How To Decorate A Tent For Halloween

Halloween Tent Ideas

The date is April 24, 2020. Tents are the best option. If you believe that party tents are solely used for weddings and formal occasions, you are mistaken. There are only so many Halloween decorating ideas that Pinterest can provide you with that won’t seem odd and out of place in your home. With an aparty tent, you have a blank canvas on which to create the Halloween party of your imagination. For those of you who aren’t sure how this might work, don’t worry: keep reading for the best guide to Halloween party ideas that will ensure your party is one that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

How to Decorate a Tent for Halloween

April 24, 2020 is the date set for this event. Tents are the most comfortable option available. Don’t be fooled into thinking party tents are solely used for formal events like weddings and banquets. When it comes to Halloween décor ideas that aren’t odd and out of place in your home, Pinterest can only provide you with so many suggestions. By renting an aparty tent, you may create the Halloween party of your dreams on a blank canvas. If you’re not sure how this might work, don’t worry: keep reading for the best guide to Halloween party ideas that will ensure that your party is one that you and your guests will remember for years to come!

Step One: Pick your Halloween party theme

A theme is the first stage in arranging any spectacular event, and that includes your Halloween bash. Having a clear vision of how you want your party to look and feel, as well as how you want your party guests to feel, can assist you in every step of the planning process. You’re largely restricted to constructing some sort of haunted house environment in your own home. With a party tent, the possibilities for your Halloween party are virtually limitless. Do you need some more Halloween inspiration?

Instead of scaring your guests, you might prefer to host a themed Halloween party complete with amazing costumes and decorations.

Go all out and reminisce with your buddies as you hit the dance floor and recall happy memories of your high school dances.

Whatever theme you pick, your guests will be blown away by your ultimate Halloween party tent, which will be brimming with the most creative Halloween party ideas available anywhere.

Step Two: Choose your tent

It’s time to figure out the tent(s) you’ll need to take your Halloween party to the next level once you’ve picked which direction you’ll be going in for the evening. We have a wide variety of tent options at American Tent that may help you modify your environment. An overview of some of our most popular tents, as well as recommendations on which one is ideal for your event: Pole Tents- Pole tents are enormous, attractive, and simple to erect and decorate. They are also inexpensive. When you think of an outdoor wedding with a party tent, you’re most likely thinking of a pole tent, which is popular for huge events like weddings and festivals.

  • These are a fantastic alternative for a huge Halloween party, especially if you want a space that can accommodate your guests while also providing food, entertaining décor and activities, and a dance floor!
  • As a result, you will be able to take advantage of even more decorating opportunities.
  • Pagoda Tents- Using pagoda tents, you can build a horrific haunted house or labyrinth that will scare the living daylights out of your visitors and have them wondering why they ever paid to enter a haunted house in the first place.
  • Pop-Up Tents- These compact, entertaining tents are ideal when you want to establish a variety of different zones for your visitors to stop at and enjoy throughout your Halloween party.

The perfect alternative for a haunted carnival, or for a simple rest/food area for your guests to stop in after being spooked by your eerie party additions, these structures are a great choice.

Step Three: Make it spooky with decorations!

You’ve decided on a theme for your party and selected the right tent for the occasion; now it’s time to locate the appropriate Halloween decorations to take things to the next level and host the Halloween party of your dreams! So, what is the best way to decorate a tent for Halloween? Despite the fact that styling a whole tent for your Halloween party may seem difficult at first, you’ll quickly find that it’s lot easier to style a blank canvas than it is to renovate your entire home for one night of spooks and scares.

