastic all-in-one futon, the Snow Peak Campfield Futon may be used as a bed, a loveseat, stacking shelves, or two chairs and a table. It comes in a variety of colors. When it comes to packing and attempting to fit equipment into a little trunk area, multi-functional components are quite beneficial. Don’t forget about our four-legged companions, who deserve to be remembered as well. Fido, too, deserves a little pampering! In order to keep your pet comfortable and cool at night, theHelinox Elevated Dog Cot is built with strategically cut mesh. Ruffwear has created the Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag, which is ideal for winter camping. Yes, it will keep your pet warm, but we all know that the purpose of this canine sleeping bag is to make them seem pretty and snuggled up like a fuzzy baby
  • Hence, Pennleton camping blanket for use outside–Pendleton camping blankets are attractively designed and bring a touch of personality to your glamping set up. One of them will almost surely come in handy while you’re huddled by the fire. With its practical luxury and comfort, the Rumpl Featherlite Down Blanket is the embodiment of practical luxury and comfort. It is both warm and water-resistant, thanks to the use of 800-fill goose down derived from sustainable sources.

4. Ample Furniture

Furniture is a must-have if you want to transform your campsite into a true glamping destination. You may say goodbye to sitting on rocks and decaying logs and hello to relaxing in comfortable recliners and couches. It is possible to put glamping furniture like as end tables and an area rug inside the tent to give the impression of a larger space. Alternatively, pieces of furniture can be set around the campfire to create a warm and inviting sitting area.

  • In addition to being used for glamping, the Lafuma camp chair is also a popular choice for regular usage in the garden and for beach visits. The mesh used to construct this beautiful lounge chair is UV-resistant and anti-odor. When folded, this chair is lightweight and portable. This camp sofa features a relaxing, low-profile, and reclining design, which means you’ll be comfy without towering over the campfire. CampKitchen– The Mountain Summit Gear Roll Top Kitchen Table is a must-have for any glamping chef who wants to cook on the go. In addition to a fold-out table for a cookstove, the three-top table has a top shelf for preparation materials and a bottom shelf for storage. The use of roll-top side tables is highly recommended when glamping. The innovative design allows for rapid and simple assembly as well as transportability. Mountain Summit Gear’s largerRoll Top Table is perfect for a variety of uses including cooking, dining, and playing games. It is possible to use the smaller Primus campfire table as an additional end table inside a tent or by a couple camp chairs as an additional end table
  • Area Rug– The outdoor mat created byCGear Multimats features sand-free technology to ensure that sand does not adhere to the material, allowing it to be brushed off with ease by hand. Additionally, the dual-layer weave allows sand and debris to fall through the mesh, making cleanup a snap. It is simple to choose an electric cooler if you are a committed glamper wanting to make a long-term investment. Dometic is the most prestigious brand in the world of electric coolers. The Dometic CFX3 95 Dual Zone Powered Cooler has a capacity of 133 cans or a variety of food depending on how the dividers are configured. Remote temperature control is made possible through phone connectivity. There is no need for ice with the GoSun Chill Electric Cooler, which is a solid mid-range alternative that keeps food cool, frozen, dry, and organized.
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5. How to glamp with appropriate cooking gear

When we went on a glamping trip in Pennsylvania Dutch country, it was the first time we cooked with our cast iron skillet in the great outdoors. Typically, when we go camping, we spend a few hours putting together the tent, setting up our sleeping bags, gathering firewood, and so on. After a long day, we just want to toss a hot dog on the grill and call it quits for the evening. When you go glamping, most of those amenities are already provided for you when you arrive at your destination. All of these items are normally completed the first day of instruction for those learning to put up their own DIY glamping holiday.

