How To Decorate A Wedding Tent

28 Tent Decorating Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Wedding Reception

If you’re getting married on a large outdoor property, you’ve probably already thought about putting up a tent for the occasion. Couples frequently choose these opulent canopies as a means of anticipating inclement weather — but they can be much more than a weather-related afterthought. Take, for example, the following wedding tents that were used at real weddings. These brides, with the assistance of their wedding planners, transformed these blank canvases with unexpected accents such as lanterns, chandeliers, and cascading floral installations.

These tents ended up being a focal point of the reception’s overall design and decor.

Tents are ideal for a variety of wedding styles, including rustic, bohemian, classic, and contemporary.

It’s important to note that not every tented wedding was under a traditional white canopy.

In addition, with the help of picture-perfect décor, brides and grooms are able to create a completely unique and personalized reception space from the ground up—literally.

Twinkling lights were suspended above the bride and groom’s seats during a beach wedding to create a warm, romantic atmosphere.

Click through for infinite inspiration from the most beautiful actual weddings you’ve ever seen.

19 Show-Stopping Tent Ideas to Steal for Your Outdoor Wedding

Forget everything you’ve learned about wedding tents up to this point. In the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic, more couples are opting for an outdoor wedding to ensure the safety of their guests and vendors. Whether you’re having your wedding in your garden or at a picturesque outdoor setting, consider investing in a wedding tent to keep guests safe from severe weather throughout your ceremony. While you may have preconceived notions about what a tented wedding should look like, you can simply customize any tent to match your personal style or theme with a little effort.

  1. Even while wedding tents are often associated with basic white interiors and plastic flaps, the reality is that they are far more elaborate these days.
  2. If necessary, inquire with your venue regarding tent rentals as well as any on-site options they may have for you.
  3. The location, the amount of guests attending, and the time of year all play a role in determining which tent type is best for your special day.
  4. Once you’ve acquired a tent for your wedding site, work with your florist and event planner (or day-of coordinator) to arrange the decorations for your wedding tent.
  5. Our greatest outdoor wedding tent decorations from actual weddings have been gathered here to help you start thinking about your own.

Make use of these images to get ideas for the design of your own wedding tent. Following your concept, collaborate with your team of vendors to create a scenario that will impress your visitors (and look fantastic on Instagram).

Entrance With Statement Florals

When it comes to weddings, first impressions are crucial, which is why we like this big sailcloth tent entry, which is bursting with beautiful bouquets and lush foliage. No one has come up with a better way to set the tone for an unforgettable party than this.

Suspended Flowers

This is one of our favorite outdoor wedding tent ideas, so keep it in mind. A wedding flower arrangement has the capacity to completely modify the appearance of any setting, including a tent. Make use of the space at the top of the canopy to make the most of the space available in your tent. While attention should be paid to features at eye level, the highest points of your canopy should also be considered.

Wedding Tent Swings

With a pair of swings for your wedding reception, you may transport yourself back to your childhood. Not only is this a photogenic décor concept, but it will also have the entire bridal party line up to take turns with the camera.

Tall Pampas Grass Centerpieces

Invest on colossal centerpieces to create a show-stopping extravaganza. Our favorite part about these earthy pampas grass arrangements is how they look with the gauzy pink draperies and dangling Edison lamps.

Rattan Chandeliers

In order to make a show, lavishly fund towering centerpieces. Our favorite part about these earthy pampas grass arrangements is how they look with the gauzy pink drapes and hanging Edison lights.

Vibrant Seating Area

Invest on colossal centerpieces to create a show-stopping display. Our favorite part about these earthy pampas grass arrangements is that they look great with gauzy pink draperies and dangling Edison lamps.

String Lights

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, string lights are a requirement. When the sun goes down, tiny lights will provide a warm and romantic glow across your home. We adore the way these brilliant string lights stand out against the clear-top tent in this setting.

Illuminated Tree Centerpiece

If you have a large tent canopy, make use of the area above it by placing a tree centerpiece there. Decorate the branches with tiny string lights to give them a whimsical feel. This type of elaborate decorating will be the talk of the town all evening.

Raised Candles

By dangling candles above the tables, you may take your illumination to new heights. This unique decoration concept will make your wedding tent feel more intimate, regardless of the number of guests in attendance.

Ivy-Covered Center Pole

A few ivy garlands may make a significant difference in the appearance of a pole tent. Instead of having an unsightly stick in the middle of your reception space, incorporate it into the ambiance by wrapping it in leafy greens or other foliage. We’re big fans of wedding tent decorations that have a practical purpose.

Modern Chandelier

Innovative lighting is one of the most essential wedding trends for 2021, and it’s especially vital for outdoor weddings, which are becoming increasingly popular. The use of extra lighting will allow the celebration to continue into the evening when natural daylight is restricted.

If you’re searching for something different to hang over your head, consider hanging a couple modern chandeliers like this. Designs that are sleek and modern will provide a sleek and modern touch to your wedding tent.

Garlands of Greenery

These days, open-air wedding tents are a thing, and they’re a fantastic alternative for those who live in warmer areas. If you’re concerned about heat accumulating under your canopy, consider purchasing a tent with open slots in the uppermost section. While it will not provide weather protection, it will provide the appearance of a tented structure, which is what you are attempting to achieve. Intertwine the canopy flaps with garlands of foliage to provide texture to the top of the structure.

Faux Tree Tent Pole Covers

Tent pole tree coverings can bring your cottagecore wedding vision to life. With this extravagant outdoor wedding tent concept, guests will be transported to a tranquil forest retreat.