  • Make use of the space provided by your tent. Whatever tent you rent or buy for your Halloween party, you may incorporate its design into the overall theme of the celebration. With a little red drapery, pop-up tents, for example, may simply be transformed into carnival tents, which is just what you want for your carnival! Your visitors will appreciate being able to see the night sky as well as any frightening decorations you have set up outdoors by using clear tents. Even the most basic and elegant pole tents contain interior poles that are ideal for adding decorations to them. Make sure to take advantage of your tent’s features
  • For example, lighting may create an immediate mood. Lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of a party in a matter of seconds. Add crimson lights to everything and everyone to give them a frightening, bleeding look
  • Paint your tent blue and scatter ghosts and ghouls everywhere
  • Or use a combination of bright yellow spotlights and red backlighting to give your tents a carnival air. Using lighting as a decoration has the advantage of being inexpensive. You may use inexpensive string lights to decorate on a tight budget, or you can go all out and rent professional equipment to have the greatest Halloween party ever. Making your own lighting can completely enhance your party and is an affordable solution for any budget. DIY and reuse everything you can. You’re only hosting this party once, so make it count. The prices of Halloween decorations in retailers are sometimes too expensive. Even if money isn’t a major worry, it makes sense to make use of what you already have and to build your own decorations to save money. In case you’re looking for some Halloween party décor ideas, here are some amazing DIY decorating ideas that would be excellent to incorporate into your party tent. Pro tip: If you’re a Halloween enthusiast who likes to organize a spectacular party every year, go to the stores a few days after Halloween and stock up on decorations that are significantly discounted. In the same way that chocolate reductions follow Valentine’s Day, you’ll be able to pick up some fantastic Halloween items at deeply discounted costs
  • Just remember to keep it simple. and temporary! The mere presence of a party tent will wow your visitors and create a memorable atmosphere for your Halloween celebration. You are not required to go insane by hanging cobwebs on every accessible surface or splattering blood all over the place unless you choose to. Just keep in mind that these are fictitious blood stains. Consider the goods and decorations you select to guarantee that your rental tent can be returned in pristine shape when your Halloween festivities are complete.

Begin planning your Halloween party now that you have all of the tools and tricks necessary to transform a plain tent into the Halloween fantasy of your dreams. Make sure you prepare your guests for the best time of their lives! In addition, the team at American Tent is always happy to provide you with high-quality party tents for sale; simply contact us to find out exactly what you require. Happy Halloween, my ghoulish companions.

8 Ways to Use Halloween Tents for Your Party

Halloween is approaching, which means it’s time to become scary and have some good old-fashioned fun with friends and family. So why not use Halloween tents to add a festive touch to your yearly event or party? Here are some creative approaches to accomplishing this goal. Right around the corner from when you start tasting everything with pumpkin spice, you realize that you’re going to be face to face with Halloween for the first time. It’s that time of year again, and it’s coming up fast. For those who have been putting off their big Halloween event for far too long, now is the time to get started on the preparations for this year’s celebration.

It might be difficult to think of all you will need.

Just to relieve your worry a little, plan to have your Halloween party outside in a tent this year instead.

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Here are eight ideas for throwing the finest Halloween party ever with Halloween tents.

1. Create a Maze

Have you ever tried to find your way through a corn maze on your own? Depending on where you live, there may or may not be corn in your immediate vicinity. And, even if you do, there’s no rule that says you can’t use it for your Halloween exploits. We have exciting news: we now have a corn maze option that does not include any corn at all! Obtain Halloween tents and have them constructed in an empty space close to your Halloween party site. Remember, you’ll want to keep it close since it’s all part of the celebration, so keep it close.

Using materials such as cardboard, wooden pallets, or black outdoor waste bags, create a labyrinth pattern that is both functional and visually appealing. These materials should extend up to a reasonable height in order to prevent people from peering over the sides. Who needs corn anymore?

2. Turn the Space Into a Horror Theatre

What are some of the things that go hand in hand with Halloween? Thrilling films! With the help of Halloween tents, you can create the ideal setting for an all-night scream fest. Decorate the area beneath the tent in a way that is comfortable for you. For example, you may utilize carpets, blow-up beds, heavy blankets, and cushions to create a comfortable environment in which to snuggle up and enjoy movies. Make use of a projector to display the movies onto a screen or onto the sidewall of a white cloth tent.