  • Cast iron set– We can tell you from personal experience that you will need more than one skillet for your cast iron pan collection. For the cornbread, you will need one pan
  • A Dutch oven for the campfire chili
  • And another skillet for the bourbon peach cobbler. If you cook like we do, you will only need one skillet. The Camp Chef six-piece package has everything you’ll need to cook a multi-course gourmet glamping dinner. Make use of a cast ironcook stand or an adjustable campfire tripod to round up your set-up
  • Coleman cookstoves are a well-known and recognized brand in the field of outdoor adventure travel. Their Propane 2-Burner System For many years, a campfire has been considered a basic camping need. Due to the uniform heat distribution provided by two adjustable burners, cooking while glamping is both simple and effortless
  • Dinnerware, utensils, and a table setting– Plates, bowls, and mugs are included in this four-piece GSI outdoor Enamelware service for four. The set is also dishwasher safe, in case you want to delay the cleanup for when you come home from your outing. This environmentally friendly place setting accessory will complete your table arrangement. To-Go Ware has created a bamboo utensil set for you. In addition to a campfire spatula and spoon, a decent pair of knives is the most vital campfire cooking item you can have. TheGSI Outdoors Rakau Knife Set includes a bamboo cutting board, a microfiber dishcloth, a sharpener, and three blades in various sizes. The set is wrapped neatly in a fabric box with an integrated knife sheath to preserve and manage the blades in the most safe and secure manner. Caffeine– There is no better way to start the day than with a freshly brewed cup of coffee while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. In addition to the more traditionalcoffee makers for campers and RVs, there are also percolators and pour-over systems available on the market. We choose the french press over other methods of brewing coffee because we like our coffee to be robust and delicious. A double-wall vacuum insulation and an insulated steel lid help to keep the contents of the Stanley Classic Vacuum French Press hot for longer periods of time. A classickettlefor boiling your water should not be overlooked.

6. Entertainment

Among the many aspects of learning how to glamp are the various forms of entertainment that may considerably enhance a regular camping trip. You can’t go wrong with an acoustic guitar by the fire, but there are a variety of additional alternatives that may make the experience more exciting and pleasurable as well as more relaxing. As you lie down on a comfortable blanket after a few hours of slacklining, a movie is playing on the projector and the kids are playing checkers by the fire pit, you can’t help but smile.

  • Portable Speakers– Every epic glamping journey necessitates the use of a music, and every soundtrack necessitates the use of a quality set of speakers. There is a superb variety of high-quality and long-lasting speakers from JBL, several of which can be joined together to form a DIY surround sound system. Slackline– TheGibbon Flow Line Treewear Slacklineset is an excellent choice for both beginning and experienced slackliners. Simple and quick setup is made possible by the fact that the 25-meter slackline comes with two metal ratchets, two 2.5-meter ratchet straps and Treewear straps. Projector for movies – TheRCA Bluetooth Projector may be connected to cable boxes, game consoles, or a number of streaming devices to project movies (mobile phones, Roku, Apple TV or Chromecast). For those who don’t have access to a tent wall or other flat surface on which to project their film, theTotal Homefx Pro Theatre Kit, which includes a projector, stand, and inflatable 120-inch screen, may be a good option. Bringing Outdoor Games to Your Glamping Getaway– Cornhole is a popular outdoor party game that is appropriate for any occasion. The Outside Inside Cornhole set has two mid-size game boards with fold-out legs that may be used as low camp tables when the weather is nice and cool. Instead of cornhole, theAlps Mountaineering Eclipse Table + Checkerboard is a unique gaming table with two levels: one for playing and a lower level for storing your food and drinks
  • If cornhole isn’t your thing, theAlps Mountaineering Eclipse Table + Checkerboard is an innovative gaming table with two levels, one for playing and a lower level for storing your food and drinks

7. The Quintessential Hammock

A hammock is a useful addition to have when camping or glamping, regardless of whether you are in a tent or a tent trailer. For the more practical campers, ENO manufactures some of the greatest hammocks available, which are both long-lasting and lightweight in construction. If you’re looking for a more deluxe glamping experience, there are several alternatives ranging from basic 2 person hammocks to “boho” ornamental hammocks to the increasingly popular pods and swinging chairs.

