How To Clean Spray Tan Tent

How Do You Clean Your Spray Tan Tent? (2 Methods Explained)

Spray tanning tents are handy while spray tanning at home since they save your furniture and other belongings from being soiled. However, they must be cleaned after usage. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning how to clean your spray tanning tent in the quickest and most effective manner.

How do you clean your spray tan tent?

The good news is that spray tanning tents are simple to maintain and operate, as well as being really useful if you know what you’re doing and how to clean them. The frequency with which you clean your spray tanning tent is determined by how frequently you use it; however, if you use it frequently, washing it after each use is the ideal practice. In the event that you do not use it frequently, you may want to clean it whenever it appears suitable, such as every few weeks, in addition to cleaning it every time you utilize it.

Method1: Hosepipe

Because you’ll need to set up your spray tanning tent outside for this approach, it’s best suited for folks who have a garden or a large enough outside space. If you’re searching for an approach that’s less time-consuming and more effective for cleaning the whole tent, this is a fantastic option. First, spray down the entire tent, both inside and out, with a garden hose to ensure that everything is as completely rinsed and dried as possible. After that, take some dishwashing liquid and a sponge (you may wish to fill a bucket halfway with warm water and washing up liquid) and scrape over the whole surface, paying particular attention to places where there is excess product build-up or stains.

Method2: Wipe-clean

You may use this approach if you have just recently used the spray tanning tent and it has not become too dirty, or if you are just pulling the spray tanning tent out to clean it after not using it for a long. It is the quickest and most convenient way. Simple as that. Simply take a damp towel and soak it in warm water before wiping the tent down to remove any excess product that may have been left on the surface of the tent after a spray tan session or to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

Next, take a cleaning wipe with a perfume that you enjoy, or a cloth soaked in a wonderfully scented multipurpose cleaning spray, and use it to wipe down the tent, removing any remaining residue and leaving a new aroma behind in the process.

How can you maintain the spray tan ten properly?

Despite the fact that spray tanning tents aren’t normally prohibitively costly, you should nevertheless take good care of and maintain yours in order to avoid having to continually purchasing new ones for no reason, which is a complete waste of money.

Here are some pointers for keeping your spray tan tent in good condition:

  • Once you have finished using your spray tanning tent, fully clean it according to the directions stated above to ensure that all product has been removed and the tent is completely cleaned after each use. This will guarantee that there are no stains and will also remove any dirt or residue that might later grow into mould while the tent is being stored, resulting in the need to dispose of the tent. The color of your spray tan tent is important: although the color of your tent isn’t precisely a form of maintenance, having a black spray tan tent will make stains less noticeable, which will mean that you won’t be tempted to throw it away because it has been covered in stains over time. Even if you thoroughly clean your tent, stains may still develop
  • However, if your tent is black, this will not be the case. Store it with care: How you store your spray tan tent can have an impact on how long it lasts. For example, being careless or harsh while putting it away might damage tears or bends in the material or components, rendering it unsuitable for use in the future. Making the decision to purchase a pop-up tent will make the storing procedure easier and less likely to result in a broken tent. Cleaning the tent fully is just as vital as cleaning it after each usage. Making sure that the tent is thoroughly cleaned is equally as crucial. In the event that you clean the tent after every usage, but do not clean it correctly, there is no use in washing it at all. Another thing to keep in mind is to allow the tent to dry fully before putting it up, either by allowing it to air dry or wiping it entirely dry, in order to avoid mould or moisture from harvesting.

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Should different types or brands be maintained differently?

Because they are created differently and have varying dangers connected with them, various types and different brands of items are used, cared for, and maintained in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. Spray tan tents, for example, are another item that comes in a variety of forms and from a variety of manufacturers; thus, should they be maintained in a variety of ways? Spray tan tents are often of the pop-up variety, composed of a wipe-clean material, because they are both extremely practical and not prohibitively expensive for corporations to create.

Home use tents like this are the most popular and best-performing choice available.

Generally speaking, these sorts of tents do not come under the category of spray tanning tents either.

However, if your tanning tent is made of a similar material to the one described above, there should be no harm in following the cleaning instructions provided.

Final thoughts

After all, it turns out that spray tanning tents aren’t all that difficult to clean. However, it’s a good idea to clean them after each usage to avoid any mould or germs from forming while they’re being put away. When you consider how much furniture and money you would save by not utilizing a spray tanning tent and hence not ruining all of your personal belongings, it is perfectly worthwhile.

How To Clean Spray Tan Tent In Washer

Some technicians have even taken their Mobile Tanning Tents to a self-service car wash, which we have witnessed. Cleaning the interior of the tent with a hose or a water source is recommended. Make sure to thoroughly clean the tent, including the floor, sides, and back. Once the excess spray has been removed, let your tent to dry in the sun until it is totally dry.

How do you clean a Maximist gun?

The following are the directions: (from product label) Take out all of the extra solution from the spray cup. Add roughly 1-2 oz of MaxiClean Spray Tanning Gun Cleaner to the cup and stir well. Cleaner should be sprayed out of the gun and into a towel, sink, or wash station until the pistol is empty (spray should be clear not brown)

What can I use to clean my spray tan gun?

Another tip: while cleaning a spray tan gun with warm water, you may use a gun cleaning solution instead of plain water.

Simply fill your pistol with around 4 ounces of warm water mixed with gun cleaning solution and spray on a white towel or paper towel to observe what comes out of it. Continue to spray until no more color comes out of the nozzle.