3. Create a Haunted House, Of Course

Halloween and haunted homes go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you’re throwing a party, you might want to think about include a haunted house as part of the festivities. When you rent Halloween tents, you have a specific area where you may scream your heart out. Enlist the assistance of your most ghoulishly inclined buddies in order to put together something that will make the hair on the back of your guests’ neck rise up. It is possible to utilize the elements outlined above for the maze to construct a simple flow through the tent.

Remember to include the fog machine, strobe lights, and live actors in your production.

4. Turn It Into a Humongous Decoration

Rather than using your tent as a large piece of décor for your Halloween party, why not utilize it as one? Halloween tents are extremely adaptable and may be used to create almost any aesthetic. For example, if you’re throwing an event themed around the creepy carnival or the wild circus, you might have the tent itself serve as the setting for the carnival or circus. Everything within the tent will continue to be a part of the overall storyline.

5. Pumpkin Carving Contest – Yes, Please!

Carving pumpkins is a tradition during Halloween. And, if you’ve ever done this in your home, you’re probably aware that it may result in a significant mess. Imagine a bunch of people slicing into the insides of pumpkins — what a mess it would be to clean up! Consider renting a tent for your pumpkin carving contest so that you don’t have to spend months searching for pumpkin seeds. Besides providing you with shelter and protection from bad weather outside, this tent will also give outside room for your guests to get all up in those pumpkins– and get as filthy as they wish– without having to worry about getting rained on.

6. Design an Elegant Masquerade Ball

For those who are tired of the same old screaming, hosting a masquerade ball is a terrific opportunity to have a good time on Halloween, wear a unique mask, and get all dressed up – all while having someplace to go! Create an attractive party environment, complete with a dining area and a dance floor for your guests to enjoy. Maintain a modest lighting level and a steady stream of music. It is certain to be a fantastic time for the grownups in your life to enjoy themselves on Halloween.

7. Separate the Kids From the Adults

When you attend a Halloween party, it is possible that your children will be present as well. If you are of an age when the majority of your friends still have children at home, consider hosting a party where the entire family can attend and enjoy themselves.

The division of the space into two tents can provide a party place for the children – who will be less scared – and a separate space for the parents. The use of age-appropriate entertainment might provide the impression that two different parties are taking place at the same time.

8. Host aTent -or-Treat

Trick-or-treating in today’s society is vastly different from what it was in previous generations. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of individuals are opting for alternatives to the traditional midnight door-to-door event that takes place on the evening of Halloween. Create your own event and invite friends, neighbors, family, and others to take part in it with you. You’ve probably heard of trick-or-treat. Allow this to serve as a betent-or-treat. Use one huge tent or several smaller ones to create a location where adults may decorate smaller sections and children can go from person to person to collect candy, or use a combination of both.

Use of your tent in a good manner is the best approach to make the most of it.

Apart from that, you won’t have to be concerned about strangers or unfamiliar residences, or about driving along a dark street with automobiles, and so on.


Halloween is all about having a good time and being scared. You may make your Halloween parties more memorable by include a tent in your plans. Boo!


During our Day of the Dead themed Halloween party, we constructed a frightening Halloween tent in our yard to serve as an additional room for the 50 people who attended. When we had our Mermaid Party, we utilized the same white 3x6m garden gazeboas and covered the sides and ceiling with black garden membrane sheeting that we stretched lengths of from the ground up and over the top pole, into the ceiling, and back down again to create a seamless look. We drilled little holes in it so that we could secure it in place using the velcro loops that were used to attach the canopy to the frame.

A little Day of the Dead bunting and skeletons injected some life into the space, and we used the same green and purple lamps from our Mermaid Party to decorate the space among the cobwebs.