  • For years, Eno has been our go-to brand for lightweight, high-quality hammocks, which is why we are excited to introduce the Classic Hammock. It is possible to purchase them in single or double sizes. This Decorative Hammock from Opalhouse, with its vibrant colors and fringe details, adds a playful twist to the traditional hammock design.

Once you have the appropriate equipment, learning how to glamp is an easy process. What are some of the most important items to bring with you when you go glamping? Like what you’ve seen so far? Please forward this article to your friends!

Camper’s Guide to Glamping

Glamping is taking camping to the next level by providing you with a plethora of conveniences that you would normally only find in your own residence. Many glampers enjoy being in the great outdoors, but they do not want to be forced to rough it. Glamping isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Some people choose to rough it and get away from some of the comforts and conveniences that we take for granted in our everyday lives, and that is quite OK. We think that everyone should be able to camp in the manner of their choosing, whether that means carrying the bare minimum of gear or going glamping and bringing equipment that most campers do not bring.

  1. Glamping is not typically inexpensive.
  2. Similarly, you will frequently be required to bring a large amount of equipment.
  3. We enjoy both camping and glamping experiences.
  4. If you want to give glamping a try, the following article will lead you through the best ways to make the transition from camping to luxury camping.

This is by no means an entire list; it is only a representation of what we have accomplished. However, you can take glamping much farther than we have, which is what we have done.

Upgrade your sleeping arrangements

When making the transition from camping to glamping, one of the first things you’ll want to do is purchase a larger tent. Having more room inside your tent will go a long way toward making your tent seem cozier and less like you are roughing it in the woods, which is exactly what you want. A wide variety of huge camping tents are available for purchase; nevertheless, it is recommended that you get one that is at least twice as large as the number of people who will be sleeping in the tent. We have appreciated having an extra-large tent since it provides us with plenty of sleeping space while also providing additional space for belongings and a small sitting area.

Use a cot with a good pad

Making your bed more comfy is one of the most effective methods to transform camping into glamping. The most effective method we have discovered for doing so is to utilize a cot and a decent pad. A cot elevates you off the ground and provides you with a perfectly level sleeping area. If you want to push things even further, you can choose for an extra-large cot to accommodate your needs. We have been usingTeton Sports XXL Cotand have been really pleased with them. Check out our list of the best camping cots for even more possibilities.

We recommend utilizing a foam cushion rather than an air pad because they are often more comfortable.

Find a great sleeping bag

The next item of equipment you’ll want to invest in is a better sleeping bag. It is essential to have a comfy sleeping bag while you are glamping. A sleeping bag with a little more space will allow you to move around more easily and will help you sleep better at night. Teton Sports XXL sleeping bag is what we personally use. They are the perfect size for their XXL cots, which we use for our children. Additionally, you’ll want to make certain that you purchase the proper sleeping bag for the weather conditions in which you’ll be camping.

In order to be considered glamping you must have a comfortable sleeping bag in which to sleep.

Use a heater in cold weather

It’s true that having a heater in your tent is the point at which you cross the line from camping to glamping. Finding a nice tent heater will help you to warm up your tent before you go to bed and then warm it up again when you get up in the next morning. The ability to change in a warm tent while it’s freezing outside epitomizes what it means to be “glamping.” If you plan to sleep with a gas heater running, we strongly advise against it. When using a gas heater, even when not sleeping, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, therefore you must make sure you have adequate ventilation.)

Improve your kitchen setup

In order to cook while glamping, you’ll want to make sure that you have a large burner to work with. When it comes to your meals, you don’t want to be scrimping on quality. There are several excellent camping stoves on the market, but we really enjoy the Camp Chef 2 Burner Stove. The stove has enormous burners, which allows you to cook with larger pots and in less time.

