How The Gop’S Big Tent Turned Into A House Of Horrors

How the GOP’s Big Tent turned into a house of horrors

What is the Republican Party, and how does it operate? Suddenly, this has emerged as one of the most important topics of the 2016 presidential race. It’s not only a question of whether the Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump or the party of Paul D. Ryan any longer. Also at stake is whether Republican congressional leaders have any ties to the enraged grassroots, whose fury they inflamed throughout the Obama administration but which they planned to keep under control. Trump is the result of their tremendous blunders in the election process.

When they look around, they see a political institution to which they have long belonged being transformed into a home of weird horrors that is diametrically opposed to their sober and community-minded attitude to life that is really conservative in its core.

Now, the video’s trajectory will be broken into two sections: Before the Video (BV) and After the Video (AV) (AV).

Republicans from the top of the ticket all the way down the ballot are fleeing for their lives.

  • 8 a day of success at all levels in the United States and abroad.
  • (Photo courtesy of Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post) The Democrats have a good chance of gaining control of the Senate this year.
  • Still, the very fact that the option is being addressed at all is a sea change, since the success of many of the Republican gerrymanders was dependent on substantial suburban margins of victory.
  • And there are no viable alternatives for those who want to run on Trump’s presidential ticket.
  • However, Trump has inspired profound loyalty among core Republican voters, and rejecting him comes with a cost — a cost that Trump was more than ready to inflate to an absurdly high level.
  • “They attack you from every direction.
  • After all, Ryan did not withdraw his endorsement of the candidate.

On the other hand, Republicans suffer from the ramifications of this assessment.

Republicans who have taken a committed stance against Trump from the beginning should fare better, but many of them may still suffer consequences since they represent districts and places in which Trump is likely to be overwhelmingly defeated.

There had been some conflict early in the year, according to a senior Democratic campaign official, over Clinton’s emphasis on portraying Trump as a particularly unfit candidate for the presidency.

In response, Democratic presidential contenders and Hillary Clinton’s campaign have banded together to denounce Republicans who have either embraced Trump or failed to disavow him.

However, it also connects the entire Republican ticket to Trump, which benefits her party’s Senate and House candidates.

Republicans managed to pull off an extraordinary gymnastic feat for years: mobilizing right-wing populist rage and white working-class supporters behind a policy that provided advantages to the economic elites while benefiting the rest of us.

Everybody assumed that the base would receive the noise and the elites would get the policies.

Now the din is deafening, the party is led by a dangerous and fundamentally defective individual, and its candidates are unable to go in any direction without sliding off the precipice.

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How the GOP’s Big Tent turned into a house of horrors

How the Republican Party’s Big Tent devolved into a house of horrors NEWS FROM BING:

  • McConnell rebukes the Republican National Convention and refers to January 6 as a “violent uprising.” Deputy Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has criticized the Republican National Committee for censureing two House Republicans who were investigating the “violent uprising” that took place on January 22 and 23. 8:21 a.m. on February 8, 2022 |View Link
  • Senate GOP lashes out at Republican National Committee following Cheney-Kinzinger rebuke Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) were recognized for their participation in the House’s investigation into the Capitol attack on January 6. They expressed concern about losing a component of the party by appearing overtly anti-immigrant. 11:15 a.m. on February 7, 2022 |View Link
  • What does Ivanka Trump know about the inauguration on January 6? Congress is interested in knowing. It is quite rare for congressional investigators to focus their attention on a member of the president’s family, but as a key adviser to her father, she occupied a position of authority. 2:00 a.m. on February 7, 2022 The Republican Party’s Big Tent Has Come to an End |View Link Dissension inside the party is not tolerated by the party leadership. |View Link
  • Idaho GOP senators consider potential federal judge nominations on February 5, 2022 at 3:34 a.m. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch are seeking to submit names to the White House as soon as possible, maybe within a month of each other. Their eyes become as large as dinner plates, and they exclaim, ‘Oh, I didn’t think that language existed.’ 01/31/2022 – 9:04 a.m. |View Link
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The GOP Big Tent Is Full of Holes

When the multimillionaire publisher and alleged space alien announced in Iowa, accurately but impolitely, that the Christian Coalition “does not speak for the majority of Christians,” he simply aggravated the situation. A week later, his election campaign was on its way to a stalemate. Nonetheless, despite Forbes’s overall failure, his creative dodge on abortion has gained the approval of many prominent Republicans. In their opinion, the Republican Party should declare itself officially pro-life, dedicating itself to enacting whatever restrictions are possible under current law, but abandon the hard-core anti-abortion language of its 1992 platform.