Consider checking out ourDIY Spooky Photo BOOTH and the whole Day of the Dead Party if you enjoyed this.

OSK xx Until next time, OSK It is possible that this content contains affiliate links.

It’s Halloween Party Season!

Halloween will be here in less than three weeks! It’s likely that you have a general notion of what costume you want to wear and how much candy you need to buy by now, but do you have any plans for how you will commemorate this scary day? Perhaps you can have a spooktacular party to celebrate the holiday with all of your friends and family members, or perhaps your youngster can demonstrate to their peers exactly how evil they are. Pinterest was used to get this information. First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a day and time for your event.

  • It is unlikely that many people would want to remain out too late on a school or work night, yet it cannot be held during the day because it is a school or work day.
  • Have it the weekend before or even the weekend before that if you choose!
  • Following the selection of a date, the next step is to pick a location.
  • Tent & Awning and enjoy the great outdoors?
  • In order to display your Halloween motif, you may use decorations in the colors orange, black, and purple.
  • We have a variety of lighting options available for you to choose from to create the tone for your event.
  • Make use of some of our orange or purple uplights to heighten the creepy atmosphere even more.

When you have decided on a day and location for your event, be sure to send out invites to everyone who you would like to invite.

Now that you’ve selected a location and a date for your event, you should consider what activities you’ll provide for your visitors to participate in.

Check out ourHalloweenPinterest Board for more ideas on what activities to incorporate into your Halloween celebration.

After you have decided on what you will do at your event, where you will hold it, and when it will take place, you should consider what you will offer to your visitors during the event as well.

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Additionally, theseCream-Filled Pumpkin Cupcakeswould be an excellent dessert for your celebrations.

This information was obtained from Our Best Bites.

Given that you’re the host, you’ll want to look your very best for Halloween.

Is it better to be sporty or regal?

Dress to impress if you want to have a great Halloween party.

Take advantage of the fact that everything goes on Halloween and snap as many photos as you can!

Set up should be completed at least one hour ahead to the event so that you can get ready to host and so that you have enough time to correct any mistakes that may arise.

While attending the event, remember to have fun, be safe, and make sure that all of your visitors are doing the same! Make sure to check back in on our blog every Friday for a list of featured events. You may subscribe to the right to have our articles delivered to your email on a regular basis.

Haunting Halloween Party Ideas

October 31st is a festive occasion that may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages because of its adaptability. So whether you’re a youngster looking forward to dressing up and going trick or treating, or an adult looking forward to a frightening night of odd cocktails and ghostly baked goodies, there are Halloween party alternatives for everyone. It’s possible that this is your first time hosting a Halloween party, or that you’re looking for some new ideas for the following year’s celebrations.

Halloween Party Prep and Accessories

A superb haunted home or a ghastly environment is no laughing matter, and creating one is no easy task. A great Halloween party takes a lot of effort and forethought to put together. Start with our Halloween party ideas, or use them as inspiration to come up with your own spooktacular décor and hauntingly delicious finger foods of your own.

Start at the Beginning: Haloween Party Invitations!

Whether you choose to send out e-or vite’s traditional snail-mail invitation cards, you have the opportunity to set the tone for the Halloween celebrations by sending out a mood-setting invitation. Make use of greeting cards to attract attention to whatever topic you pick, and make certain that people are prepared for whatever you have in mind.

Creepy Crawly Decorations

Halloween was first celebrated in North America in the 1840s, thanks to the contributions of Irish immigrants. The holiday has now been extremely commercialized, allowing for things like fantastic Halloween parties to flourish as a result. Because of this, you may find all sorts of eerie and ghastly décor. Because they are so diverse and may be customized to match a variety of budgets, you should decide on a theme before committing too much money. We have everything you need to make your Halloween party seem like it’s straight out of the Addams Family movies, from bleeding decorations that create the mood for a macabre butcher shop to a dark cave of spiders and insects.