Subtle Uplighting

Make sure to illuminate your tent from all sides, including the bottom. While it is vital to concentrate on light sources from above, strategically placed uplighting will bathe your tent in gloomy shadows and make it appear more intimate. Arrange clusters of lanterns or tea lights around the base of your tent—just make sure there are no open flames to ensure the safety of your guests.

String Light Canopy

Who says you have to use canvas or fabric to construct a wedding tented reception? Despite the fact that this Instagram-worthy design does not give any protection from the weather, its beauty makes it well worth the risk. Work with your wedding providers to create a canopy of string lights that stretches above the tables and the dance floor for a magical evening that everyone will remember.

Moroccan-Themed Lounge Area

This outdoor wedding tent decor is earthy and bohemian, and it would look right at home at Coachella. The soft poufs may also be used as cocktail hour seating because of their versatility.

Draped Fabric Ceiling with String Lights

This design, which is perhaps the most classic rendition of any wedding tent setup, is nothing if not ageless. To give your wedding tent a sumptuous vibe, drape chiffon, silk, or organza across the top of the structure. String lights in the colors of your wedding are a nice touch. It will have a greater influence as the evening progresses and the sun sets later.

Boho Rugs

Start from the ground up when it comes to designing your wedding tent—literally. Vintage rugs layered on top of each other can give your home an eclectic feel. Additional earthy details, such as macramé lighting, dried floral bouquets, and clusters of thick branches, can help to further enhance your boho design motif.

Colorful Draping

Hanging thematic curtains from the top of your tent will help you to fully immerse yourself in your wedding color palette. In contrast to a white tent, a modest flash of color will look stunning; add delicate fairy lights to make your big day feel even more ethereal.

15 Awesome Ideas To Make Your Wedding Tent Shine!

Greetings, friends! Lauren from I Love Love Events is here to welcome you back. This time, I’m going to share some fantastic ideas that came about as a result of a lesson I had to learn the hard way. I understand that every couple imagines their wedding day to be filled with sunshine, a gentle breeze, and temperatures around 75 degrees, but as a wedding planner, I understand that you must plan for the polar opposite of that. Rain can come down at any time of day or night. It’s possible that it will be 90 degrees in May.

All of these are good reasons to prepare for the unexpected and to shelter oneself both symbolically and literally with a tent if necessary.

It was something I went through with my own wedding.

It doesn’t have to be unattractive to be effective. Even more impressive, it may serve as the centerpiece of your wedding decor. Listed here are 15 incredible ideas on how to transform your average wedding tent into something spectacular!


Photo courtesy of Jasmine Jade/design courtesy of Dream Occasions/viaWedding Lovely


Photo courtesy of Life and Love Studio/design courtesy of Megan Martin/source:Wedding Chicks


An Affair to Remember/Photo courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography/ Style Me Pretty (via YouTube)


Photo courtesy of Austin Gros/design courtesy of Victoria Austin/source:SnippetInk


Photo courtesy of Sarah Kate Photography/ florist and planner courtesy of Bella Floral/ courtesy of Southern Weddings


Photo courtesy of Jessica Reeve Photography/ courtesy of Rock My Wedding


Photo courtesy of Divine Light Photography/floral courtesy of Botanica Florist/tent courtesy of Tent Logix/via:Southern Weddings


Photograph courtesy of Jamie D Photography Daylene Wilson/Image courtesy of Wedding Chicks A New York-based wedding planning firm that specializes on the distinctive and handcrafted style is owned by Lauren Koster. I Love Love Events was founded by Lauren Koster, who is also the owner of I Love Love Events. Every time we see her, we are captivated by her unique style and trendy hipster feel. We constantly look forward to her monthly ” Steal This Style ” piece appearing on our blog. Interested in learning more?

15 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Your Wedding Tent Décor

In the United States, the typical wedding costs more than $30,000. But who has that type of cash on hand, especially at a time when many young couples are attempting to pay off school loans or save for a down payment on a home? Fortunately, there are methods to save money on your wedding while still having a wonderful event. One of the most cost-effective methods to save money on a wedding is to forego a regular wedding location and instead have a tented wedding. Of course, if you’re not careful, wedding tent décor may quickly become prohibitively pricey.

Do you need some ideas to get you started?

1. Go with an Open Tent

Do you already have a gorgeous spot in mind for your wedding tent? If so, congratulations! What if you just sit back and let the venue do all of the work? A pole or marquee tent with a covered top and open sides is a good choice. The natural beauty that surrounds you will therefore become a part of your interior design. All you have to do is stay with the same aesthetic throughout your wedding to have a unified appearance and feel. For example, if you’re being married on a beach, consider using light nautical décor and a color palette that is inspired by the water.

2. Decorate the Entryway

Making a nice first impression on your visitors by decorating the entrance to your tent is a terrific way to start the party. You might want to consider putting a small water fountain in front of your tent if you already have one.

A well-decorated archway, a few lamps, or a giant sign are all excellent ways to make your tent’s entrance stand out from the crowd. If you want to save even more money, you may repurpose the arch or other décor from the wedding.

3. Hang Ceiling Drapes

Ceiling curtains are one of the most popular ways to adorn a wedding tent, and for good reason. And there’s a strong explanation for that as well. Ceiling curtains are an inexpensive method to make a significant visual impression. You may either purchase specialized tent drapes online or just purchase as many yards of fabric as you require from your local craft store, depending on your preferences. While white appears to be the most popular color for ceiling curtains, you may also utilize your wedding colors to give a fun splash of color and dazzle your guests by using your wedding colors.