Why is my spray tan gun not spraying?

Depending on whether it’s malfunctioning, broken, or damaged, you may have to replace it. Clean it up one again! If you have a blocked nozzle or substance that has dried on the tip of the needle, it will be difficult to spray the solution uniformly. Perform a brief supplemental clean to ensure that all obstructions have been removed.

How much is a spray tan machine?

The pricing of spray tan machines begin at $299 USD. Note: Choosing a lightweight and portable tan machine is a wonderful option for better and easier use since it will allow you to work even while you are not in the salon.

Is there a difference between airbrush and spray tanning?

You will not be able to select from a selection of pigment tones when you use spray tan, and so you may wind up with a deeper or more orange result than you like if you spend an excessive amount of time in the booth at one time. With an airbrush tan, you have the ability to tweak the pigmentation to more closely match your natural skin tone if desired.

What is the importance of using a spray tanning system with a pressure gauge?

Spraying at a low cost is made possible by using a suitable pressure gauge and performing frequent equipment calibration. The use of a pressure gauge is critical in ensuring that the spray results are predictable and consistent throughout the process.

How do you spray tan your own back?

According to her, “gently lean forward, bending your head, and lift your arm up over your back.” Inhale the mist as it falls gently and evenly over your back by spraying it from side to side from above your head. Maintain a minimum of six inches of space between the can and your skin when handling it.

What equipment do I need for spray tanning?

A spray tan system is the most common piece of equipment utilized by spray tanning customers. In its most basic form, this spray tanning equipment is made up of three parts: the main body, which is comprised of a turbine; the mist applicator; and a flexible hose, which discharges spray tanning solution in the form of a mist.

Can you put spray tan on with a mitt?

Is it possible to apply it with a tanning glove? It is a liquid tan, which means it is rather runny in consistency. You can, however, apply it with a mitt if you want. Liquid tan will last far longer than mousse.

How do you use a spray tan at home?

Home Spray Tan Application Made Simple: 7 Steps (with Pictures) Locate the Most Appropriate Spray Tanning Room/Area. The Cold Water Trick should be used to thoroughly exfoliate your skin (before to the session). If you intend to wax, you should do it the day before. There will be no deodorants or antiperspirants allowed. Spray-On Solution should be applied as evenly as possible. Last, but not least, apply the tanner on your face and hands.

What angle should the nozzle be held when tanning?

Have the client hold on for a moment. hold their arms out from their sides and raise their heads at a 45-degree angle to the sky Using horizontal strokes, start at the chin and work your way down the neck, chest, and stomach. Finish with vertical strokes to complete the look.

What is in airbrush cleaner?

Methanol, in addition to water, is the active component. There’s also a smidgeon of laundry detergent.

Is it better to spray tan vertical or horizontal?

Basic rule of thumb is to position the prongs in the direction in which the spray gun/spray pattern is moving when applying the paint.

While the cap is turned horizontally, a vertical spray pattern is produced, which may be used when rotating the cannon left or right.

What are some of the typical problems that occur with spray tanning equipment?

Spray tanning issues that are commonly encountered, and how to resolve them. Improper application of spray tan. While spray tanning, you may notice an uneven spray tan or missing regions. After spray tanning a client’s hand, white lines might be seen along the knuckles or side of the thumb. Hair caps or hair nets leave a very visible tan line on the skin. Fingernails and toenails that have become discolored as a result of spray tanning. After getting a spray tan, the client’s armpit became green.

What spray tan does Kim Kardashian use?

Her favorite product is the St Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, which she uses on a regular basis. Kim appreciates that this product is 100 percent vegan and that it is always being improved. After it has been rinsed off, the product continues to function on the skin, but it will not transfer to clothing or bedding.

What is the best spray tan machine for home use?

The Most Effective Spray Tan Machine for Home and Mobile Use MaxiMist Lite Plus High-Volume Low-Pressure Spray Tanning System. Kit for spray tanning with Fascination FX. Venise Ultra Spray Tan Machine (Venus Ultra Spray Tan Machine) Mini Tan M Spray Tan System by Fujifilm. The MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP Spray Tanning System is a high-volume, low-pressure spray tanning system. Quiet Spray Tanning System (Maximist Pro TNT) – Introducing the Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine.

How do you clean a MineTan machine?

Cleaning your handyTan Spray Tan Gun is very important. To begin, remove the spray tan gun from the HandyTan Mini Turbine and set it aside. Removing the cup from the spray gun will allow you to dump any remaining MineTan tanning solution from the cup. Fill the cup approximately a quarter of the way with warm water after rinsing it well with warm water until it is completely clean.

What spray tan solution do celebrities use?

Some celebrities are particularly concerned about the chemicals and effects of a spray tan, and they are not alone. Besides the wonderful effects, Jessica Alba swears by Infinity Sun Glow on the Go not only because it revitalizes skin but also because it contains the most natural, eco-friendly components that are absolutely safe for the skin.

Quick Answer: How To Clean A Spray Tan Tent

Some technicians have even taken their Mobile Tanning Tents to a self-service car wash, which we have witnessed. Cleaning the interior of the tent with a hose or a water source is recommended. Make sure to thoroughly clean the tent, including the floor, sides, and back. Once the excess spray has been removed, let your tent to dry in the sun until it is totally dry.

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Do and don’ts of spray tan?