  • “It’ll never work,” Jeffrey Bell predicts with a chuckle.
  • A proposal of this nature would elicit a ferocious response at the conference.” Alexander informs me that, the day following Forbes’s meeting with NARAL, he believes that an abortion debate at the convention is almost certain.
  • “Will it be detrimental to the party?
  • Yes, that’s a problem.” In other words, this is what the Republican Party can expect in the year that was meant to mark the beginning of a new period under the leadership of conservatives.
  • Who would run for president if he were either a septuagenarian senator or a plaid-shirted pretender, as it appeared to be at the time of this writing?
  • “I believe it is now abundantly evident that the 1996 election will not be the realigning election,” Eisenach admits.
  • There are a couple of exceptions: Newt is an exception to the rule.

Tom Daschle, on the other hand, is an exception.

However, the reality may be far more severe.

According to Phillips, a time of structural disorder is likely to be in store for our political system in the near future “The big political parties are dying, while splinter groups are increasing.

From the beginning of the century until the present day, it has been painfully obvious that the Democratic Party is an unstoppable mess: an increasingly disorganized collection of fads and groups that have little in common except for a shared historical past.

It was their desire to have less government and greater freedom, as Gramm expressed it.

Indeed, the fastest-growing segment of the Republican Party desires greater freedom – provided that it does not result in what cultural conservatives consider to be moral turpitude in society.

When it comes to the Republican Party, “I’d be a little worried about what they could accomplish if they didn’t have the authoritarian, culturally conservative component of their party,” says Al From, chairman of the moderate Democratic Leadership Council.

They won’t be able to get off the ground without the weakened model of party politics, which will continue to exist as long as the model is in place. – – GOP pitches ‘big tent’ strategy

CNN’s Christy Oglesby contributed reporting.