In addition, we got the two-burner griddle that is compatible with the stove. It has a large cooking surface that encompasses both burners. This griddle has been the source of some of our tastiest breakfasts, and it is something I believe is absolutely necessary for glamping.

Cap kitchens make things really easy

Another excellent approach to improve your kitchen is to invest in a camping kitchen that has been particularly designed for the purpose. Camp kitchens are quite useful for transforming camping into glamping since they provide a fantastic work/preparation space. Additionally, most camp kitchens are equipped with a sink, which makes cleanup a lot less difficult. Typically, these kitchens provide additional storage space as well as other amenities and capabilities that you don’t typically find when you’re out camping.

Bring a couple of extra tables

Having more tables helps to organize your kitchen while also providing you with more space for preparation and service. When you’re camping with a large party, having an extra table is very beneficial. By designating one table as the serving table, you may avoid having too many people crammed around the stove and kitchen at the same time. Additionally, having a few additional tables is convenient so that you and your children have a place to eat your meals together. This is particularly beneficial for youngsters.

Cover your kitchen area

The addition of a covered kitchen area can further transform your camping experience into one that is more in line with glamping standards. Having your kitchen covered will guarantee that you have a dry and sheltered area to prepare meals, even in inclement weather, even if the weather is bad. A pop-up awning is the quickest and most convenient way to create a covered kitchen area. Awnings are often a little larger in size, but they are usually rather simple to set up. They are a fantastic way to make a significant improvement to your kitchen setup.

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Enhance your camp hygiene

Although everyone is aware that when you go camping, you will inevitably become dirty, when you go glamping, you will actively seek to keep your dirt to a minimum. One method of accomplishing this is to establish a hand washing station. Keep your hands and faces clean with the help of this handwashing station, which is convenient. With an extra 5-gallon water jug and a bottle of hand soap, you can easily set up a handwashing station for your employees. A portable sink, on the other hand, is a great option for demonstrating your glamping skills if you want to make a true statement.

Don’t forget about showers

Taking a shower is something you definitely don’t want to forget about when you’re glamping. A hot shower while camping in the woods is the epitome of what it means to be a true glamping adventurer. If I’m being really honest, this is my favorite element of our glamping arrangement. I enjoy being able to get into a hot shower every couple of days and immediately feel clean and refreshed. With the help of an Ozark Trail 2-room shower tent and a portable instant hot water heater, we’ve put together a fantastic camping shower system.

When there is no water line available, you’ll need to make sure you have a mechanism to pump water into the heater.

Putting together a beautiful shower setup may be one of the more difficult aspects of glamping, but it is unquestionably one of the most rewarding. Simply having this one item may transform your camping experience into one that rivals glamping.

Add additional bathroom options

My wife (Megan) is most concerned with the state of your bathroom, which is the one thing she can do to help. I believe that for many women, this will be the most effective way to make them feel like they are not camping, but rather glamping instead. Many campgrounds do provide bathrooms, however they are not usually the cleanest or most well maintained facilities in the area. We are now utilizing a pop-up privacy tent as well as a portable toilet. It’s convenient since you can set up your bathroom in a private location, eliminating the need to worry about sharing facilities with people you don’t know.

They are more comfortable using the bathroom when the environment is comparable to the one they are used to at home.

Boost your relaxation

Everyone appreciates resting in front of a fire, but no one enjoys sitting on the ground in front of a fireplace. Without the ability to sit back and kick your feet up, it’s not very relaxing. To ensure that everyone has a place to sit, we have provided each person with a chair. The sight of children battling over a limited number of available seats is never amusing. If you truly want to ensure that you are sitting in a comfortable chair, you should invest in a Zero Gravity Chair. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

Offer more options to relax

You must have multiple ways to relax in order to truly transform your camping experience into glamping. There may be moments when you will become bored of sitting in your chair in front of the fire and will want to find a more shady spot to relax. Find a pair of camping hammocks, which is still another excellent alternative. These hammocks are extremely simple to set up, are extremely lightweight, and can be packed up into a little stuff sack. If you really want to be creative, you could even bring in blow-up furniture to decorate the space with.