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4. Hide Support Beams

A wedding tent’s ceiling curtains are perhaps the most popular method to adorn it. The explanation for this is quite valid. Using ceiling curtains to create a dramatic effect is an inexpensive approach to do this. Choose from a variety of pre-made tent curtains available on the internet or just purchase as many yards of fabric as you require at a craft store. However, while white appears to be the most popular color for ceiling curtains, you may utilize your wedding colors to give a fun splash of color and dazzle your guests by using them.

5. Use Chair Sashes

The use of chair sashes can be a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to purchasing pricey chairs or chair coverings. You can add interest and color to your wedding tent while also concealing less-than-ideal seats by using a broad ribbon to tie everything together. While you may purchase these items on the internet, it is generally more cost-effective to purchase a few yards of fabric or ribbon and make your own. Chair cushion coverings are also available for purchase online, allowing you to take your chairs to the next level.

6. Get Some Bean Bags

Do you want a wedding that is both enjoyable and relaxing? Then you can’t go wrong with a couple large bean bags to put about the room. Simply place them in a corner of your tent with a rug and a few throw cushions to complete the look. Voila! You now have a discussion pit that is both comfy and distinctive, and it is sure to amaze your visitors.

7. Hang Fairy Lights…

Fairy lights are the best sort of illumination for practically any style of wedding, including outdoor ceremonies. They can contribute to the creation of a rustic, chic, romantic, or mystical atmosphere depending on the rest of the décor. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they may also be used to adorn your garden or patio after the wedding has taken place. The finest investment you can make in your wedding tent is fairy lights, especially if you need a little more light in the space.

8. …Or Paper Lanterns

Are you searching for something a little different than traditional fairy lights? Although they are inexpensive, paper lanterns provide an abundance of light and aesthetic intrigue. However, while white lanterns are a nice choice, using brightly colored lanterns may create a more exciting and distinctive environment.

9. Go Rustic

Rustic weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no surprise. However, because rustic décor is often inexpensive and easy to produce oneself, they may also be among of the most budget weddings. The use of old barrels, toolboxes, and tin buckets is ideal for creating a rustic wedding theme.

Mason jars are inexpensive to purchase in bulk, and they may be utilized as drinking glasses or vases in a variety of ways. Wooden tables and chairs do not require any additional protection, allowing you to save even more money.

10. Go with Chandeliers

Do you prefer a formal or a refined setting for your wedding reception? Then think about spending a little more money on some chandeliers to dangle from the roof of your tent. Buying in bulk or shopping from a used wedding décor website, such as Bravo Bridal or Wedding Recycle, can help you save money. If you can get them at a reasonable price, they will serve as a focal point, allowing you to keep the rest of your décor as simple as possible.

11. Decorate with Flower Petals

Many couples are surprised to learn exactly how pricey wedding flowers can be when they first get engaged. However, this is an excellent area in which to reduce back. Instead of using big floral arrangements as centerpieces, flower petals might be used instead. They’re far less expensive while yet providing the same flowery effect. Simply scatter them on each table and top with a few candles to make a simple and reasonably priced table centerpiece. Consider using floating candles and long, narrow vases to create a more romantic atmosphere.

12. Use a Colored Tablecloth for the Sweetheart Table

Trying to come up with a creative and cost-effective approach to make your sweetheart table stand out? Consider utilizing a different colored tablecloth instead of spending a lot of money on expensive chairs and other decorations. In many cases, white tablecloths will be used with colorful napkins to complement the colors of the wedding reception. You might use the same color as your napkins as your tablecloth and use white napkins instead. This will assist to ensure that your table is noticeable without appearing out of place.

13. Use Large Letters

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult aspects of decorating a tent is finding out how to fill up huge, empty spaces. If you’re experiencing this issue, consider establishing a focus point using huge painted lettering and garland to draw attention to it. The word “love” can be written as a single word or as a combination of your last name and your initials followed by an ampersand. Place some garland or bunched fabric on the floor to finish the look. You may also incorporate decorative elements such as fairy lights, lanterns, or flowers to make a larger statement.

14. Create a Selfie Station

There’s no disputing that photo booths have an attraction of their own. It provides guests with something to do other than dance, and they also receive a cute picture to take home as a keepsake of their experience. Photobooths, on the other hand, have become quite pricey. In the event that you do not have the funds to rent a professional photo booth, try setting up a DIY selfie station. You may either purchase a background online or build one yourself out of colored streamers or a colorful piece of cloth that you find interesting.

Much better, you can make your own props to save even more money! The final step will be to get a selfie stick, which will allow your visitors to capture the finest possible images. You may also use a polaroid camera as a fun throwback that your visitors will undoubtedly like.

15. Get a Unique Dance Floor

Your dance floor will almost certainly take up a significant portion of your wedding tent. The cost of upgrading to a unique dance floor may be more, but it will help you to save money by serving as a focal point for your event’s décor, reducing the need to spend as much on other components of the event’s decor. Colored dance floor squares can be set in a variety of designs, including checkered, striped, and geometric. You may even get dance floors with floral themes or dance floors with monograms to give your event a more personal touch.