Spray tan DOsDON’TsShowering, exfoliating, and shaving are all recommended. DO utilize moisturizers and lotions that have been specifically prepared for spray tanning applications. DO dress in loose-fitting, dark clothing and flip-flops or sandals to avoid rubbing off on other people’s clothes. Makeup, deodorants, and fragrances are not permitted. They have the ability to produce a barrier to absorption.

What do you use to disinfect a tanning bed?

Tanning bed disinfection may be accomplished using a solution of vinegar and water.

As a result, selecting a tanning bed cleaner that has a disinfecting or sanitizing characteristic is quite important. The use of regular water to clean a tanning bed, even when combined with soap, will not yield satisfactory results.

What is the acrylic on a tanning bed?

In tanning beds, acrylic is used to provide protection from the lights since reclining on a bed of glass would put the tanner at danger of harm from the heat and breakage, which would be more likely.

What should I do immediately after a spray tan?

Aftercare for Spray Tans: 24 Hours Following Your Tan WEAR CLOTHES THAT ARE LOOSE-FITTING. Following your tan, you should dress in loose-fitting clothing to prevent your tan from rubbing off or becoming uneven. GET OUT THERE, COMMANDO. DON’T GET WET. WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN SHOWER. AFTER YOU’VE SHOWERED, APPLY MOISTURIZER. AVOID USE OF MAKEUP.

How do you pack out a trespass pop up tent?

How to Fold a Pop-Up Tent (with Pictures) Make a loop with your hand around the strap. Assemble the pole constructions in a logical manner using the same hand. Turn the tent so that it is standing upright, with the poles collected in front of you and held out in front of you. Using your hands, gently push and compress the tent structure from the top down.

What should I look for when buying a tanning bed?

What to Look for When Purchasing a Pre-owned Tanning Bed 1) The total number of hours spent in the tanning bed. If the tanning bed is equipped with a digital timer, the majority of them also have a “Hour counter.” 3). Tanning Bed Acrylics: How to Maintain and Care for Them. 4). The general condition of the tanning bed is described. 5). Verify that they meet all of the necessary electrical requirements.

Should I sleep in my spray tan?

It is quite OK to sleep in your spray tan; however, it is critical that you wear long pajama trousers and a long-sleeved loose-fitting shirt when sleeping. In the event that you do not cover your skin while sleeping, you run the chance of rubbing off and smudging whatever you have on your hands while you sleep.

Can you get scabies from a tanning bed?

Scabies may be transferred through tanning beds, according to a dermatologist whom Vsir consulted, although the method of transmission is difficult to identify because mites can be transmitted sexually as well as through other ways.

What can I use to clean my tanning bed at home?

Our recommendations for tanning bed cleaners are as follows: Cleaner that you may make at home: It will be necessary to use a naturally acidic solution to make your own homemade cleanser. Distilled water and white distilled vinegar should be mixed in equal proportions to achieve this (available at most grocery stores).

Does a tanning bed raise your electric bill?

Despite the fact that many people believe differently, a tanning bed consumes no more power than a typical kitchen appliance (usually 120 to 220 volts). In this case, those who tan on a regular basis and who can afford the initial fees of obtaining a tanning bed may find it advantageous to purchase their own personal tanning bed.

Are 110 volt tanning beds any good?

Home tanning beds are often less expensive than commercial tanning beds, and they nearly always require only 110 volts of electricity to operate. A 110-volt bed for the house will also be more suitable for residential use. Commercial beds are 220 volts and require their own circuit breaker to be installed on the line.

What level tanning bed gets you the darkest?

As opposed to Levels 1 and 2, Level 3 uses medium pressure lamps that emit lesser levels of UVA rays while yet giving a quicker and deeper tan than those used by the previous levels.

Then there are the Level 4 tanning beds (and higher), which offer insanely quick tanning times while emitting little or no UVB radiation, resulting in a dark tan with almost little possibility of getting a sunburn.

What is the best way to transport a tanning bed?

Honestly, you could find a moving firm or a bed distributor that would be willing to relocate it on your behalf. In any case, you should remove the lights from the room and package or wrap them. Perhaps it would be more convenient to hire a moving truck to move it for you. Unless it’s a little bed, it’s unlikely that you could transport it in a single trip with a pickup truck.

How long should I wait to shower after I tan?

Showering after tanning should be done at least 3 hours after tanning. After you’ve gotten a tan, you’ll want to keep the moisture in it as long as you possibly can since this will assist to extend the longevity of your tan. Keep in mind that you’ve just gotten out of a tanning session, which has depleted the moisture from your skin.

How do you tan privately?

StepsChoose a tanning spray or lotion that you like. Drugstores provide a plethora of various alternatives for at-home tanning, and the most of them are reasonably priced. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. Ensure that your body is well moisturized. Put on a pair of tanning gloves. Apply the tanning solution to your skin. Make your physique seem good. Allow it to sink in.

Can you use Windex on tanning beds?

Ammonia will deteriorate the quality of your acrylic. Cleaning tanning beds with Windex or any other glass cleaner is not a good idea. If you want a great tan, you want your acrylic to be as clear as possible.

Will my spray tan look better after I shower?

The more you take care of your spray tan, the longer it will last you. Please keep in mind that the tan will continue to grow even after you take a shower, so don’t be concerned if you aren’t as tanned as you expected to be after the shower. Over the following 12-24 hours, the tan will continue to grow and deepen.

Is a 110 tanning bed as good as a 220?