Party Drinks (for All Ages)

The kind of beverages you will serve will vary depending on the age range of the individuals who will be attending your party, so prepare accordingly. For the little ones, you could wish to give them some Dragon’s Blood Punch or some witches brew poured in a cauldron. The true fun, in the opinion of many, occurs when the alcoholic versions of these eerie cocktails are served up to the guests. Everything fromScreamsicle Shakes to JekyllGin is available for those looking for a boozy Halloween beverage to suit their taste buds.

Halloween-Themed Baked Goods

You can’t only provide beverages that are themed around Halloween at your party. You’ll need the baked goods to provide guests with something to drink while they wait. Dishes such as Dracula Dentures, Pumpkin Deviled Eggs, and even Chocolate Apple Pops may help to lighten the mood at any Halloween gathering.

Halloween Costumes (of course)

Halloween costumes that are both eerie and effective are among the most revered traditions of the occasion (pun intended).

Get your party started with a frightening Halloween costume or anything that fits the mood of your gathering. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

  • Mummy, Cousin It, Plague Doctor, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Witch/Warlock, and more characters

There are endless others, ranging from the terrifying to the entertaining, such as the ability to dress up as your favorite princess. You may locate costume plans online to create your own, or you can purchase one from a local costume store or from Amazon to build your own.

10 Halloween Party Ideas and Themes

Assuming that your cauldron is full with ideas for what to do for this year’s Halloween party, let’s choose an appropriate theme to go along with them. We’ve compiled a list of classics as well as some unusual suggestions to help you make this Halloween one to remember.

1. Costume Theme

A Halloween party with a costume theme is possibly the most conventional of all the Halloween party ideas. For those who like a more conventional style of celebration, it also provides you with an abundance of possibilities for the years to come. Theme options include Marvel movie themes, Disney themes, and horror film themes inspired by your favorite flicks.

2. Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Because they will be in and around everything during a scavenger hunt, it is a wonderful method to encourage people to notice all of the decorative work that you have completed. When your visitors arrive, divide them into search parties and send them on their way. Giving the scavenger hunt a backstory might be a fun approach to do this. Was there a reason why individuals were seeking for the products they were looking for? Is there a reward at the conclusion of this game? Perhaps your visitors will be tasked with searching for clues to locate a murder weapon at the site of a crime or determining whether or not the residence is haunted.

By looking for the many sections of a skeleton, you may give it a straightforward theme as well.

3. Murder Mystery

Having a murder mystery theme for an adult Halloween party is yet another wonderful idea. The costumes that individuals wear might be based on the environment of the mystery or on the mystery itself. You may select a conventional 1920s theme or something more sci-fi-themed, such as a murder committed on a space station, to make your party unique. Due to the extensive amount of preparation required, this choice is likely to consume the majority of your time. One of the most effective methods to prepare is to build up a temporary shelter or tent.

Prepare plenty of facts and little clues so that your visitors may participate actively in the murder mystery night.

4. Fortune-Telling Fiesta

The mystical component of Halloween is yet another aspect to consider. You may include this into your celebration by hosting a fortune-telling session as one of the highlights.

It is entirely up to you whether you invite a real fortune teller to the party or if you create a game out of it. Throws, spider webs, and string lights may be used to make the room appear more authentic and appropriate for the season.

5. Horror Movie Night

It is not always necessary to host a party that is heavily focused on activities. Instead, have a laid-back bash with lots of food to eat while watching the game on the big screen. With the help of a gazebo with winter coverings or an inflatable canopy, you can quickly and simply put up this alternative in your garden. Set up a few folding seats and a projector so that the movie may be projected onto a wall or a hanging sheet. This choice is appropriate whether you are throwing an adult or a children’s party.