Your Guide to Affordable Wedding Tent Décor

Spending a lot of money on your wedding décor is not necessary. Instead, follow the instructions in the tutorial above to make your wedding tent appear gorgeous while staying within your budget. It is possible to have a memorable wedding tent décor without breaking the budget, whether it is by renting an open tent or installing a unique dance floor. Are you seeking for strategies to make improvements to your house on a tight budget as well? Then have a look at our range of giant bean bag chairs, which will make your house more beautiful and comfortable!

25 Breathtaking Tent Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

The durability, functionality, and general distinctiveness of tents make them an excellent choice for any outdoor wedding venue. Tents may also provide a wealth of interesting design possibilities for any outdoor wedding location. No matter if they’re painted white, transparent, or brightly colored, these durable structures make a stunning addition to your cocktail hour, outdoor wedding, or outdoor reception. You may create an enticing tented entry appropriate for a grand entrance, add softness with flowing drapery, bring the outdoors in with real plants and trees, or set the tone for your post-ceremony décor with a variety of ceiling installations.

Your wedding canopy or tent will stand out from the crowd with a variety of unique decor, innovative lighting, and custom flooring.

Some of the greatest providers in the market share their insights on how to make your wedding tent even more memorable in the sections that follow.

Bring Focus to Your Head Table

NormanBlake and Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Co. collaborated on this photograph. Thinking outside the box and envisioning a floral display that hangs horizontally over your head table (which is normally where the newlyweds are seated) is an original approach to create a focal point inside your tent. Francis Dorman and Britt Cole, cofounders of 42 North, designed this stunning installation with delicate flowers, chandelier accented with crystals, and romantic drapery. “We used layers of drape to create a sumptuous and private ambience elsewhere in the tent,” the designers explained in a statement.

Elect for a Canopy

Jana Dillon captured this image. According to Morgan Childs, the creator and creative director ofMoana Belle Events, the use of a canopy will allow for ample of natural light to enter your room.

According to Childs, the open sides are ideal for incorporating your environment into the design of your day while yet providing shade thanks to the above cover. 03 out of 25

Consider Draping

Abby Jiu Photography captured this image. One approach to include soft draping into the building of your tent—while avoiding the need for extra rentals—is to employ it as a decorative element. The event planner and head of marketing for EVOKE, Kaitlyn Hostetler, proposes that, instead of chandeliers, drape may be used to lend a particular touch to an outdoor tent. It is the depth provided by the architecture that creates the ideal atmosphere to host a formal outdoor event.” 04th out of 25

Assemble a Level Foundation

Raquel Reis captured this image. When you are erecting a tent outside, the ground on which you are working might be unpredictably uneven. Kristin Doggett, owner and creative director of Bellafare, suggests establishing a stable platform on which to build your tent’s base so that you may be assured that it will not collapse. A firm surface is always a good option, according to Doggett, since it ensures a level dance floor, keeps heels from sinking into the ground, and creates an ambiance that feels comfortable and welcoming, just like it would be if you were dancing indoors.

Anticipate Unforeseen Weather

Norman Blake captured this image. According to Tina Reikes, owner of Bear Flag Farm, a nicely draped tent creates an intimate area while protecting guests from the weather. “A beautifully draped tent creates an intimate environment while shielding guests from the elements,” she explains. The sides of the tent were left open for this wedding in order to provide guests with a magnificent view of the grounds. 06th out of 25

Draw the Eye Up

Photo courtesy of JustinMary Hanging floral installations are not only a popular trend, but they are also excellent for drawing attention to the height of your tent. “A floral installation will draw your guests’ attention upwards, allowing them to appreciate the full beauty of your tent,” says Carrie Wilcox, owner of Carrie Wilcox Floral Design. “A floral installation will draw your guests’ attention upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full beauty of your tent.” Elevated floral arrangements can also free up valuable table space, allowing you to forego the use of a centerpiece entirely if you prefer.

Distinguish a Seating Area

O’Malley Photographers provided the image. In order to give the tent some purpose and emphasis near the dance floor, Aleah and Nick Valley, the owners ofValleyCompany Events, recommend that you create a living area in the midst of it. “Use giant comfortable seats, coffee tables, and pews to create an atmosphere similar to that of your own house, and add chandeliers overhead to bring the interior out.” Having a comfortable location will encourage visitors to sit and converse all night long while taking in the ambience and design of the tent.

Curate a Striking Entrance

Photograph courtesy of Leila Brewster Photography Crafting an entrance befitting of a one-of-a-kind event will set the tone for the rest of your tent’s decor. True Event’s Caitlin Campbell, a senior event organizer and designer, suggests attracting your visitors’ attention with an entrance that is decorated with eye-catching decor.

According to her, “we enjoy it when a couple wants to make a statement with flowers or other decor alternatives in order to catch everyone’s attention.” 09th day of 25th month

Create Height With Centerpieces

Elizabeth LaDuca captured this image. It’s important to remember to generate height with your tablescape when using a sailcloth tent, says Lauren Emerson of Lauren Emerson EventsDesign. When using a sailcloth tent, she advises couples to use a variety of different components. “Sailcloth tents have such wonderful high peaks that shouldn’t go ignored,” she adds, adding that using many layers of towering arrangements will help to guarantee that your design doesn’t look stale and uninteresting. tenth out of twenty-five

Consider a Clear Top

Kristin Moore took the photograph. Chelsey Morrison, owner of Gather Together Events, like transparent top tents because they allow her to incorporate elements of the outdoors into her events. According to her, “When you are in a beautiful environment, there is no better way to feel connected to the landscape while simultaneously sheltering your guests from the weather.” One of her favorite aspects of transparent buildings is that they are more energy efficient. During the evening hours, the shadows made by the surrounding trees and sceneries may be observed.