Yes, in a nutshell. In this case, the amount of tanning light generated is the determining factor. If the two beds generate the same amount of tanning light, the only difference between them is the amount of electricity necessary to run the bed at its maximum capacity. It will take more current to provide the same intensity of tanning light on the lower voltage bed.

How To Clean Your Tanning Equipment

Cleaning and maintaining tanning equipment on a regular basis is essential to keeping it in good working order and avoiding warranty voiding, but keeping up with the cleaning while running a busy beauty business may be difficult. Cleaning your tanning materials, on the other hand, does not have to be a significant hassle. It only takes a few easy actions to ensure that your customers look their best and that your equipment continues to function properly. First and foremost, take a close check around your treatment space (or vehicle if you have a mobile business).

  • Having a messy treatment room is one of the most off-putting things a business can have, so make sure your firm is putting its best foot forward.
  • Investing in a new candle or a new bottle of aromatherapy oils can help to improve the atmosphere in your space.
  • Lighter parts should be taken outside to air out, and then given a thorough hosing off to remove any surface dirt and tanning residue, followed by a thorough cleaning with hot, soapy water.
  • Because DHA treatments are water-based, it should not be required to use harsh cleansers.
  • Your tanning machine, on the other hand, might certainly use a little tender loving care.
  • This will ensure that it is constantly in great working order and that there are no tanning mistakes!
  • Filters that are dirty or clogged can not only prevent an extractor fan from functioning properly, but they will also void your warranty and lower the quality of your clients’ results.
  • Finally, make sure that all of your system’s replacement parts are in good working order.
  • It’s possible that it’s time to invest in some new ones.
  • Tanning supplies, like any other piece of professional equipment, must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis in order to remain in excellent working order.

Because the winter holiday season is often a high-volume time of year for tanning professionals, it is especially vital to ensure that equipment is fully cleaned and ready to go for the new year before the season begins.

Best Spray Tan Tent

Welcome to the portion of my blog where I discuss the spray tan equipment that I presently use or have used in the past in my spray tan company. I hope you find this information useful. As a working spray tan artist in a large volume establishment, I am providing you with my professional advice. The characteristics that I find appealing or distasteful. I hope that these evaluations will be of use to you in your hunt for the best spray tan equipment for your business, and that they will provide you with a method that you can use for all of your future purchasing.

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How To Start A Spray Tan Business

There is no need to worry if you are just starting out in the spray tanning industry and are not sure what spray tan equipment you will need or what characteristics you should look for while searching for spray tanning equipment. Commence your search here on my page on how to buy the best spray tan equipment, where I will guide you through EXACTLY what characteristics you should be searching for in your new spray tan equipment purchase. As a result, you will have a better understanding of how the fundamentals function and the confidence to make an informed decision.

My Spray Tan Equipment Reviews:

  • Spray tanning systems such as the MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP spray tanning system, the MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tanning system, the MaxiMist SprayMate Pro spray tanning machine, and the Fuji 2150 SalonTAN spray tanning machine are all available.

Spray tanning systems such as the MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP spray tanning system, the MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tanning system, the MaxiMist SprayMate Pro spray tanning machine, and the Fuji 2150 SalonTAN spray tanning machine are examples of products that may be used for spray tanning.

What Your Spray Tan Tent Does

A spray tan tent is a pop-up structure that helps to contain the overspray from your spray tan gun while you are applying the spray tan solution to your clients’ skin. It is available in various sizes and shapes. While you are applying their tan, your customer will remain inside the tent with their back to you. The overspray is captured on three sides of the tent, rather than allowing it to float about the room you are spraying in. In addition, the tent gives your customer with a measure of seclusion.

Even yet, there is usually a small amount of surplus spray tan solution that does not reach the body and floats around the room a little.

If you are a mobile spray tanning firm that travels to people’s homes or businesses, you will need a high-quality spray tan tent to ensure that any overspray does not end up on your clients’ floors, walls, or furniture while you are there.

In the same way, if you are using your spray tan equipment in your own house, you must follow the same safety precautions. You don’t want any additional spray tan solution to end up on your clothes or other belongings, do you?

Spray Tan Tent Features

Tents for spray tan applications are constructed of polyester/nylon fabric and supported by a flexible wire framework.

  • Their sizes and quality levels vary, as is their availability. Some have an extraction fan opening at the rear, whereas others do not. In order to let more light into the container, most feature a transparent top, which makes it easier to see where you are spraying. Comes with a tote bag for your belongings. Various hues are available, with the most common being black, brown, and hot pink being the most widely used. There are a variety of accessories available for your spray tan tents, including extraction fans and illumination.

Cheap Spray Tan Tent

When it comes to acquiring spray tan equipment, it is always crucial to choose high-quality equipment. You want to make investments in goods that will endure a long time and function effectively. Throughout my lengthy career as a spray tan artist and company owner, I have had a number of spray tan tents. Some of them have been fantastic, while others have been utterly ineffective after only a few usage. Spray tan tents that are too inexpensive have problems with:

  • The fact that they are flimsy means that when you spray, they move with the air of your spray tan gun and sway back and forth, requiring you to hold onto the side to prevent them from hitting your clients’ skin and ruining their still-wet tan
  • The presence of poorly sewn seams – Because the majority of spray tan tents are constructed of a nylon type of material, it is easy for the seams to pull apart and fray. This results in holes in the tent, which prevents the overspray from your spray gun from being controlled. Low-quality zippers – many spray tan tents have a zippered flap in the back of the tent for an extraction fan, which can be a source of frustration for some customers. This is a fan that assists in drawing the overspray from the spray tan solution into a filter, therefore keeping your workspace clean. If the zipper is of poor quality, it will break and fail to seal correctly, allowing the spray tan mist to enter through the rear of the tent. Having insufficient wire supports – The wireframing is a flexible wire that can coil to fold the tent up, but it also needs to be strong enough to keep the tent upright while it is in use. Using too thin wire will cause the tent to bend and kink, and it will also fail to adequately support the tent, allowing you to spray without contributing to the tent’s uprightness. Spray tan tents made of thin cloth are susceptible to ripping and splitting if they are constructed too inexpensively. Because the fabric used to construct the spray tan tents is not the type of fabric that can be sewn together to form a thin seam, it cannot be used to create a thin seam. Once the tent is ripped, it is no longer usable. Stains — Low-quality cloth has a tendency to stain and look dreadful after only a short period of time. Making sure your spray tan tent is visually appealing will ensure that your customer is more likely to enter into the tent
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Sizes Spray Tan Tents Come In

Spray tan tents are available in a variety of sizes. They come in a variety of sizes, including small ones that are easy to transport, normal tents that are readily portable but large enough to be comfortable, and extra-sized spray tan tents that would be more ideal for use in a salon or spa setting on an ongoing basis.

Spray Tan Tent Amazon

This spray tan tent is available for purchase on Amazon.

  • The tent is 4 feet by 4 feet and stands 6 1/2 feet tall. It collapses into a small package and includes a carrying bag. It bears a logo etched on the front
  • The back of the vehicle has an extraction fan aperture.

I appreciate the bronze coloring (which is close to the color of the tanning solution overspray), because it will not show up as fast if the walls get a bit unclean in the future. As spray tan business owners, we are constantly striving to keep our spray environment in excellent shape in order to provide our clients with a positive experience. As a result, I always think how things will begin to appear after they have been used.

Norvell Spray Tan Tent

This Norvell spray tan tent is available for purchase on Amazon. The Norvell Spray Tanning Tent is an excellent choice for spray tanning at home, at a spa, or on the go.

  • Extra-large dimensions are 4 feet 4 inches wide by 4 feet deep by 7 feet 2 inches high. Made of a tough nylon material, it weighs roughly 8 pounds. Clear the windows to allow for the most light possible. The Overspray Reduction Fan is accessible through the rear aperture. The floor is protected from overspray by a heavy-duty vinyl bottom.

Spray tanning tents are generally brightly colored, which makes them easier to notice when you’re spraying. If you use a light kit (which is described below), it will be much easier to view your client and provide them with a fantastic spray tan.

Extra Large Spray Tan Tent

This spray tan tent is available for purchase on Amazon.

  • Extra-large dimensions
  • It folds up little and comes with a handy travel case. There is no logo on the tent itself, which is a wonderful feature for your personal branding
  • There is no trademark on the tent poles. The rear of the house has an opening for the extraction fan. It is available in three colors: black, bronze, and hot pink.

I appreciate that this tent does not bear the branding of a spray tan manufacturing company. Depending on your spray tan company attitude and the color you pick, it will look great with either a glam beauty décor or a more tranquil organic aesthetic.

Spray Tanning Wall Hanging Backdrop Tent

Amazon has this spray tan background available for purchase. This spray tanning background is designed in the form of a curtain. A spray tanning tent is less cumbersome, and it allows you to be more visible to your clients. That’s a really great touch. However, you will need to be extra cautious about where the overspray ends up because of this. I would not utilize this type of backdrop for mobile tanning services, in my opinion.

  • A curtain measuring 7 ft 10 in by 4 ft, with an oval base measuring 3 ft 4 in half
  • It folds up neatly
  • 12 in a traveling bag weighing less than 2 lbs
  • Setup is simple. Use the included mounting clips or attach it to a shower curtain for a more permanent installation. The aperture for the rear extraction fan is 28 inches by 20 inches and is zippered.

Spray Tan Tent Lighting

Even though the tops of most spray tan tents are transparent to allow light to pass through, the interiors of most spray tan tents are quite dark, making it difficult to see what you’re doing. Having the ability to see clearly what you are doing when spray tanning your client is crucial to creating an excellent spray tan for your customer! Below you will find a few of excellent solutions for lighting the interior of your spray tan tent.

Clip-On Light For Spray Tanning

This is a tiny, lightweight choice for clip-on lighting in your spray tan tent if you want to keep things simple. Rechargeable Clip-on LightAmazon has this rechargeable clip-on light. I really like this little light. Because it’s light and flexible, it can be recharged! When you’re hosting a spray tan party and need your light source to endure for several hours, this is really vital.

When you have a pair of these adjustable lights attached to either side of your tent, where you can put them precisely where you need them, it is really convenient. The ideal solution for illuminating a dark spray tan tent.

LED Lights For Your Spray Tan Tent

When it comes to lighting your spray tan tent, LED lighting strips are a simple and efficient solution. My buddy Susan, who owns Bronze Mobile Spray Tanning, created a video to demonstrate how she accomplished this. This project may be done with any brand of spray tan tent that you have. The following are the supplies you will need for this simple project: 5 yard set of 1 inch self-adhesive hook and loop in a black color. Fastener with Sticky Back Tape LED Strip Lights that are waterproof 16.4 feet in length Surface Cleaner is a product that is used to clean surfaces.