CNN’s Candy Crowley on Arnold Schwarzenegger.CNN’s John King talks with key Bush strategist Karl Rove.CNN’s Joe Johns on John Edwards’ and Bush on terror.
Day Two: TuesdayTheme:”People of Compassion”7 to 11:15 p.m. ET:Speakers include Elizabeth Dole, George P. Bush (son of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush), Sam Brownback, Bill Frist, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Laura BushContinuing from Monday:The roll call of the states
Do you think having New York as the convention venue will help or hinder Republicans?
(CNN) – Republican ringmasters have a plan for crowding the red canopy and keeping President Bush in the White House. Make sure regulars return. Beckon undecideds. And entice a few who usually go to the show beneath the big blue tent.That’s the mission, and party insiders and political augurs say Republicans know what message to bark – moderation, moderation, moderation. It’s just the thing that can draw the faithful, the wandering and the wayward. (Special report: America Votes 2004, the Republican convention)Bob Fannin chairs the Republican Party in the swing state of Arizona, which has 10 electoral votes. The drive to tout the president’s record and get folks to the polls there is unprecedented, he said.”I’ve been in Republican politics for a long time, for over 40 years,” Fannin said. “And in my view of it, I’ve never seen anything like it.”It’s coordinated from the Republican National Committee and theBush – Cheneycampaign in a very, very aggressive way. We are right on top of it every week. We have conferences with the Republican National Committee; if they see a weakness some place, we put another person in there.”The Republicans need their core supporters, and some state ballot issues could help guarantee their turnout, said CNN political analyst Carlos Watson. (The Inside Edge: Return of the ‘compassionate conservative’)”There are five swing states that on Election Day have gay marriage bans on the ballot,” Watson said. “And I think that certainly could be a catalyst for more conservatives or Republican-leaning voters to come out and vote for the president.”The president’s chief adviser, Karl Rove, has said repeatedly that one of his goals for this election was to increase the turnout among evangelical Christians,” Watson said. “In his estimation, some 4 million evangelical Christians stayed home in 2000 and did not vote. So one of the things is to. turn out your base.”Florida has 27 electoral votes – the most of any battleground state. And a state measure there involving parental notification for minors seeking abortions could produce high turnout among those who usually vote Republican, said Stephen Craig, a professor and director of the political campaigning program at the University of Florida. It’s something that campaign planners wouldn’t overlook.”Campaigns are going to be aware ofbecause turnout in general is so important to the outcome of elections,” Craig said, “particularly close elections, and this one figures to beone.”The relative turnout between the two bases is going to have an awful lot to do with who wins this thing,” Craig said. “Particularly since there are so few swing voters anymore.”But there appears to be a Republican plan to draw what few undecideds may remain, said Ohio State University professor Herbert Asher.”One of the things it looks like the convention is designed to do in prime time is to present a more moderate picture of the Republican Party than is the case with the presentation ofGiuliani,Schwarzenegger,Bloomberg andMcCain,” said Asher, professor emeritus of political science. (Giuliani: Bush best leader for war on terrorism)”That’s a very different image of the party than you would get if you were looking at the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives or if you were looking at some of the actions of the Bush administration,” he said.”The obvious reason to do that is the belief that a lot of Americans are in the center, and they want to appeal to voters in the center, even though the party itself governs from the right,” said Asher, whose contested state holds a hefty 20 electoral votes.If state initiatives could help rally Republicans, and a moderate makeover could sway fence straddlers, what’s the plan to persuade some of the Democratic ilk? A rallying call from their own seems to be the conversion plan.Among them are St. Paul, Minnesota’s Democratic mayor, Randy Kelly, and U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, the Georgia Democrat who is addressing the Republican convention.Two weeks ago, Kelly introduced Bush at a rally, which was part of the president’s swing through that battleground turf holding 10 electoral votes.An editorial of Kelly’s explains that he felt a conflict between what was best for his party and best for his country. But he decided that during turbulent times spawned by the threat of terrorism, the country needed continuity in leadership.His campaign manager and son, Ryan Kelly, said that his decision to back Bush is not an indication that he is switching parties.”He has been a Democrat for 30 years before this, ” Ryan Kelly said, “And he will continue to be a Democrat.”The key to keeping what might seem like a disparate group of conservatives, moderate swing voters and Democrats together beneath the “big tent” is a perpetual push, Fannin said. And yes, there’s a well-coordinated plan for that, too, he said.”The ’72-Hour Task Force’ is making sure we don’t drop the ball between Friday nightand the election Tuesday morning,” Fannin said. “That is the effort we have in all the states. Right up through Election Day, we’re doing everything we can to get people knocking on doors to get people to the polls.”
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Latinos Lean Left: Bringing Down the GOP’s Big Tent

Prior to a few months ago, Phoenix businessman Elias Bermudez was pleased to explore the desert in search of faces that may add some color to the largely white tent of Republicanism. With his religious conservatism in a predominantly Catholic and Democratic Latino Arizona, he stood out as a lone voice in a crowded political field. A political prophet from another age, Barry Goldwater, had found success knocking on the creaky doors of the big ranch homes and shacks dotting the same desert terrain, creating the first commercial radio station in Phoenix–and igniting a grassroots revolution–in the same area.

  1. And, like many of the roughly 40% of Latinos who were persuaded to vote for George W.
  2. Hayworth and other Republican lawmakers, began promoting “some of the most despicable laws in the United States,” in the opinion of Bermudez.
  3. “Flag-waving white individuals shouting at me, “You’re no better than a Mexican dog,” and “those I see at protests who burn or wear the Mexican flag as a diaper or on the soles of their shoes,” he feels, are emboldened by these Republican-led measures.
  4. “I launched a campaign to specifically target Republicans,” he explained.
  5. The Republican Latino fiasco of 2006 has its origins in the beginning of the immigration wars, which began with Proposition 187 in California in 1994, a ballot measure that denied illegal children access to school and healthcare.
  6. As a result, in this period of razor-thin victories and challenged results, with black Republican support hovering around the single digits in the post-Southern Strategy era, the GOP’s ability to garner a major share of Latino votes, the country’s biggest minority group, is critical.
  7. According to a research by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, the consequences of such dynamics might be felt even more acutely in the 2008 elections, in which 12 million new immigrant voters (including 303,600 in Arizona alone) could cast ballots.