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Strategize Cohesive Decor Elements

Sarah Kate Photography provided the image. Emily Clarke, creative director of Emily Clarke Events, designed a wedding celebration that included magnolia trees around the event and the tent’s general design to make it feel like an outdoor wedding. Weaved vines, magnolia leaves, and lush flora were used to create a large tent doorway that complemented the trees. ” The ivy was then wrapped around the internal tent poles. “We finished by suspending huge Magnolia leaf wreathes from the ceiling,” she explains further.

Amplify Your Color Scheme

Harwell Photography provided the image. This reception’s décor, as well as architectural aspects, had hues of purple everywhere. In order to assist establish a consistent theme throughout your event, Alicia Fritz, CEO of A Day in May Event PlanningDesign, advises using tiny traces of color at the top of your tent to help create a cohesive theme throughout. If you use a variety of tones, colors, and hues in your area, she adds, “you may enhance the space and structure depending on your day-of color palette.” 13th out of 25

Bring the Outdoors In

Jen Fariello captured this image. Considering that your surrounding environment will have a huge impact on your overall theme and tented design, why not include aspects of nature into the inside design of your day-of space? Souther Blooms partner Sherry Spencer says, “We love to include natural elements into our tented weddings by cutting saplings from the land and bringing the outside in.” By filling the high ceiling with saplings, she says, this helps to create a more intimate atmosphere for the wedding guests.

Integrate Unexpected Sparkle

Bamber Photography provided the image. For a fashionable and whimsical approach to add sparkle to the interior of your tent, Victoria Love, owner ofV. Love Events, offers strands of different twinkling lights as a decorative element in your tent.

In order to make your guests feel as though they are dancing under the stars, she recommends that you use twinkling lights overhead. The addition of this element will elicit feelings of romance and create a mellow atmosphere. 15th out of 25

Make a Statement

Katie Stoops Photography provided the image. Eatherley Schultz, owner of Florressence Flowers, advises hiring a structure with a strong presence for couples who want to set the tone for their wedding in a dramatic manner. In reference to a previous event that made use of this towering mainstay, Schultz remarks, “This Sperry Tent made a significant statement.” A pasture in the heart of a mountain range in western North Carolina served as a setting for the monument,” the author writes. “A magnificent tent set against an equally stunning landscape.” 16th out of 25

Adorn With Pendants

Photograph courtesy of Ryan Phillips Photographer According to Kelly Clark Leonard, owner and main producer of Event of the Season, “one of our favorite aspects of using a tent is that it allows us to create very gorgeous overhead displays.” Different points of interest such as pendants, chandeliers, and other ornamental pieces provide careful nuances to the overall design of a reception room. The tops of each pendant were covered in white cloth for this specific event, in order to correspond with the refined design approach.

Play Up the Exterior

KT Merry captured this image. Heather Lowenthal, owner of Posh Parties, recommends using a burst of color on the tent’s outside trim to draw attention to the structure’s exterior. As she points out, “it’s crucial to pay attention to the exterior just as much as you do the interior.” The exterior of this all-white building was bordered with drapery that had a broad blue border to complete the look by adding a splash of color. 18 out of 25

Customize a Dance Floor

Stone Crandall Photography captured this image. “A dance floor was absolutely necessary in order for guests to properly groove to the sounds of an awesome band,” says Katie Huebel, owner of WED. Because the bride and groom wanted something unique for their wedding, they chose a traditional color scheme for their dance floor. twenty-fifth out of twenty-five

Hide Unflattering Details

Photograph courtesy of Christian Oth Studio Every detail counts when it comes to impressing guests, so make sure the exterior of your tent is as as stunning as the interior. The structure of your tent and the materials required to conceal items that you may not want your guests to see are important considerations, says Lynn Easton, founder and creative director of Easton Events. “Don’t forget to consider the structure of your tent and the materials required to camouflage things you may not want your guests to see,” she adds.

Work With Natural Tones

Perry Vaile captured this image. Ashley Culicchia Cash, owner and creative director of The Graceful Host, recommends that couples take inspiration from their surroundings while planning their wedding. “Incorporate natural tones into your color palette that are reminiscent of the scenery of your surroundings,” she recommends. ” The rustic design approach of this open-air tented celebration was enhanced by the use of wooden accents. twenty-first out of twenty-five

Embellish Tables With Candlelight

Alex Paul Photography captured this image. Candles are a flattering component that can be used to decorate your tablescape while also bringing gentleness to the overall mood of your area, according to Melissa Davis, owner of Melissa Davis Designs.

She advises placing candles of varied heights throughout the arrangement of your table. In addition, she notes, “the amber glow from the candlelight will add attractiveness to the ambience of your tent’s inside.” 22nd out of 25

Allocate Space for Entertainment

Perry Vaile captured this image. While tables, dance floors, and other design components will take up the majority of the available area in your tent, it’s crucial to allow enough space for other day-of aspects such as your live band or other entertainment necessities to set up. The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra’s maestro, Jeremy Davis, explains that while tents provide an intimate ambiance, allowing too little space for a large orchestra can result in confined quarters and restricted dance space.

twenty-third of twenty-five

Understand the Mechanics

Photograph courtesy of Christian Oth Studio The president and CEO of JZ Events, Jennifer Zabinski, says that wedding tents should feature all of the amenities that a traditional venue would have. “This includes flooring, power, air conditioning/heating units, generators, lighting, and portable restrooms,” she says. It’s also vital to think about how your tent will work in terms of selling to merchants. “For example, if your wedding is in a rural area, make sure there are adequate access points for suppliers to load in and make sure to include a cook-tent.” 24th out of 25

Play With Scale, Size, and Design

Katie Slater Photography provided the image. Selecting the appropriate tent size for your event, whether it is an intimate gathering or a bigger gathering with a larger guest list, is essential to completing the plan of your reception or wedding. According to Christen Ryan, creator of Ryan Designs, when it comes to tent sizes and aesthetics, it is critical to have a variety of options. It’s important to keep in mind that some tents have poles that take up valuable internal space, and to take your surroundings into consideration when selecting décor elements so that every component of your design contributes to the overall vision, adds Ryan.