Then, using velcro tape, attach the tent opening to the inner border of the tent.

When you need to wash your spray tan tent, you may easily remove the light strip from the tent.

You can also see how well this works to illuminate the interior of your spray tan tent.

Spray Tan Tent And Machine

Spray tan equipment is frequently packaged as a kit, with the tanning tent included. This is a convenient method to get started because all of the necessary components have already been assembled for you. After you get your business up and running, you may discover that you require an additional tent to keep in your car for mobile or travel purposes. You may always order a replacement if you need one. The spray tan equipment set shown below is an excellent all-in-one solution for getting your spray tan business up and running quickly.

Spray Tan Kit Amazon

Amazon has this spray tan tent and equipment for sale.

  • It has a 4-by-4-by-7-foot footprint and folds up small enough to fit in a travel case. The extraction fan aperture is 20 x 20 inches and is located at the back. There is no branding on the tent. Available in three colors: bronze, black, and hot pink. When used in conjunction with the Maxi Mist Lite Plus

This spray tan tent and machine combination is fantastic. The Maxi Mist Lite Plus is an excellent spray tan machine for getting started in the spray tan industry or for those looking for a portable, lightweight solution. Check out the following information about the spray tan machine specifications:

  • Designed for mild salon or mobile usage – 10 or more uses per day is recommended
  • Design that is beginner-friendly, simple to operate, and nearly clog-free
  • 1 spray head with three 5 oz cups, 2 lids, and 1 spray nozzle Single-stage turbine with 300 watts of power and 75 DB
  • With a weight of 5 lbs, it is ideal for mobile use. Certifications from the CE, EU, and ECAL
  • 6.5-foot air hose
  • On-board storage for a spray gun
  • Included are a spare parts kit as well as a spray tanning solution box. Access to the Maximist Tech Support team as well as a detailed instruction manual

If you haven’t already, you should check out my evaluations of the MaxiMist range of spray tan equipment goods by clicking on the links provided below to learn more. Please visit myequipment page if you are just beginning started investigating items for your spray tan company. There you will find all of the information you need to know about selecting the finest spray tan equipment for your new business. Articles that are related:

  • In this article, we will look at the MaxiMist Pro TNT spray tanning system, as well as the MaxiMist Evolution Pro HVLP spray tanning system, and also the MaxiMist SprayMate Pro spray tanning system, among other things. The Fuji 2150 salonTAN Spray Tan Machine is reviewed in this article.

How To Clean A Popup Spray Tan Tent

Cleaning a spray tan tent can be difficult due to the thinness of the fabric and the fact that the spray tan solution can occasionally seep into the fabric, making it appear quite dirty. The tent’s floor will also be coated with a coating of spray tan solution to give it a more natural appearance.

The fact is that your clients will not want to be in this situation in the first place! And, to be honest, it’s a matter of safety. When applied on tile or other slick surfaces, such as the heavy bottom of your spray tan tent, spray tan solution can become extremely slippery.

Cleaning Your Tent In Between Clients

Cleaning your spray tan tent in between clients is simple. Use a mild cleanser (NOT BLEACH BASED) to spray and wipe down the inside of your tent.This is especially important for the floor of your spray tan tent.No one wants crazy feet from walking in old spray tan solution on the floor of your tent, and you don’t want anyone to slip.PRO TIP:Make sure you have a fresh towel available for each client to stand on while you are spraying them. This keeps their feet off the floor of your spray tan tent (no more crazy feet), provides them with a clean place to stand (which they will love), and allows you to quickly and simply throw the towel into the washing machine (which you will appreciate)

Best Way To Clean A Spray Tan Tent

You may find yourself in need of a thorough cleaning of your spray tan tent. Even washing away the excess spray tan solution will not completely remove the tan off the nylon fabric. To remedy the situation, do like I do many times a year and take your tanning tent outdoors to soak in the sun while spraying it with the hose with a light cleaning. When I am done, I use the mild hose setting or the rain setting to avoid putting pressure on the wet fabric of my tent. After that, I take a soft cloth or sponge and wipe away all of the excess sunless tanning overspray.

This thoroughly removes all of the previous tanning solution from the fabric as well as the transparent plastic, ensuring that the tent does not become stained or discolored.

How To Put Down A Pop Up Spray Tan Tent

In order to maintain your spray tan tent, it is necessary to deep clean it periodically. Even washing away the excess spray tan solution will not completely remove the tan off the nylon material. If this has occurred to your tanning tent, you may do what I do many times a year and take your tanning tent outdoors on a lovely day and give it a gently cleaning with the hose and some light cleaner, as shown below. So that I don’t exert too much pressure on the wet fabric of my tent, I use the rain or moderate hose setting.

Remove any soap from the tent’s fabric and allow it to dry in the sun before bringing it back inside.

After that, I’m good to go with merely mopping the floor in between client sessions for a while.

Spray Tan Business Pros:

What type of mobile spray tanning business do you have? Do you have a home-based spray tanning business, or are you wanting to start one? To learn more about how to start your own airbrush spray tanning company, visit the mytools of the trade section of this website.

  • Advice from a professional on how to select the best spray tan equipment
  • Spray tan equipment and product reviews are also available. Spray tanning company resources to assist you in learning and growing your business
  • Large quantities of self-tanner mousse

Do you like what you’ve just read in this article? Do you think your spray tan customers would enjoy reading it as well? Share my how-and to’s sunless tanning knowledge with your clients on YOUR website or social media accounts by DIRECTLY LINKING to my webpage from your website or social media accounts. We ask that you refrain from changing or otherwise altering any information or claiming it as your own. An imitator is disliked by everybody. Hello, my name is Kathryn. In order to provide you with the finest spray tanning experience possible, I’m here to help.