While working from his San Antonio office, Sosa expressed concern that “despite the fact that the President has been extremely vocal about a comprehensive immigration reform package, the majority of Latinos will remember what the Congressional position was–and that can’t be good for the future of a democracy that needs more than just the white vote.” In contrast, Democratic pollster Sergio Bendixen finds similar signs in the statistical tea leaves of a country that will be 50% minority by 2050, according to his research.

“Whites are the only group of people that give Republicans more than 50% of their vote,” says the author.

The fact is that they are not just a minority among minorities, but they are also a minority among majority.” Bendixen demonstrated to an excited audience at a recent Washington conference of African-American, Latino, and other leaders of the newsmedia who serve 51 million nonwhite Americans how “the’macaca’ vote decimated the Republicans in Virginia.” Allen had a disproportionate amount of support from white voters, according to Bendixen, who also noted that “the ethnic electorate” (the 22 percent who voted for Allen) was beaten by the white majority.

  • When asked about the future of the Republican Party in the wake of an election that saw the greatest Latino vote in an off year, the impassioned Peruvian pollster answered by evoking the events of earlier immigration conflicts.
  • The Republicans upset Latinos with their advertisements, and we saw a very significant reaction there in 1996, 1998, and 2000, among other years.
  • According to him and other Latino electorate analysts, the national Republican Party’s appeal to the white core may be even more costly for them this time around than it was in 1994, a development that could herald the beginning of the 187-ization of the country.
  • It has come to the attention of even Latinos, such as Bermudez, that they may not want to be members of a party that has so little sympathy for desperate immigrants who die in deserts such as the one surrounding the Barry M.
  • In a shaky voice, Bendixen predicted that the situation would last at least three election cycles, if not more.
  • Add to this the long-term ramifications of Hurricane Katrina, the ongoing debate over the renewal of the Voting Rights Act, and the continuation of electoral race-baiting like that seen in the Harold Ford Jr.
  • But there is one important point on which Bendixen and Sosa agree, and it is something that could have a significant impact on the Republican Party’s fortunes: The Latino vote is in a state of flux.

In the event that they do not, Latinos may turn against them.” Sosa, who appears to be preparing to launch the Republican Party’s Latino vote campaign 2.0, agrees with Bendixen, arguing that Latinos will not necessarily respond to anti-immigrant policies in the same way that blacks responded when the GOP pursued its Southern Strategy by appealing to the racial fears of white voters.

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“The Latino vote is still very much up for grabs.” While the Republican Party has not abandoned Latino voters, it has not abandoned black voters, as evidenced by the fact that it recently elected immigrant Mel Martinez as its chairman while simultaneously resurrecting supposedly repentant segregationist Trent Lott (who said this year’s immigration protests “make me mad”) as its minority whip (despite the fact that the GOP has not abandoned Latino voters).

During the run-up to the 2008 presidential election, the fissures over immigration within the Republican coalition will be exposed, as potential candidates cover the political spectrum from reformer John McCain to Minuteman favorite Tom Tancredo, representing both sides of the immigration debate.

Many Latinos still recall that the exponential increase in the number of immigrant deaths in the desert did not begin with the Minutemen patrols, but rather with Bill Clinton, who launched “Operation Gatekeeper” in 1994, which was intended to deter illegal immigration.

A number of new Congressmembers — including Harold Ford, the “rising star” who was being considered to be the Democratic Party’s chairman before his name was removed from consideration — have been accused and accused of being the victim of racial scapegoating, as evidenced by the anti-immigrant ads that he and many of the party’s “pragmatic” and “populist” newcomers ran.

While a segment of the Republican Party (as well as a significant number of Democrats, including white liberal and progressive Democrats) continue to believe in “race neutral” politics, the 2006 elections make the centrality of race and ethnicity in the politics of a United States that is becoming more diverse and darker.

And while the short-term prospects of freshly victorious Democrats look promising among nonwhites, recent electoral history speaks loudly to the volatility of the political and racial moment.