Light It Up

Justin DeMutiis Photography provided the photograph. When weddings go far into the night, it’s critical to ensure that your tent is sufficiently illuminated so that guests don’t feel as if they are no longer welcome in the room. For events that will continue after the sun goes down, the integration of light into your tented design is critical, according to Tracie Domino, founder and creative director ofTracie Domino Events. “Whether string lights, large bulbs, or lit installations, the integration of light in your tented design is crucial,” she says.

11 Fancy Tented Wedding Decoration Ideas to Stun Your Guests

If you want to have an outdoor wedding that is also sheltered from the elements in case of inclement weather, then tents should be at the top of your priority list. There are several choices for personalization when it comes to tent weddings, including soft lighting, hanging flower chandeliers, a draped ceiling with romantic string lights, antique wedding décor, and plenty of lush foliage for garlands and bouquets. Listed here is a collection of very swoon-worthy tented wedding inspirations that I’ve put up just for you.

  1. 1.
  2. Deer Pearl Flowers provided the floral arrangements, greenery, and crystal chandeliers.
  3. Decoration with tall and large flowering foliage courtesy of the Bridal Guide and Wedding Wire Tented wedding invitations in a romantic blush hue 4.
  4. Fifth, a green garland courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes courtesy of SMP courtesy of Martha Setwart Weddings.
  5. Hanging Lanterns courtesy of Modern Weddings Wedding dancefloor with lush flora dangling from the ceiling viaReal Weddings viaSouthern Weddings 7.
  6. Through Featured image courtesy of Jenny Moloney/SMP/Elizabeth Anne Designs/Nash Ville Bridal Guide 10.

Lounge Area (courtesy of Southern Weddings) courtesy of Wedd Book 11. Dessert table made from a wine barrel, courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs Amy Arrington Photography is a part of the ThroguhAmy Arrington Photography group. Elegant White Invitations for Tented Weddings from viaSMP

Everything You Need to Know About Having a Tented Wedding—Straight from the Experts

A tent is sometimes required for an outdoor wedding, and many couples do not want to forgo the opportunity of having one. The tent is often the center point of a garden wedding, whether it is for the ceremony, the reception, or both. Depending on the style of your event, the surrounding surroundings, and the number of guests in attendance, you will require a different sort of wedding tent than you would expect. Your wedding planner and/or event designer will assist you in making the best decision and weighing your alternatives, which may include sailcloth, ClearSpan, and glass.

  1. We’ve enlisted the help of some of the most respected names in planning and design to provide you with all the knowledge, ideas, and inspiration you’ll need whether organizing a tented ceremony, reception, or after-party after a post-lockdown celebration.
  2. Floor coverings are required for every event held under a tent or in an outdoor setting, just as they are when constructing a home.
  3. However, skipping the foundation will almost certainly result in a large number of last-minute charges and adjustments to your tent.
  4. I used to do that many years ago—and then I realized my mistake.
  5. When you host an event in a tent, you are effectively creating a venue from the ground up.
  6. “It is especially crucial if the event is held in the evening because it will be dark outside and there will be no scenery visible—even with the doors and windows open.
  7. A considerable portion of your cash and time should be allocated to the décor; while planning a tent wedding, you’ll be picking the flooring, walls, and other elements in addition to your flowers and table settings.
  8. Tent styles that are popular include clear top, where the sky can be seen through the ceiling; white top, where the ceiling is opaque; sailcloth, where poles come to a point in the ceiling for a more dramatic look; and greenhouse, which feels more like a residential structure.
  9. Every tent has an own personality, and the overall aesthetic you’re striving for should play a significant influence in determining which design you’ll use for your occasion.

“We adore the way a tent defines space and contributes to the creation of a feeling of place; it serves as the foundation for creating an exceptional event.” When it comes to tents, Easton recommends that couples approach them as if they were interior designers, starting from the bottom up and designing with a residential eye.

No matter how many beautiful handcrafted pieces you have in your tent, lighting is the most crucial factor in making everything seem unified and beautiful.

At its most basic level, a tent is simply a large open area; when organizing a wedding in one, attempt to generate the same level of warmth and mood outdoors as you would inside.

It’s critical to consider how to make a tent that is socially isolated and safe feel like a timeless and well-planned wedding reception.” To achieve that mood, Patel starts with the tent type and then designs around it, finishing with installations (such as the orchid chandelier featured above) and flooring that is inspired by interior or landscape design.