In my spare time, I like working with my students and writing for my blog, where I share all I know about getting the ideal spray tan, giving the perfect spray tan, and starting and growing a boutique spray tan business.

Popup Tanning Tent Instructions

The instructions on this page will walk you through the process of opening and closing your Tiki Tent tanning chamber. Prior to using your tent, please take the time to watch the video (if possible) and go through the entire set of instructions. We have included photos with the text instructions for those who like to print them out. Of course, if you continue to have problems, please contact Customer Service, and we will be pleased to assist you. It is important to note that when you remove the Pop Up Tanning Room from the bag, it will automatically open.

  1. This article offers instructions for putting your Tiki Tent tanning room together and dismantling it. Prior to using your tent, please take the time to watch the video (if possible) and go over the whole set of instructions. We have provided illustrations with the text instructions for those who like to print them out. You may also contact Customer Service if you continue to have problems, and we would be pleased to assist you further. It is important to note that when you remove the Pop Up Tanning Room from the bag, it will automatically spring open. When opening the bag, please provide 6 feet of space around it.
See also:  How To Keep Tent Cool During Summer

Remember that your Instant Pop Up Tanning Room has a zippered entrance at floor level in the rear that may be used to install an extraction fan. Important: Please do not attempt to unzip this file while it is in the “open” position. With the room in the folded state, open and close this door as needed. Instructions for completing the transaction

  1. Room may be collapsed by bringing the opposing comers of the room together to produce a double flat panel, as seen below. In order to create a single flat panel, fold the twin panels in half. Set up the “Top” of the room against a wall, a corner, or anything else that will remain stationary
  2. Walk/push against the wall in a “U” formation, as if you are attempting to fold the room in half. Grab the bottom of the room on either side with both hands. In the process of doing this, the “bottom” will curve inward as well, creating a “U” shape. By bringing your right hand inside and towards the left side, and slightly twisting your right hand inwards, the unit will begin to create a circle within the left side of the unit. Pushing down towards the floor will cause the chamber to collapse back into its original circular. As long as this is done properly, the room will collapse simply and will fold to the appropriate size to fit into the carrying bag.

Instructions for Using a Popup Tent (Printout)

Black Pop Up Spray Tanning Tent with Clear Top

This is a large tent constructed of heavy-duty materials! Designed for mobile spray enterprises or salons with limited space and the need for mobility, these pop-up enclosures are the appropriate answer for small spaces. An extraction fan aperture has been built into the fabric, and the clear top has been sewed into the enclosure to enable lots of light to shine into the enclosure, making it an excellent choice for tanning applications. A speedy set-up is made possible by the tent’s ability to inflate in seconds and collapse neatly into its own carrying bag.

  • With a glass top and a 6-foot entrance, this tent lets in plenty of light, making it easier to see the color guide. Color used for concealment: black. The hue of these is visually appealing, and they are excellent for masking solution overspray. The tent is of a big size, as the name suggests. Walking through the door without stooping over is possible for someone 6′ tall. The overall tent dimensions are 4x4x7. Frame made of solid wood: – Made from heavy-gauge spring steel that has little memory, this tent is both robust and flexible, resisting out-of-form difficulties and being both easy to pop-up as well as fold-down. A robust and durable fabric has been used in the construction of this tent. The combination of double stitching and a stronger fabric results in a lesser risk of thread separation at stress spots. The built-in, waterproof floors collect solution overspray and divert it away from the carpet and flooring underneath it. After each usage, just wipe the surface clean. An extraction fan aperture of 20×20″ is provided for the installation of an overspray extraction fan or an air cleaner. Transport Bag: – This tent comes with a circular carrying bag with shoulder-length straps to make transporting it easier.

Key Points to Remember

**This item ships by UPS Ground. Orders placed in the United States may take up to 6 business days to process. Orders from Canada may take longer to process.** Tents may only be sent to addresses in the United States and Canada.

How To Use A Spray Tan Tent

All Things Tanning posted a message. Leave a comment on the 28th of November, 2012.


Mine.Tan.Body.Skin | contributed to this article. It is crucial to have a spray tan tent on hand whether you are spray tanning at home or at a salon since it efficiently prevents undesirable residue from getting on your walls, floors, and personal possessions. Every time you apply spray tanning, no matter how meticulously you work, there will always be excess spray that drifts through the air and stains the surroundings. A spray tan tent will allow you to spray anywhere you want without having to worry about creating a mess afterwards!

Having a tent will be even more important if you’re running a mobile spray tan service, because the last thing you want to do is stain your customers’ houses!

Simple and straightforward procedures are outlined below; all it takes is a few minutes.

  1. Pull the tent out of the bag by unzipping it. Because of their “instant-up” construction, most tents are easy to take out of the bag and set up. Open the tent panels to form a three-walled chamber with an entrance by pulling the panels open from the sides. The tent is now complete and ready for usage. After you have completed spray tanning, use a moist towel and a cleaning spray that has a pleasant aroma to wipe out the interior walls of the tent. This will guarantee that your spray tanning tent is clean and ready to use for the next spray tanning session you have scheduled. To shut the spray tan tent, pull the two corners of the room together as near as possible. This will result in a double flat panel that will allow you to fold the tent with ease. After that, you may fold the two panels in half once again to create a single flat panel. Grab the bottom of the tent from each corner and press it up against the floor to form a “U” shape with the tent. Turn the tent into a circle by bringing your right hand around to the left side and rotating your right hand inwards slightly. As you do so, gently press down on the tent towards the floor, allowing it to collapse into its original folded configuration.