6. Haunted Bake-Off or Cocktail Make-Off Contest

Another option for a backyard Halloween party is to arrange a bake-off competition. Creating the creepiest cakes or the tastiest but most terrifying sweet treats would be the objective of the competition. It’s best to hold it under a party tent to get the whole bake-off experience. A cocktail-making competition will be held as an additional twist on this night of inspiration. Have a variety of viable ingredients and alternatives on hand, or have someone who is ready to go shopping once the participants have written their ingredients on a white board.

You will hopefully have some fantastic cocktail ideas to take into next year’s celebration by the end of the session.

7. Transylvania Prom

For prom night, choose a theme from Transylvania with all its vampires and werewolves to a zombie prom complete with fake blood and moaning music, among other options.

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8. Creepy Camp Night

Do you have a BBQ set up in your backyard? Finish the evening by roasting s’mores over an open campfire in your comfortable camp chairs. You may also get away from the city and spend the night camping beneath the stars, if you want to do something different. Create some ghoulish spider webs and hang them from the trees surrounding the venue to serve as props for spooky ghost stories.

9. Create a Trick-or-Treat Fortress

It’s easy to set up your own trick-or-treat castle right in your own backyard with an aluminum shed or a temporary garage. Most importantly, you may utilize the structure for personal or professional purposes throughout the majority of the year, with the exception of October, when it is decorated for Halloween.

10. Halloween Carnival

Prepare to go all out for Halloween this year if you want to impress your friends and family. Create a Halloween carnival for your community by collaborating with your friends or organizing a local block party. For the primary attractions, pop-up canopies and a party tent may be used to give the carnival a sense of organization. Fill them with fortune tellers and apple bobbing contestants, pin the witch’s broom to her head, and think about what your major draw should be.

Get Ready for a Scare

Whichever option you pick, ShelterLogic Group is prepared to provide you with a comprehensive choice of outdoor items to ensure that your party is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Halloween Party Pack: ELA Stations, Decor, Treat Table Tent and Tags

Halloween Party Pack for Students in the Middle School Make your life easier! Everything is right here. This bundle contains everything you’ll need to host a successful ELA classroom holiday celebration. What’s on the inside. Stations for a variety of activities In this project, students collaborate to construct a Halloween narrative, with each student reading what has already been written and then contributing something of their own. 2 Creating a Halloween Card: In this exercise, students select one of four different types of Halloween cards and then write a letter to a friend or family member.

  1. 4 Create a Halloween Bookmark: In this activity, students follow the directions on the printed sign to design a colorful Halloween bookmark that they can take home with them.
  2. Treat Tags (10) and Treat Table Tent: Use these festive printables to put together a festive holiday snack table, whether or not you have the assistance of a volunteer parent.
  3. Are you looking for fantastic Halloween decorations?
  4. 5 Story Starters for Halloween, each with a themed sheet of paper

28 Tent Decorating Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Wedding Reception

If you’re getting married on a large outdoor property, you’ve probably already thought of putting up a tent for the occasion. Couples frequently choose these opulent canopies as a means of anticipating inclement weather — but they may be much more than a weather-related afterthought. Take, for example, the following wedding tents that were used at real weddings. These women, with the assistance of their wedding planners, transformed these blank canvases with unexpected elements such as lanterns, chandeliers, and cascading flower displays.

  1. These tents ended up being a focal point of the reception’s overall design and decor.
  2. Tents are ideal for a variety of wedding styles, including rustic, boho, classic, and modern.
  3. It’s important to note that not every tented wedding was under a classic white canopy.
  4. In addition, with the aid of picture-perfect décor, brides and grooms are able to create a completely unique and personalized reception venue from the ground up—literally.
  5. Twinkling lights were suspended over the bride and groom’s seats during a seaside wedding to create a warm, romantic atmosphere.