  • The Tent Made of Glass When it comes to choosing a tent in a foreign country, the glass tent is just marginally more appealing than the traditional canvas tent.
  • This marquee was chosen by Rachel Birthistle and Taimar Birthistle-Cooke of The Lake Como Wedding Planner for Chris Hessney and Simon Miall’s Lake Como wedding, which is shown in this photo.
  • “Ours was more about creating this one experience where you come in, eat, leave, and then never see it again, which felt really cool and over-the-top,” he explains.
  • Constructing something out of nothing A tent, rather than entering an already-occupied place and attempting to work with the architecture and design that has already been established, “is a blank canvas that allows the imagination to run wild,” according to Steve Moore of Sinclair and Moore.
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Everything from adding chandeliers, hanging installations, walls, windows, doors, and floors that complement the event’s style to all of the tables textures, soft seating lounges, bars, and more is taken care of by the professionals.” “By opting for a tent, you won’t have to contend with the problematic patterned carpet and off-colored walls of typical ballrooms, as well as any preexisting light fixtures, art, and structural components that might be tough to design around.

In addition, a tent defines the border of the room and establishes boundaries that draw attendees into the celebration, as previously said “Moore goes on to say more.

“In certain cases, I could pick a clear-top tent if my client is looking for a more contemporary style, or if we want to highlight how magnificent the vista around the property is.

I liken the process of selecting a tent to that of selecting the type of home you would contemplate purchasing.

When planning a tented event, according to Ashley Mason of Saunter Weddings, there are three things to bear in mind: the season, the setting, and, of course, your own style.” When a site offers breathtaking views of nature, choose a tent that allows everyone to take it all in at the same time.

On hot summer days, though, sitting in a completely transparent tent might seem like you’re sitting in a steamy greenhouse, which can be uncomfortable.

They are capable of supporting the weight of a design installation and acting as insulation during the colder seasons.

They’re also excellent for allowing in a lot of natural light, which will liven up your home.

The tent should be consistent with the concept, appropriate for the location and weather conditions, and contribute to the design plot.” Tent Alternatives to Consider Joy Proctor argues that you may create wonderful outdoor gatherings without really utilizing a tent at all, according to her.” Tradition has it that tents are used for weather protection, but they also provide an excellent chance to include design elements at a higher focal point than would otherwise be feasible.

In order to maintain the ‘alfresco’ feel of the outdoors, I frequently opt for exquisite wooden structures that are wrapped in cloth and ornamented with flowers.” Make advantage of the wooden structure as a decorative component, rather than merely as a structural element, to create a genuinely unique atmosphere.

For this celebration, we wrapped the whole ceiling with David Austin Roses and suspended four floral chandeliers covered in David Austin Roses from the beams to offer guests with a welcome relief from the heat.” This has the appearance and feel of a tent, but does not have the predictable structure of a tent.

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Wedding Tent Ideas For A Stunning Reception

A wedding motif conjures a timeless and ultra-glam sense all year long, regardless of the occasion. With everything from the romantic and calming lighting to the flower arrangements and installations, you will be able to revel in the unique delights of outdoor wedding celebrations. Now, if you believe that tents are plain and uninteresting, you couldn’t be more mistaken. An outdoor wedding tent is available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to meet your specific requirements. They are practical, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing for any outdoor gathering.

So have a look at this selection of tent wedding ideas for the utmost in décor inspiration.

Luxurious Wedding Tents That WOW

An outdoor wedding tent that has been meticulously decorated and complemented to perfection with gold accents exudes richness and splendor. Gold chandeliers, lanterns, and string lights can be used to create an atmosphere of enclosure and closeness. Invest in elaborate ceiling installations, curtains, and candles to completely turn your area into a one-of-a-kind environment for your guests. A water fountain and a steel arch may be placed at the entrance of your tent for the wedding to give it a sumptuous atmosphere.

Chair sashes, gold place cards, napkins, and flatware are all great ways to add a touch of glitz to your wedding.

Elegant Wedding Reception Under Big Tent

Make the most of the available space by using a colorful yet natural color palette to bring a large wedding tent to life. Hang a variety of flower garlands from the ceiling of your reception location to add whimsy to the occasion. Fabrics and twinkling lights should be used throughout the tent to create a lively atmosphere and provide depth to the space. Tea lights, candles, Edison bulbs, twinkle lights, and candles of varied lengths may all make a difference in the game. Decorate the beams with a variety of traditional ribbons to bring some color and excitement to the room.

This flowery wall may also be used as a backdrop for images that are sure to make people swoon.

Unforgettable Bohemian Wedding Celebrations Under Tents

For their outdoor wedding tent, the bohemian couple wants whimsical and nature-inspired touches to complement their style. Consequently, create a floral display or a floral arch to span the length of your reception and head table. Incorporate flowers, succulents, feathers, and foliage into your arrangement for the perfect combination to pull the viewer’s attention upward. Consider the use of chandeliers, draperies, and, most importantly, a transparent tent for your wedding reception. The untamed mood associated with transparent tents will appeal to a wandering spirit, and the open sides will mix in with the surrounding décor, adding to the overall effect.

Choose towering centerpieces with textured balloon lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Everything else should be kept simple and in a variety of colors that complement your palette.

Lovely Rustic Receptions Under Wedding Tent

If you want to add an amazing rustic touch to your wedding tent, use birch and lanterns to recreate the outdoors. Make use of the trees for support while leaving the paper lanterns dangling from the ceiling. Wrapping your crystal chandeliers with trailing leaves and placing them in a bed of flower halos will transform them into a show-stopping piece of art. Create a tiled color-blocked surface on the floor to protect it from damage. Think of creating an entrance with burlap or macramé that is bordered on both sides by pots of cactus for a welcoming feel.

Finish the theme with some candle shelves and hanging shelf flowers to complete the effect!