As you can see, utilizing a spray tan tent is a simple and straightforward process.

We can tell you that it is far less difficult than attempting to clear an entire room of spray tan residue! Tagged as: Business Guides and Resources Equipment Equipment Upkeep and Repair Mine.Tan.Body. Skin Spray Tanning, Pop-Up Tan Tents, and Step-by-Step Instructions Accessories for tanning

Spray Tan Tent – BLUE – Thermalabs

Purchase an attractive spray tan and create stunning art without creating a mess! You may like to be bronzed and tanned, or you may desire to create beautiful body art, but this does not imply that your home or salon must be bronzed as well! When you have to think about cleaning up afterwards, airbrushing isn’t really enjoyable. That is why you require this one-of-a-kind Spray Tan Tent from Thermalabs Air! It is a top-of-the-line luxury pop-up tent, constructed of the highest-quality materials to last a lifetime!

  • Because it does not require any assembly, the tent can be set up in seconds and is packaged in a circular bag for simple transportation and storage.
  • Body art and tanning may be done without the use of a sunbed at home or in a professional salon setting.
  • Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent is available in three different colors: elegant black, charming pink, and sumptuous bronze (seen here).
  • With this fantastic Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent, you will receive a $50 value bundle for FREE!

In addition, there are two SPECIAL BONUSES: Heatlabs’ critically acclaimed Luxurious Exfoliating Mitt (two-sided for two types of exfoliating and tan removal) Heatlabs’ revolutionary Thermalabs Finger Exfoliator for precise exfoliation demands While supplies last, this kit is included for free with every spray tan tent purchase!

  2. Spray tan may be a messy process, which is why Thermalabs Air designed the world’s finest spray tan booth to make it easier.
  3. ), waterproof, has a wider transparent top to allow for more light, is easily cleanable by simply wiping the walls and the bottom, and has many other features.
  5. As a result, this tanning booth is built in a trendy circular form with NO branding on the tent itself and is available in a gorgeous blue hue.
  6. Get rid of your old, clumsy spray tent and replace it with a THERMALABS AIR TENT, which is far more convenient.
  7. It opens automatically and folds into a lightweight and compact carry bag in seconds, saving you time and effort.
  9. With an Exfoliating Mitt, a set of Adhesive Feet Pads, a nose filter, a G-string, a bra, and a hair cap, among other things.
  10. We stand behind our products, and we guarantee that with Thermalabs Air you will receive only the HIGHEST quality.

We are confident that you will never wish to return it based on our previous experience with so many delighted clients! Only customers who have purchased this product and are logged in are eligible to submit a review.

3 Advantages of Owning a Spray Tanning Tent

Are you the owner of a spray tan business? If this is the case, you really must invest in a spray tan tent. Certain pieces of equipment, such as a fax machine, may seem superfluous, especially if you already have a home office or a place where you conduct the majority of your company operations. Spray tan tents, on the other hand, have several advantages and perks that can only serve to benefit your business in the long term by bringing you more clients and more revenue. The following are some of the most significant advantages of owning a spray tan tent:

  • Increased adaptability. Whether or not you’re happy with your current location, it doesn’t mean you should fully rule out the possibility of expanding your business into a remote place in the future. Consider all of the festivals and important events that will be taking place in spring and summer, such as weddings, that will be taking place during this time of year. In addition to providing a simple and innovative approach to recruit new clients, setting up an outdoor spray tanning booth during a festival can provide additional financial benefits. You may also get new clients who may be eager to engage you to conduct spray tans for their wedding or other special occasion. A spray tanning artist on-site is preferred by some brides rather than having to leave the wedding venue to go to a salon or office for their tan. By purchasing a spray tanning tent, you will be able to expand your business and take it on the road. Keep in mind that greater flexibility translates into more business.
  • It’s simple to clean up. Perhaps one of the reasons you’ve been hesitant to take your spray tanning company on the road in the past was the thought of having to clean up after yourself at the end of the day. With a spray tanning tent, you won’t have to be concerned about anything at all. Spray tanning tents are really simple to take down and put back up. The fact that they fold up so effortlessly makes it possible to store them with ease. Overspray and other concerns are also prevented, so you won’t have to be concerned about getting the solution on your floors, walls, furniture, or other surfaces and causing damage to your home or business. Consider the spray tanning tent to be the pack-and-play of the tanning industry
  • It’s high-quality and reasonably priced at the same time. When you pick a spray tanning tent from Artesian Tans, there is never a concern about cost. California Tan and Kahuna Bay Tan are two of the most well-known tent brands in the world, and we only carry the best. Our tents are reasonably priced, yet the quality of our products is never compromised. Whatever location you pick for your company for the day, you can be assured that you will receive a tent constructed of high-quality materials that will ensure that your clients obtain the greatest spray tan possible.

Spray tanning tents are an absolute must-have for any business that offers spray tans. By ordering a spray tanning tent, you will have the freedom to establish yourself anywhere at any time and reap the benefits of more clientele, expanded opportunities, and untold financial rewards.

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