As they scour the country for votes in ’08 and beyond, both parties would do well to wander in deserts like those in Arizona in search of their souls.

GOP leaders: Trapped between “legitimate political discourse” and the Trumpian abyss

Congress is still reverberating from the Republican National Committee’s censure resolution against Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, which was passed last year. Because of the poorly chosen phrase “legitimate political debate,” which refers to the January 6 uprising, Republican officials are caught in a tight knot, not wanting to anger their support while yet wanting nothing more than to shift the conversation away from the matter. The coverage on Fox News, on the other hand, would have you believe otherwise.

  • Instead, Fox anchors are devoting all of their time and energy to the anti-vax trucker demonstrations in Canada, which they are enthusiastically supporting hour after hour.
  • Donald Trump has extended an invitation to “protesters” to come to Washington once more.
  • 6 and encouraging even more obnoxious pro-Trump right-wing demonstrations in the streets ahead of the November elections — something that the Republican establishment would prefer not to happen.
  • “My view is that the RNC has every right to take whatever action, and the attitude I have is that you’re ultimately held accountable to people in your area,” said Rep.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, took the opposite tact, claiming that the events on January 6 were a violent uprising (as if that were really in dispute anywhere on Planet Earth).
  • If he wants to regain control of the Senate in November, the last thing he needs is more Trump purity testing.
  • However, Senate elections are becoming increasingly competitive, and candidates are aware that they will need every vote they can get.

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The usual suspects, such as Utah Sen.

Susan Collins, lent their support to him, but for the most part, Republican senators blabbered on about a “big tent” and how the Republican National Committee could speak for itself, as if they didn’t represent their party in the nation’s highest legislative body.

While the common thinking is that the Democrats have already lost the 2022 election and that we should just cancel the election and let McConnell to take control, the reality is that the Senate map is not especially favorable to the Republicans this cycle, as the chart below shows.

McConnell has come up empty in his attempts to attract the best candidates in places such as New Hampshire and Maryland, where he had hoped to unseat a Democratic incumbent or two in the Senate.

Because they’d be forced to defend the Jan.

With Trump campaigning to make the election about his personal complaints, it’s possible that it won’t be exactly the cakewalk that everyone anticipates.

For the reasons outlined above, McConnell has ostentatiously distanced himself from Trump.

Unfortunately, they are fully on board with the notion that the Jan.

McCarthy, in contrast to McConnell, cannot afford to put too much distance between himself and Donald Trump.

In normal conditions, everyone involved would be aware of this fact without prompting.

Regardless of whether the Republicans who prowl the halls of the Capitol like it or not, the Republican Party’s grassroots support him on this issue.

Republican voters, by an even greater margin, feel that the rioters “went too far, but they had a purpose” on January 6, 2012.

Despite the fact that the Republican leadership wishes for their people to move on, they are simply not doing so.

“Outside of the Washington, D.C.

They are, without a question. In the event that any of these other RINOs respond too violently, they will find out the hard way who is actually in command. More information about the “legitimate political discourse” of January 6, 2021 may be found here:

  • Mike Pence has finally spoken up – but it’s too late! Trump’s conquest of the Republican Party is almost complete
  • At long last, the Republican Party admits its mistakes: It is associated with terrorism and Donald Trump, and it is opposed to democracy. Trump’s “admission” that he intended Vice President Pence to “overturn” the election is seized by a committee on January 6.

Cheney easily survives push to strip her of her House GOP leadership position

NEW You may now listen to Fox News articles while you work or commute! Republican Rep. Rick Scott is in hot water. President Trump was impeached three weeks ago, and Liz Cheney did not apologize for her vote in favor of impeaching him. In the end, she didn’t have to do anything. On Wednesday night, the House Republican Conference Chair handily withstood a bid by House Republicans loyal to President Donald Trump to remove her from her position as the third-ranking member of the leadership team.

  • Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick is held at the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, in Washington, DC.
  • Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., is in attendance as an urn containing his cremated remains is placed in honor of him on a black-draped table in the center of the Rotunda.
  • 6 rebellion at the United States Capitol by right-wing extremists and other Trump supporters.
  • A day before the impeachment vote, the Wyoming representative claimed that Trump “called this mob, organized the mob, and fanned the flame of this attack.” She has served three terms in Congress.
  • Anti-Cheney ringleaders predicted that more than half of the House Republicans would support a proposed motion to remove her from her post before the meeting even began.
  • In an interview with Fox News, various congressional sources said, “I will not apologize for the vote.” Cheney was then questioned off camera if she had any regrets about voting to impeach President Donald Trump.

“Do you have any regrets about it?” the interviewer inquired.

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, who had expressed a lukewarm support for Cheney in recent days, made it clear at the meeting that he favored Cheney remaining in her leadership role.

Cheney was impeached in September.

Two weeks ago, McCarthy accused then-President Donald Trump to be responsible for the attack on the nation’s Capitol, as Washington officials retreated in the face of the violence.

McCarthy, on the other hand, was meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on January 28 in order to kiss the ring of the guy who continues to be the unquestioned head of the Republican Party.

McCarthy informed reporters after the vote that Cheney had been re-elected “I’ve just received a shot in the arm.

“This Republican Party has a very large membership base.

We are continuing to develop and will be in the majority within two years.” Cheney stated that the vote demonstrated that the party will remain unified.

Her stunning win made it “obvious that we’re not going to be split, and that we’re not going to be in a scenario where somebody can pick out any member of leadership,” as she put it.

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participation in foreign affairs.


The results of the survey were made public the next day, when Rep.

Gaetz informed the audience that he had spoken with Trump and that the former president had requested that he share the poll results with them.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Cheney received several high-profile endorsements in the two days preceding up to the meeting, which was held at the Capitol Visitor Center auditorium.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from South Carolina, tweeted on Tuesday that “I believe that @RepLizCheneyis one of the most powerful and most dependable conservative voices in the Republican Party, if not the strongest.

Following Graham’s remarks, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell complimented Cheney in a separate statement.

“She is a significant leader in our party as well as in our country as a whole.

I am thankful for her service and look forward to continuing to collaborate with her on the critical challenges confronting our country in the future.” This article was written with assistance from Fox News’ Jacqui Henrich, Kelly Phares, Chad Pergram, and Tyler Olson.

Second GOP governor calls for Trump-less 2024 election

NEW You may now listen to Fox News articles while you work or commute! According to a pair of Republican governors, Donald Trump’s administration is over and done with, and that the 45th president is not the party’s future leader. On Sunday, Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican from Maryland, told Fox News that the stakes are simply too great to risk another Trump presidency. In his words, “the stakes are too great to continue down the path to failure with America on the wrong track.” Hogan’s remarks came a day after Arkansas Gov.

Bush does not deserve another chance at the White House and that he would not represent the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential race.

‘As we’ve already demonstrated in Maryland, the most promising route forward for the Republican Party is a broad-based coalition focused on the future and on common-sense conservative solutions.’ During a news briefing regarding the current novel coronavirus pandemic in front of the Maryland State House on April 17, 2020 in Annapolis, Maryland, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan speaks with media.

  • Image courtesy of Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.
  • Hutchinson, chairman of the National Governors Association (NGA), recently told a group of reporters at the annual NGA Winter Meeting inWashington, DC, that he did not believe Trump would be in a position to lead the Republican Party following his loss in the 2020 presidential election.
  • As for Trump, Hutchinson stated, “I do not feel he is the best person to lead our party and our country once more as president.” “I’ve made it clear: this is a discussion about the long term.
  • “And, you know, there are many different voices inside the Republican Party,” he said.
  • As he said, “We look for efficacy, and we hope for some kind of bipartisanship, and we haven’t seen any of those things yet.” The governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, prepares to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.
  • via Getty Images.

As Hutchinson said to Fox News Digital, “I’m concentrated on ending my time as governor successfully.” “I definitely want to be a voice that promotes conservative, common-sense principles, and we’ll see where that takes me.” says the author.

Chuck Hagel: A Turning Point for the GOP

When President Herbert Hoover learned of the birth of his granddaughter, he is supposed to have exclaimed, “Thank God she doesn’t have to be confirmed by the Senate.” Indeed, not much has changed in Washington while the 31st president was in office, yet the entire process appears to be more acrimonious than it has ever been, especially in today’s media-soaked climate. Recently, we’ve witnessed an unusual public vetting process, which has been described as a virtual “trial in absentia,” of two possible cabinet nominees: United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice for secretary of state and former Senator Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense.