Similar to this, you might bring some inflatable loungers with you.


Despite the fact that glamping is not for everyone, it is a wonderful opportunity to experience the great outdoors without having to feel like you are roughing it. The majority of the year, we will go on at least one full-fledged camping excursion (glamping). We end up having a great time, and on these travels, we usually eat some of the tastiest meals we’ve ever had. You are not required to make the transition from camping to glamping in one step.

Making small, incremental transfers over time is made easier with this guide. Choose one aspect of your trip that you would like to improve and make it your priority for your future trip. It won’t be long until you’ll be an experienced glamper with all of the necessary equipment.

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DIY Glamping Ideas: 18 Ways To Make Camping More Glam

Glamping (sometimes known as “glamorous camping”) is becoming increasingly popular. It seems like wherever you look, there are glampsites, luxury camping resorts, and glamping experiences cropping up. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. You get all of the benefits of camping — being near to nature, having wide spaces, and breathing fresh air — without compromising the comfort, elegance, and relaxation of a conventional holiday. However, as the popularity of glamping trips has grown, so has the price tag, which no longer makes sleeping beneath the stars a budget-friendly vacation option anymore.

Take some time to think outside the box and put out a little more work, and you can quickly (and affordably) transform your ordinary camping setup into Glamping Heaven.

Make your tent more luxurious

If you’re serious about DIY glamping, you might want to consider investing in an oh-so-gorgeous bell tent to make your experience even more memorable. They are not inexpensive, to be sure. A excellent one, on the other hand, should last you the rest of your life. If you camp in it at least once a year, it will pay for itself in no time at all. However, the vast majority of you are likely already in possession of perfectly adequate family tents. So let’s get to work and make the most of our opportunities.

01 Pretty lighting

Getting the perfect amount of light inside your tent may completely change the atmosphere. In our house, we refer to this as ‘girl-lighting’: turning off the frigid main lights and turning on the warm table lights. If your camping site is equipped with electricity, then go ahead and girl-light the hell out of your tent! Fairy lights, rope lighting, and table lamps are examples of what I’m talking about. If there is no electricity, consider using rechargeable lanterns and lights.

02 Hang some bunting

It may be a touch cheesy and a little noughties, but glamping isn’t glamping unless there’s some sort of bunting on display. It may be used to line the guy ropes of your tent or to hang over the entrance of your tent. It will instantly soften the utilitarian appearance of your tent and transport you to another period in an instant.

03 Cosy flooring

By putting down a blanket or rug in your tent, you may provide some extra comfort underfoot.

No camp shoes are permitted inside the tent, and the room will seem instantly welcoming and snug as a result of the addition of this feature.

04 Storage basket

Plastic bins stuffed with camping supplies, although quite useful, offer nothing to transform your tent into the glamping sanctuary you would expect and desire. A huge picnic basket hung about the home, on the other hand, may be used to store all of your camp cooking supplies in one convenient location. It’s also the kind of stuff that can be found for a reasonable price at a thrift store. If you like, you may line the inside of your plastic boxes with decorative wrapping paper. Glamping on a budget at its finest!

Make your bed, the cosy way

Having the ability to transform restless, fitful evenings at camp into restful and warm snoozes is a true luxury that cannot be measured in dollars. You’ve almost got glamping down down if you make your bed as comfy as you possibly can!

05 Air mattress

The most important factor in getting a good night’s sleep is your mattress. For those who sleep on an air mattress, you may make it more cozier by placing a mattress topper or duvet on top of it. When the weather is chilly, place a blanket below the mattress to provide a little more insulation from the cold.

06 Duvet cover / camping quilt

Sleeping bags are no longer necessary. DIY glamping at its finest! Instead, bring your own bedding from home to sleep on. Make sure you have a duvet cover that is bright and fresh in order to match the rest of your glamping décor and be comfortable. Alternatively, if you want to spend a little more money, a warm camping quilt is a more practical and durable alternative that can be used outside as well.