Are you ready to witness all of these innovative tent modifications for yourself? Click through for infinite inspiration from the most beautiful actual weddings you’ve ever seen.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Campsite and Golf Cart

Make preparations to kick up the ante on your fall camping experience this year with these simple ideas for decorating your campground and golf cart. Camping in the autumn is one of our favorite pastimes, and one of the reasons for this is that many campsites provide a variety of Halloween-themed events. If you visit any campsite during the months of September and October, you can almost always count on seeing trick-or-treaters and pumpkin carvers, as well as costume contests, site decoration competitions, golf cart parades, and other activities.

Furthermore, it is a scientifically verified truth that campfires smell nicer and s’mores taste a little sweeter during the fall months.

But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that it’s real!

Before you venture out on your next Fall camping vacation, have a look at the options listed below.

Campsite Halloween Decoration Ideas

Okay, so these aren’t specifically Halloween-related, but decorating your campground with pumpkins, mums, and/or hay bales is a simple and beautiful way to show off your Fall spirit this time of year, regardless of the season. In Disney’s Fort Wilderness, this is our campground from the previous year! Use enormous inflatable beach balls that have been painted to appear like eyeballs to create giant eyeballs in trees. Secure them in a tree with bungee cords or rope so that they appear to be a pair of eyeballs!

  • To create a frightening graveyard atmosphere at your camping, fill a wheelbarrow with potting soil and fake bones.
  • This particular example comes from Happy Camper Studio.
  • The following is an example from the Ontario Parks Blog.
  • The location adjacent to the lake would be even more desirable!
  • Witch Legs Beneath Camper or Tent – Imagine these famous witch’s legs sprouting out from under your camper, tent, or even a tree on your campground.
  • Set yourself a skeleton lemonade stand to sell your lemonade to passersby!
  • Skeletons S’mores over a campfire — Nothing says camping quite like roasting some s’mores over a campfire!

Creature Cages to Hang Around Your Campground – Make a few of these cages and hang them around your campsite for some extra creepy decoration.

Pop Up Camper Monster – We are in awe of this monster creation that a Foursquare reviewer shared a photo of with us!

Green Bubbling Cauldron – How awesome would it be to have this cauldron on your site?

PVC Skeleton Man and Dog – Just with Karen in the Woods, you may create a skeleton version of your family and place them on lawnchairs across your property.

The way they’re climbing up the slide out is absolutely adorable!

To make glow stick eyes, cut two eyeholes into an empty toilet paper tube and insert a glow stick into each hole.

This example is taken from the book Practically Functional (Practically Functional).

Frankenstein Camper –Decorate the front of your trailer to look like Frankenstein! Other fun themes include a jack o’lantern, ghost or a witch. The photographer who took this photo has not been identified – if it is yours, please contact me so that I may properly credit you!

Golf Cart Halloween Decoration Ideas

Simply said, there are countless pages and pages of ideas for Halloween golf cart decorations available on the internet, particularly on Pinterest. I’ll share a few of the ones I came across, but keep in mind that these are only the top of the iceberg. Golf cart decoration is a common occurrence at many campgrounds, and it is not limited to the Halloween season. Throughout the season, several campsites have golf cart parades and even decorating contests! Tiki Bar Paddleboard Golf Cart — This entertaining vehicle can be seen on I Love Shelling.

Incorporating a Christmas motif into the decoration of your golf cart is always entertaining!

Get yourself some donut pool floats and have some fun building a golf cart like this one!

When looking for Disney inspired golf cart decorations, have a look at their blog article, which has a variety of suggestions.

The attention to detail on this one is astounding.

A Pirate Ship Golf Cart may be transformed into a pirate ship, as demonstrated by this example shared to Flickr.

Many of these suggestions are time-consuming and would need some preparation at home before you drive out to your campground of choice.

Perhaps you don’t have the time or inclination to come up with a complicated costume or decoration design for your event.

Install a few of pre-made decorations or cobwebs on the outside of your camper or cart, and you’re ready to go.

When planning your autumn camping trip(s), make sure to check the campground calendar (or give the office a call) and inquire about any Halloween decorating events that may be taking place during your stay.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your decorations.


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