  1. In a move that was long overdue, President Obama officially nominated Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense this past week.
  2. Assuming Hagel is approved, the president will have his option of a courageous and experienced foreign policy and defense specialist.
  3. The majority of the criticism to Hagel’s nomination has focused on his views on Israeli security as well as his attitude toward LGBT public officials in the federal government.
  4. Additionally, both AIPAC, a prominent pro-Israel interest group, and the Human Rights Campaign, an influential gay-equality organization, have stated that they will not oppose Hagel’s confirmation as Secretary of Defense.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, even the Defense Department has conceded that it is “bloated,” and while some officials have criticized Hagel for pursuing direct discussions with Iran over the country’s contentious nuclear program, they would be well to look back in history.
  6. Our national security traditions support Hagel’s perspective on the subject of sanctions, which is consistent with our own.

Unilateral actions used in the absence of an international consensus to implement them have the potential to have counterproductive consequences, which might vary from diminishing the United States’ maneuvering flexibility to creating an indigenous groundswell of support for a besieged authoritarian regime.

In terms of public policy, this has always been, and it appears to have remained so until recently, a highly appreciated characteristic.

My friendship and collaboration with Senator Hagel dates back decades, beginning with his service on the board of the Eisenhower Institute, continuing through his tenure in the Senate, and again during our time as members of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, which we co-chaired.

  1. He is prepared to go to war if it becomes necessary, but only after all other options have been exhausted.
  2. The smear campaign that has been going on is the work of a tiny group of people who are pursuing their own personal power in the process.
  3. At the end of the day, however, the significance of the Hagel nomination may likely be determined by the direction the Republican Party is heading in the future.
  4. The moderate Republican movement has felt increasingly out of place in the Republican Party during the previous decade.
  5. A Republican war hero with excellent centrist credentials being rejected by the Republican Party, on the other hand, might deal a devastating blow to that notion, as well as to some of the party’s most enduring and effective traditions.
  6. This is quite reassuring to hear.

President Obama is entitled to have his nominee, Chuck Hagel, confirmed by the United States Senate. However, if the Republicans delay his confirmation, you may expect more devoted rank-and-file Republicans to defect to the Republican Party and seek independent status.

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Letter to the editor: The overwhelming failure of House Republicans to punish Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) is deplorable. It is comparable to the actions of the German parliament during the 1930s. As long as Hitler was in power, anti-Semitic remarks and deeds were permitted, which resulted in a series of acts of violence, culminating in Kristallnacht in 1938, just months before World War II. The acceptance of Kristallnacht by the German people laid the groundwork for the horrors of the Holocaust.

All of the Republican Party’s political initiatives are aimed at restoring him and the party to power.

They are completely insignificant to congressional Republicans.

Highland Park, Illinois resident Sidney Weissman To the editor:Gosar should be investigated for inciting a violent overthrow of the government, which is a violation of federal law, according to this letter.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, and insulting President Biden might be seen as promoting the assassination of elected people, which is against the law in the United States of America.

by force or violence, or by the assassination or attempted assassination of any officer of any such government.

6 incident, social media is a strong tool for distributing ideas and coordinating action.

Sheila Alpers is a resident of Palm Springs.

Even if it appears to be simple for these members to rail against pornography, advocate for book banning, and uphold the sanctity of human life for the unborn, right here on our doorstep, we hear nary a word from the sheep as death is preached for a member of Congress by one of their own.

Roz Levine is based in Los Angeles.

The Wyoming Republican Party decided last week to disown Rep.

Her single transgression was voting to impeach the previous president for his pivotal participation in the January 6 rebellion, which was her solitary offense.

It is fairly clear that if one of my grandkids had released a video portraying violence against one of their classmates, he or she would be suspended or expelled from school, and I would fully back that decision.

Despite this, over half of the members of the House of Representatives appear to have seen nothing wrong with Gosar’s vile actions. May the Grand Old Party of the United States of America rest in peace. It is no longer alive. Menifee resident Gary Vogt

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