Beautiful Tent Ideas For Modern Wedding

Whether you are having your wedding in your backyard or a park, a transparent or glass tent wedding is a great option. These tents are perfect for outdoor weddings because they maximize the connection with the surrounding scenery, which is critical for a successful event. Besides adding to the overall visual appeal, they also serve to shield guests from the weather and draw attention to the interior design. Bring some magnolia trees into the tent and place them across the space. Extend this to the doorway by hanging wreaths made of vines, ivy, foliage, and magnolia leaves that have been blowing in the wind.

Decorate with twinkles and glittering lights to match the low centerpieces and clear flutes on the table.

Fresh Playful Ideas For Tent Wedding

With your wedding tent design, especially for casual weddings, you can create a playful and lighthearted atmosphere. By opting for a more elevated floral design and avoiding the centerpieces, you may free up valuable table space. Replace single-seating chairs with big ottomans and couches to create a more comfortable atmosphere. Coffee tables, accent lights, and chandeliers should be used to complete the home décor theme. Heavy curtains in vibrant colors should be used to line the doorway, and a dance floor with the couple’s monogrammed initials should be set up.

Bring in twinkle and string lights, candles, votives, and hanging flower arrangements to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

White Wedding Decor Ideas Under Tents

Place garlands of clematis, astilbe flowers, moss, and white delphinium on a bistro chair to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. White linens, runners, and blossom vases should be used to decorate the tables. Add a lovely arrangement of white pillar and taper candles to complete the look. To create an intimate environment, throw white cloth over the tent’s roof and illuminate the space with string lights.

Decorate the tables with mismatched pottery urns and bowls filled with ferns and Lysimachus to provide a touch of personality. To add luxury texture to an all-white area, use ivory velvet napkins topped with white chargers and cutlery to create table settings.

Tent Decor Ideas For Romantic Wedding

The use of ivy-covered chandeliers combined with garlands of ranunculus blossoms can help to create a romantic atmosphere at your event. Consider using candlesticks and ceramic crockery at each place setting to keep the overall appearance coherent. Wrap the tent beams or bones with fern garlands from top to bottom, then place a Moroccan or Turkish rug on the dance floor to complete the look. Hang vines and wrap greenery around candelabras that have been illuminated by votives, which are especially appropriate for sunset weddings.

Hanging orb candles and weaved lamps suspended from the ceiling will decorate the tables of your tent.

Wedding Tent Decorated With Natural Greenery

The entry should have a sailcloth canopy loaded with fresh foliage and rich bouquets to provide a natural tone for the celebration. Install clumps of plants at the highest points of your building and let them to fall down while bringing the viewer’s attention upward. Tall, earthy pampas grass centerpieces may be used to create a stunning display for your event. Combine these centerpieces with floating Edison lamps and gauzy pink draperies to create a cohesive look. Add some neutral rattan light bulbs and an illuminated tree centerpiece to your space to create a calm and serene mood.

Lighting Ideas For Wedding Under Tent

There are a variety of lighting solutions available for your tent wedding that are perfect for every wedding theme and budget. Consider using rice paper lanterns in a variety of sizes for a casual wedding at a beach barn or in your garden. These lanterns form a multilayered focal point over the dance floor, creating a dramatic atmosphere. A foliage chandelier can also be added for a rustic or romantic feel to your wedding. Make certain that they complement the rest of your wedding decorations, such as seasonal evergreens.

Lights such as bistro lights, intricately draped LED lights, or Edison bulbs will provide the sense of a starry night.

Blush Elegant Wedding Reception Under Tent

The color blush should be included in your image palette for everything romantic and lovely. Flowers such as blush and pink roses, ranunculuses, dahlias, carnations, peonies, and hydrangeas are used to create a flower wall. The tent should be draped from the ceiling to the ground in blush-colored tulle, silk, or chiffon. Tall blush flower centerpieces, pink and blush candles in translucent orbs, and a warm mood are all you need to create a welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively, install blush chandeliers with floating pink bulbs in gold frames.

You may also use pink stationery for your place cards and menu, as well as cutlery and blush napkins to complete the look. Table runners and linens in shades of pink and blush are mixed and matched, while white and blush lounge chairs complete the look.

White Tent Ideas With Greenery

Create embellishments at the entrance of your tent with potted plants for a style that is influenced by the natural world. If you want to go all out, line the entryway with greenery garlands or wooden planters to make it look even more impressive. Make a bouquet of fresh greens and dried flowers and use them to adorn the cocktail bar to provide a splash of color. Fill the ceilings with lush greenery to create a jungle-like atmosphere. Additionally, it aids in the creation of the appearance of larger tents and the addition of depth to the site.

Combine these flowers with green napkin rings, crystal glassware, Lucite candle holders, a greenery table runner, and traditional silverware to create a cohesive look.

Ideas For Wedding Lighting Under The Tent

While lights have a practical purpose in providing illumination, they are also aesthetically pleasing and attractive. If you’re in the mood for something festive, drape white textiles from the ceiling with incorporated backlighting to celebrate the season. Consider using little café lights for the sides and top of the tent to create a gentle and pleasant atmosphere. Wearing your string-lit beams and center poles with sleeves made of transparent textiles will give your event a magical elegance.

Arrange colored par lighting to draw attention to the bar area, buffet, and dancing floor, among other things.

Your wedding tent should provide protection, relaxation, and a visually pleasant environment for your guests.

With this selection of tent wedding décor ideas, we’ve provided you with a plethora of inspiration.

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