07 Cushions

The addition of cushions to your glamping bed is purely for cosmetic reasons, but they are a sure-fire method to make your bed seem as sumptuous as possible. Let’s get this party started. Please feel free to bring a couple of cushions from home and enjoy their wonderfully inflated uselessness.

Dress up your camping dinner table

It wouldn’t be a luxury vacation without at least one or two upscale meals. In addition, while you may not be able to bring along your own wait staff, a little bit of forward planning can transform a sloppy camping table into a gourmet outdoor dining experience to remember.

08 Table cloth

Whatever the condition of your table, if you cover it, it will not matter. The tablecloth, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be particularly elegant because you will be filling it with delicious food and decorating it. It is quite OK to use an old sheet or tablecloth from a thrift store.

09 Jars for wine glasses

Jam jars with tight-fitting lids make excellent, spill-free wine glasses. They are very stunning, and they are the epitome of practical glamping if ever I saw it! Start putting money aside in jars right now.

10 Jars of flowers

Fill those oddly shaped jars you’ve collected, or the ones you’ve misplaced their lids, with flowers to make a centerpiece. Make sure not to select any protected plants, and don’t run around pulling up everything you see. If you’re not sure what to put in the jars, you may always fill them with gorgeous grasses and foliage from the trees.

11 Tin can lanterns

Clean out your empty tins of beans, gently puncture them with holes in a design of your choosing, and voila!

You’ve got yourself a lantern on your hands! Once again, girl-lighting triumphs!

12 Napkins weighted with stones

Even better if you have some cotton napkins that you can bring with you to the event. Paper towels, on the other hand, will work quite well when nestled neatly under gorgeous stones that you can clean up and use as a weight. To provide some rustic charm to your glamping dinner table, place a small arrangement of grasses or daisies beneath the stones.

13 A campfire meal

Nothing brings a glamping dining experience to a close quite like a delicious campfire-cooked meal to finish it off. With campfire cooking, there’s a lot that can go wrong, so keep it simple by using a dutch oven or by making this simple grilled pepper and halloumi stew.

Create a chillout area

One of the most enjoyable aspects about glamping is having all of that additional time to simply rest and unwind. Remember, this is slow-paced camping at its finest! Create a relaxing room apart from your eating and cooking areas where you may relax and unwind. There should be someplace to read a book, stare at a campfire, strum a guitar, tell a tale, or just relax and sleep.

14 Firepit

If the campsite you’re staying at doesn’t have a campfire, you’ll need to bring one from home. This foldable firepit also serves as a BBQ, and you can create your own out of an old washing machine drum if you want to get creative!

15 Shelter

Set the mood by hanging a tarp for rain protection, or a sarong or old sheet for some breezy shade, to give the area a snug, den-like vibe. In order to truly create the tone for lazy summer days, consider hanging a wind chime.

16 Furnishings

If you have camping chairs, wrap them in throws, blankets, and cushions to make them more comfortable. Alternatively, if you want a more relaxed ambiance, spread a blanket on the ground beneath your shelter and cover it with cushions and beanbags for additional lounging space!

17 Suitcase table

Coffee (or cocktail!) tables made of hardshell suitcases are excellent options. Alternatively, you may utilize it for an evening of board games and cards. It also works well as a place to store all of the soft furnishings that you don’t want to leave outside over the weekend.

18 Ambient lighting

Yes, it is all about the lighting in the room! Create a fairytale grotto in your chill out zone after the sun has set with lanterns, outdoor fairy lights and candles in jars or tin cans. Surround your space with warm illumination, then sit back and relax. Putting in a little extra effort can go a long way, and using some simple DIY glamping tricks can help your camping trip feel much more like the relaxing getaway you’ve been looking forward to. Make use of your imagination, think ahead, and have fun being glampy!

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